Presenting the Official List of Fitbit Badges. How Many Do You Have?

Fitbit Badges

When you’re as determined as so many Fitbit users are, it can be easy to get laser focused on your end goal. But while high aspirations are commendable, experts also say having smaller specific, measurable, and attainable goals can help keep you motivated. Another key factor? Rewards.

That’s why Fitbit designed more than 100 badges to recognize a variety of achievements. From steps taken to floors climbed to weight loss, these virtual awards are designed to recognize and help you celebrate even the smallest of victories along your health journey.

But you can’t achieve what you can’t see, right? So with that in mind, here are all 101 Fitbit Badges and what you need to do to earn them.


Boat Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Boat ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 5,000 steps in one day.


Fitbit Badges: SneakersAccomplishment: You’ve walked 10,000 steps in one day.

Urban Boots

Fitbit Badge: Urban ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 15,000 steps in one day.

High Tops

Fitbit Badges: High TopsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 20,000 steps in one day.


Fitbit Badges: ClassicsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 25,000 steps in one day.

Trail Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Trail ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 30,000 steps in one day.

Hiking Boots

Fitbit Badges: Hiking ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 35,000 steps in one day.


Fitbit Badges: CleatsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 40,000 steps in one day.

Snow Boots

Fitbit Badges: Snow BootsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 45,000 steps in one day.

Cowboy Boots

Fitbit Badges: Cowboy BootsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 50,000 steps in one day.

Platform Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Platform Shoes

Accomplishment: You’ve walked 55,000 steps in one day.

Blue Suede Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Blue Suede ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 60,000 steps in one day.

Ruby Slippers

Fitbit Badges: Ruby SlippersAccomplishment: You’ve walked 65,000 steps in one day.

Spring Loaders

Fitbit Badges: Spring LoadersAccomplishment: You’ve walked 70,000 steps in one day.

Genie Shoes

Fitbit Badges: Genie ShoesAccomplishment: You’ve walked 75,000 steps in one day.

Futuristic Kicks

Fitbit Badges: Futuristic KicksAccomplishment: You’ve walked 80,000 steps in one day.

Rocket Boots

Fitbit Badges: Rocket BootsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 90,000 steps in one day.

Olympian Sandals

Fitbit Badges: Olympian SandalsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 100,000 steps in one day.



Fitbit Badges: MarathonAccomplishment: You’ve walked 26 miles since joining Fitbit.

March of Penguins

Fitbit Badges: March of PenguinsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 70 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: LondonAccomplishment: You’ve walked 250 miles since joining Fitbit.

Hawaiian Islands

Fitbit Badges: Hawaiian IslandsAccomplishment: You’ve walked 350 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SerengetiAccomplishment: You’ve walked 500 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: ItalyAccomplishment: You’ve walked 736 miles since joining Fitbit.

New Zealand

Fitbit Badges: New ZealandAccomplishment: You’ve walked 990 miles since joining Fitbit.

Great Barrier Reef

Fitbit Badges: Great Barrier ReefAccomplishment: You’ve walked 1,600 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: JapanAccomplishment: You’ve walked 1,869 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: IndiaAccomplishment: You’ve walked 1,997 miles since joining Fitbit.

Monarch Migration

Fitbit Badges: Monarch MigrationAccomplishment: You’ve walked 2,500 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SaharaAccomplishment: You’ve walked 2,983 miles since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: NileAccomplishment: You’ve walked 4,132 miles since joining Fitbit.


Africa Fitbit Badge

Accomplishment: You’ve walked 5,500 miles since joining Fitbit.

Great Wall

Fitbit Badges: Great WallAccomplishment: You’ve walked 5,500 miles since joining Fitbit.

Earth Diameter

Fitbit Badges: Earth DiameterAccomplishment: You’ve walked 7,900 miles since joining Fitbit.

Pole to Pole

Fitbit Badge: Pole to PoleAccomplishment: You’ve walked 12,430 miles since joining Fitbit.


Happy Hill

Fitbit Badges: Happy HillAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 10 floors in one day.

Redwood Forest

Fitbit Badges: Redwood ForestAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 25 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: LighthouseAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 50 floors in one day,

Ferris Wheel

Fitbit Badges: Ferris WheelAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 75 floors in one day.


Fitbit-badges-skyscraperAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 100 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: RollercoasterAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 125 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: StadiumAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 150 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: BridgeAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 175 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: CastleAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 200 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: WaterfallAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 300 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: CanyonAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 400 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: VolcanoAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 500 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: MountainAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 600 floors in one day.


