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Fitbit Aria Scale: Making Weight Tracking Simple and Fun

I had never consistently used a scale before getting my Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.  I’ve always been one who measures my weight based on how well my pants fit. Although, I have occasionally told myself that my pants just shrunk. So I was surprised, after using my Aria Scale for a few weeks, how much I love this scale — and I think I like it so much especially because I’m not a weight watcher.

With other scales, I never really knew what my weight number meant. I could never remember what my weight was last week, yet alone the month before. And more importantly, I never knew what was driving my weight. And if I saw any weight decrease (or increase), was it from fat?  With Aria, I can see everything. It’s easy, and dare I say it… it’s even fun.

Maybe calling it fun is going a little too far, but I can’t deny that I get a little excited about checking out my weight and % body fat charts online, or on the Fitbit mobile apps.  And since I log food and use a Fitbit Tracker, I can see how my active (or inactive) day and my food consumption affects my weight.  We all understand the basics of how food consumption and lack of activity really packs on the weight.  With Aria, you can actually see the effect of food and activity on your weight, through the data it tracks.

So I wasn’t much of a scale person, but being able to view my health as simple, measurable data is priceless.   Let us know what you think about the Aria Scale by going on Facebook’s Fitbit Fan page or by emailing us at Or, you can learn more about the Aria Scale by going to

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