Fitbit at Work with ESPN’s John Buccigross

Fitbit at Work with John Buccigross

Manning an anchor desk for a top-rated sports show seems like a cake walk. But John Buccigross of ESPN’s SportsCenter proves it takes energy and athleticism to make it look so easy. A father of three nearly-adult kids, Buccigross is also an avid hockey fan, a force on the golf course, and really into logging steps with Fitbit. Here, he answers a few questions about his day job, and more.

Fitbit: From Catholic schoolboy to ESPN SportsCenter anchor, how did you become a big shot?

JB: Being competitive. I’m not an ultra confident person, but I am ultra competitive. I think it held long term success for me, and I think it can make you a better person. Still, I do think most of my success is due to high cheekbones, blue eyes, and a lot of luck.

Fitbit: You’re into challenges—fried chicken and #bucciovertimechallenge come to mind. Have you started any Fitbit challenges?

JB: I’m not an evangelist in any way. It’s a personal challenge for me. If I can get close to 10,000 steps a day and reach 20,000 steps once a week, I’m winning.

Fitbit: What’s a typical day like at ESPN?

JB: We meet for the show six hours before we go on the air to discuss the ingredients and any creative ideas—they still haven’t tried my “No Shirt SportsCenter” show yet. Then we watch games and write the show until 11:00 P.M. eastern—show time. That’s when we wear makeup and talk about sports.

Fitbit: In the break room, are you the kinda guy who starts a fresh pot of coffee after pouring yourself the last one?

JB: If I drank coffee, I would be.

Fitbit: How many steps do you normally log in a day?

JB: 10,000 is my daily goal. In early May, I walked 27 holes of golf, and by the end of the round I had almost 24,000—that was cool.

Fitbit: Any idea how many steps you logged the day after housing an entire bucket of chicken?

JB: I eat a bucket of chicken once a year. The next day I nap. I’m 6’4″ and 195 pounds, with single digit body fat. I usually eat very well, and I always take stairs. I’m the only guy taking the stairs most of the time. Especially at airports. There are plenty of opportunities to take stairs.

Fitbit: Who’s the best athlete to interview?

JB: Any hockey player. Those guys are approachable, self-deprecating, and fun.

Fitbit: Clearly you can identify with the phrase, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Are there any other mantras that you live by?

JB: A James Joyce quote, “Chance furnishes me what I need. I’m like a man who walks along, stumbles over something, reaches down to pick it up, and it’s exactly what I want.”

Fitbit: You play golf and love hockey. Do you just swing sticks at things, or do you branch out when it comes to fitness?

JB: I definitely try new things. I read a lot, I eat well, and I like to try new exercises. I’m naturally lean, so I lift weights. The gym is one of my favorite places, and I’m there five days a week. I’m still hoping for an underwear model contract before it’s too late.

Fitbit: Think you’d have as much energy during a broadcast if you weren’t so health conscious?

JB: Activity and diet is extremely important to me. You hit on the most important word to be great at something: energy. You need energy to be a great parent, a great friend, a fit person, and to work late hours. I have to be fit and energetic, because I’m on national TV until midnight, sometimes 1am. Being fit and healthy helps me do everything better. Fitbit helps me get there.

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