Fitbit Badges: RainbowAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 700 floors in one day.



Fitbit Badges: HelicopterAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 500 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SkydiverAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 1,000 floors since joining Fitbit.

Hot Air Balloon

Fitbit Badges: Hot Air BalloonAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 2,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: 747Accomplishment: You’ve climbed 4,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: CloudAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 8,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: UFOAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 14,000 floors since joining Fitbit.

Shooting Star

Fitbit Badges: Shooting StarAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 20,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: AstronautAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 28,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Fitbit Badges: SatelliteAccomplishment: You’ve climbed 35,000 floors since joining Fitbit.


Weight Goal SetFitbit Badges: Goal SetAccomplishment: You set a new goal.

Weight Goal MetFitbit Badges: Weight Goal MetAccomplishment: Weight goal achieved.

5-Pound Weight Loss

Accomplishment: You’ve lost 5 pounds since setting a weight goal.

10-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 10 poundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 10 pounds since setting a weight goal.

15-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 15 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 15 pounds since setting a weight goal.

20-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 20 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 20 pounds since setting a weight goal.

25-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 25 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 25 pounds since setting a weight goal.

30-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 30 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 30 pounds since setting a weight goal.

35-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 35 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 35 pounds since setting a weight goal.

40-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 40 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 40 pounds since setting a weight goal.

45-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 45 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 45 pounds since setting a weight goal.

50-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 50 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 50 pounds since setting a weight goal.

55-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 55 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 55 pounds since setting a weight goal.

60-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 60 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 60 pounds since setting a weight goal.

65-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 65 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 65 pounds since setting a weight goal.

70-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 70 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 70 pounds since setting a weight goal.

75-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 75 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 75 pounds since setting a weight goal.

80-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 80 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 80 pounds since setting a weight goal.

85-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 85 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 85 pounds since setting a weight goal.

90-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 90 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 90 pounds since setting a weight goal.

95-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 95 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 30 pounds since setting a weight goal.

100-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 100 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 100 pounds since setting a weight goal.

105-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 105 poundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 105 pounds since setting a weight goal.

110-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 110 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 110 pounds since setting a weight goal.

115-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: Fitbit BadgesAccomplishment: You’ve lost 115 pounds since setting a weight goal.

120-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 120 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 120 pounds since setting a weight goal.

125-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 125 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 125 pounds since setting a weight goal.

130-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 130 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 130 pounds since setting a weight goal.

135-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 135 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 135 pounds since setting a weight goal.

140-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 140 PoundsAccomplishment: You’ve lost 140 pounds since setting a weight goal.

145-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badge: 145 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 145 pounds since setting a weight goal.

150-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 150 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 150 pounds since setting a weight goal.

155-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 155 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 155 pounds since setting a weight goal.

160-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 160 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 160 pounds since setting a weight goal.

165-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 165 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 165 pounds since setting a weight goal.

170-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 170 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 170 pounds since setting a weight goal.

175-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 175 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 175 pounds since setting a weight goal.

180-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 180 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 180 pounds since setting a weight goal.

185-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 185 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 185 pounds since setting a weight goal.

190-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 190 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 190 pounds since setting a weight goal.

195-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 195 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 195 pounds since setting a weight goal.

200-Pound Weight Loss

Fitbit Badges: 200 Pounds LostAccomplishment: You’ve lost 200 pounds since setting a weight goal.

Can’t find the badges you’ve already earned? Want to learn how to share them on social media? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Your Fitbit Badges.

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  • Weird. I don’t have Hawaiian Islands, but I have a bunch of badges that come after that. Was that one added retroactively? Also, why didn’t I receive a badge for setting my weight goal? Interested in how to earn these.

    • It’s probably because the fitbit tracks bi-pedal movement not cycling type of movement. Maybe it would track the elevation gain and you would get floor badges. What info does the fitbit read when you cycle?

    • I have worked hard and got all the badges.. Are there any thoughts to add more badges? Seems senseless to work for nothing.. Guess time to look at Apple, etc.. to see what they offer…

  • Love the whole badge system, really gives an extra level of encouragement and aspiration.
    Please post these emails in kilograms and kilometres, the old measurements are no longer relevant in the modern world.
    Really looking forward to the new Fitbit smartwatch too, need to upgrade my Surge.

