New Fitbit Coach App for Xbox Makes At-Home Fitness Even Easier

Fitbit Coach on Xbox

Video games are better on a big screen, and so are guided workouts! And now that the Fitbit Coach personalized training app is available in Microsoft Store to download for Windows 10 and Xbox, getting (and staying) fit is more doable than ever.

What You’ll Need

  • Fitbit Coach app for Xbox. Basic (free) members receive access to one personalized program and a selection of additional audio and video workouts. You must have a Fitbit Coach Premium subscription ($39.99 per year) to unlock more programs, unlimited workouts, and additional features, like those mentioned below.  
  • Microsoft Xbox One console (One, One S, One X) or a Windows 10 PC, such as Surface Laptop or Surface Pro
  • A desire to get fit, lose weight, or build muscle (hello, New-Year’s-resolution setters!)

What You’ll Want

  • A Fitbit tracker or smartwatch with continuous heart rate. Although you can complete Fitbit Coach workouts without wearing a PurePulse-enabled Fitbit device, having one will greatly enhance your experience (see below).

What You’ll Get

If you’re already using a Fitbit device and Fitbit Coach to work out, you’ll be treated to the same great experience on Xbox with one additional perk:

The ability to see your heart rate in real time on your TV. Knowing your heart rate and which heart rate zone you’re in will help you optimize your intensity and help Fitbit better measure your calorie burn. For help setting up the live-heart-rate-tracking feature, see Can I view live heart rate data in the Fitbit Coach app?

Fitbit Coach on Xbox with heart rate integration

If you’re new to Fitbit Coach, here’s what you can expect:

  • Video workouts—like Warm It Up and 10-Minute Abs—that show you the exercises and provide step-by-step coaching, motivation, and tips. Most workouts are dynamic and evolve based on your plans, goals, and feedback. New workouts are added regularly to keep things fresh.
  • Customizable music via Fitbit Radio powered by, which offers a variety of stations, from pop to hip-hop, so you can choose what motivates you.
  • Recommended Workouts based on your daily activity (if you use a Fitbit device), providing personalized fitness guidance to better help you reach your goals.
  • More than 50 expert-designed running and walking audio workouts in the Fitbit Coach mobile app designed to help you safely improve your endurance, speed, and form. Choose from outdoor or treadmill sessions and select the difficulty, duration, trainer, and music.

And that’s not all. Check out even more ways Fitbit Coach on Xbox can help you achieve your health goals.

Find Your Fit

Fitbit Coach is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Visit Microsoft Store to download the app for Windows 10 and Xbox get on top of your fitness game.


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