Get to Know Fitbit Aria 2: Fitbit’s Most Advanced Wi-Fi Smart Scale with Improved Accuracy

Fitbit Aria 2 release

No matter what your health and fitness goals are—from running a half-marathon to living longer to avoiding your family’s history of heart disease—chances are maintaining a healthy weight is one of the top things experts recommend. But if you’ve tried it before, you know, just stepping on a scale once in awhile isn’t enough.

Enter Fitbit Aria 2, an intuitive Wi-Fi smart scale with improved accuracy* that syncs with the rest of your Fitbit data. Now, the effect of of all those meals you logged and calories you burned can be easily quantified by simply stepping on a scale.

“Fitbit provides a more complete picture of your health by showing how everything you do throughout each day contributes to those numbers,” says nutrition expert and Fitbit Advisory Panel member David Katz, MPH, MD. “With this greater contextualization, you can create a more targeted weight loss plan and develop a deeper understanding of the connection between the stats you’re seeing on the scale and the data on your wrist—helping you attain and maintain long term results.”

The proof is in the chia pudding: 70 percent of users who used the original Fitbit Aria daily lost weight in the first six months, according to Fitbit data. Now imagine what’s possible with Aria 2, which has been reengineered for greater accuracy*, easier setup, and an all-around more enjoyable experience. Here, seven features that will motivate you to reach your goals—all of them.


What’s New (And Awesome!)

Seamless setup experience: You can now use your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to quickly and easily get your scale up and running. Aria 2 uses 3AA batteries (which come already installed—woohoo!) and is compatible across more Wi-Fi networks than ever before.

Industry-leading accuracy: Aria 2 is the most accurate Wi-Fi scale in the U.S.* Body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) are also displayed directly on Aria 2 (adjust your settings to see the latter) while lean mass is calculated and displayed in your Fitbit app.  

More inclusivity: Aria 2 can measure up to 400 pounds. This is an increase from Aria, which had a weight limit of 350 pounds.

Modern design: Aria 2’s slimmer, sleeker body features a polished glass surface and wider-set feet that enhances stability and accuracy. The display has also been brightened to improve visibility in different lighting conditions, while personalized icons, greetings, and friendly faces bring personality and fun to the experience for added motivation.

Fitbit Aria 2 in a home gym

What’s Returning (And Is Still Great)

Family-friendly support: Aria 2 can recognize up to eight different users and each person has the ability to choose their own display icon.

Privacy you can depend on: Don’t worry about family members or roommates seeing your stats. Like the original Aria, Aria 2 displays your individual data when you step on the scale and then sends it straight to your Fitbit account (using enhanced Wi-Fi compatibility and encryption) where it stays private until you choose to share it.

Automatic syncing: You can view your results in the Fitbit app immediately after weighing in. Compare your food consumption and exercise against your weight trends to stay on track and get a more well-rounded picture of your health. With all of your activity, exercise, sleep, heart rate, nutrition, and weight data in one place, you be better able to see exactly how your efforts are adding up to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Step On Up

Fitbit Aria 2 is available in black and white on and at retailers worldwide including Amazon, Best Buy and Brookstone in North America.

*For weight measurement among comparable wi-fi capable scales with FDA premarketing 510(k) clearance as of 6/1/2017.

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  • looks nice, but i wish there were a software upgrade we could use for the aria. cant afford a new scale, when the one i have works well.

  • if you weigh yourself each day, or each week, does the fitbit app keep each set of data of weight separately? The MiFit scale replaces previous weight details with the newest details, so you cannot see your previous weigh-ins in full detail. I hope that the fitbit app saves weigh-in details from the aria separately, just as exercise is saved daily or water consumption, for example. Please let me know! I have a SURGE and I love it! Hoping to get the Aria 2 now…

  • Just a bit worried how may aria 2 are available on eBay, “ not working for spares or repair only “ is there a known issue, who in UK could repair?

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