  • Could there be more floor badges added as I completed Satellite a long time ago and approaching 50,000 floors and would like to aim for the Moon, however realize that this is likely to be 126,139,200 floors. (based on floor being 10ft and Moon 238,900 miles away). Maybe a radial pie chart around the badge would allow you to see how close you are at achieving it with % completed

    • lol Pretty sure you are joking, but, it would be a bit hard to see. You would need 2,522 of your 50,000 floors slivers

  • I have the Monarch Migration badge (earned a year ago). Since then I’ve walked more than enough miles to earn the Sahara badge but I don’t have it. Can you tell me why I wouldn’t have received it?

  • I love the badges and find them really motivating. I’m working towards my Africa badge now. I hope you’ll keep designing more. Thank you for all you do for us.

  • I’ve been waiting quite awhile for my 50 and 55 lbs weight loss badges and even after contacting customer support they still aren’t on my dashboard. I like my badges and need them for encouragement!

  • I was excited to see badges I have earned.. Big question?? I have not accomplished any weight loss badges.. You are showing 5 thru 200 pounds lost how is that?

  • The badges are different to those we have in the UK – most notably the total Flower gets of stairs climbed and the weight lost. Why send me this link when it doesn’t relate to me?

  • The badges are different to those we have in the UK – most notably the total floors climbed and the weight lost. Why send me this link when it doesn’t relate to me?

  • Bit upset that I am not going to achieve all badges, especially weight loss as I don’t need to lose that much. Also I can’t reach all the floor and step badges because I don’t intend to do that much in a day.

  • I also didn’t get the Hawaiian badge yet I completed the Serengeti badge. It would be nice if all of these possibilities would show up on my app.

  • They need a few more badges. I’d like to see 110,000 and 120,000 steps in a day (yes it is possible if you’re doing a 50m or a 100k run), and more than 700 floors in a day — I had over 900 floors in July when competing in Beaverhead 55k, and I didn’t finish that one so it could have been even more. I’d like to see 800 and 900 floors at least. And those of us who have been wearing the Fitbits for a while would like to see more lifetime badges!

  • i don’t have any of these badges – never get them any more I think the last one I got was walking the great wall of china

  • More badges are long overdue. I sure hope someone is going to create more dynamic and creative badges that get updated more regularly. Half this list excludes some the trackers bc of the lack of the stair tracking.

  • Thank you for defining the badges. I really appreciate having a specific goal to attain. I love my Fitbit!!!!!! I thought 12,000 steps in one day was a real achievement. I had no idea that people step tens of thousands times more than that in one day. Good to know! Something else to try for reach for. Again, thanks!

  • I reached my first grade goal of over 20 pounds and I didn’t get any recognition. Also I have walked 1000’s of miles and on have the first 2 rewards. Why is that?

  • I’d love to see a badge for consecutive days hitting the goal. For example, I set a goal to hit 10K steps every day for a year…….then a week ago I broke my foot. I made it over 7 months without a miss prior to that. I will recover and give it another try

  • No swimming badges; is, 14 miles around Amelia Island, Florida, 90 miles from key west, Florida to Cuba; 124 miles across Gulf of Bahia, Mexico; and so on around the world (Long Island Sound, Straits of Juan De Fuchia, WA., English Channel, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, et.). Us swimmers are feeling left out.

  • I agree with Natasha. I never saw the Hawaiian Islands award for 350, and I’m also well past that. How do we get this award added to our current list?

  • Since you guys messed up my data on 3/13/17 and 7/28/17, and won’t fix it, I can no longer feel proud when I get a badge since I can never be really sure that I earned it.

  • I agree about the Hawaiian Island Badge for 350 walked….that’s missing from my set of badges too. Mine goes from 250 miles then to 500 miles….no badge for 350 miles. What’s with that??

    Also, I have badges for Fit for Good and Challenge badges that are not listed here. Just an FYI.

    But I still LOVE my Fitbit!!!

  • I’m bummed that the total lifetime floors doesn’t go past 35,000. I just got my 20,000 floor badge and I’ve only been wearing my fitbit for 11 months. I’m going to break the fitbit once I get to 35,000. What will it do I wonder?

  • How do I load the badges that I have already achieved? I mostly walk more than 5000 steps a day & 10000 a few times in a week.

  • Whoever thought up the title of the link to the article didn’t quite think it through – collect them all? Excuse me while I put on 200 pounds and lose it again in order to get a badge 😛

    • I agree, we need MORE lifetime mile badges – silly or not, they are great motivators. And they need to be a bit less randomly spaced. I just achieved the 7,900 mile “Earth” badge, which was my 17th lifetime mile badge in just over five years. Now, however, Fitbit will require that I log another 4,500 miles (which will take about three years) before I’ll get the next one, the “Pole to Pole” badge? And that will be the last lifetime milage badge I’ll ever get? Seriously?

      C’mon, throw us a bone, Fitbit. You don’t have to come up with a clever metaphor for each additional badge. Just creating a “15,000 mile badge” and “16,000 mile badge,” etc, to keep the fun going.

  • Wish there was a way to track weight training. I love to lift but that never amounts to much in the way of steps taken.

  • It’s disappointing that the only time streaks are recognized is when you’re in a challenge. I have hit my 10,000 step goal every single day of 2017, but there isn’t a single badge that acknowledges that and pushes me to keep the streak alive.

  • My new Fitbit doesn’t record stairs. I’m never going to walk 20,000 steps. And I lost five pounds. I don’t need to lose any more. Any new badges for those of us who peak early?

  • I upgraded to a newer model that has better features, except that my history of badges and competition has not come with it as yet since I do not know how to update that feature, if it is available. Any help out there?

  • I upgraded to a newer model that has better features, except that my history of badges and competition has not come with it as yet since I do not know how to update that feature, if it is available. Any help out there?

  • I wish the life badges went higher. I have already hit the 20,000 floor badge and I’ve only had my fitbit for 11 months now. So the 28K and 35K badges are on the only ones left. Who would be the department to email to request additional badges be created within fitbit?

  • Is there any way I can find out my total amount of steps/miles since i have had my tracker Jan. 2016

  • I see many badges for flights of steps, however I read that the fit bit does not have the ability to measure these. Or is it that some do and some don’t???? I have never seen this on my fit bit.

    • A number of the Fitbit trackers can measure floors climbed. Fitbit One, Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Ionic to name a few. Look at specifications on their website.

  • Hey, FITBIT — please add more lifetime flight badges so I can have something to work toward. I’m not even close to achieving the longest distance badge available, but I passed the top lifetime flight badge 10,000+ flights ago.

  • The UFO badge for 12,000 lifetime floors does not exist. It is the Spaceship badge, and it is awarded at 14,000 lifetime floors. You may want to update the information.

  • According to Fitbit customer service there is no badge for 12,000 lifetime floors (on your list as UFO). The lifetime badges for floors are 8,000, then 14,000, then 20,000 floors. Your list shows 8,000 floors, then 12,000 floors, then 20,000 floors.

  • I would love to see my own personal unearned badges on my fitbit app. The badges are there as incentives/rewards, but if I don’t know they exist then it’s not helpful. I need to know what to shoot for. For instance, I just earned the steps award for 5,000 steps in a day, then 10,000 (I’m a new fitbit user). I also earned the award for climbing 10 flights of stairs. What’s the next goal I wonder? 15 flights? 20 flights? If I climb 20 flights of stairs and receive no badge, I just assume maybe there isn’t one. Until I search the internet and find that there’s one for 25 flights. I don’t want to have to search the web for my next goal – I would love to see it displayed (maybe grayed out) on my phone app so I can have a known target to shoot for. It would also be great to have a badge or some acknowledgement for races completed, as well as ‘grayed out’ adventures and races not yet completed. Thanks!

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  • The Hawaii badge can only be view in kilometer setting not mile setting. If you change it back it disappears. Contacted fitbit support over a year ago…

  • Why do Lifetime Stairs end at 35,000? Passed it after 17 months. Started June 2015 and completed Nov 2016. But last Miles Badges will take Years more to reach. (7,900 & 12,430). (At 5772 Russian Railway this week.)

  • I wonder if Fitbit has an around the world badge? I am almost on my second pole to pole badge in nearly 6 years. Has anyone actually done around the world or will I be the first?

  • I am very bummed out to find out that there is not another badge for lifetime miles after the pole to pole. I need to new badge for distance to strive for. 🙁

  • I have the distance badges like Russian Railway, India, etc, but none of the ones that say how many floors I climbed. What do I need to do?

  • Badges for steps in a 7 day period would be nice. Something to look forward to and work at.

  • I’ve reached 44,294 floors climbed, but the badges listed only go up to Satellite, at 35,000. What badge comes next?

  • I have some that are not on your list, floors- I have a spaceship for 14,000 and don’t have the one for 12000 UFO on your list.

  • I’m pretty sure I earned each badge once, but when I switched the units from kilometers to miles, it gives me the badges I earned (thus far, only “Marathon” and “March of Penguins”) twice – as in, I have both badges in both kilometers and miles. Is this normal?

If you have questions about a Fitbit tracker, product availability, or the status of your order, contact our Support Team or search the Fitbit Community for answers.

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