Groove Through Your Fitbit Coach Workouts with Fitbit Radio

Music and movement go hand in hand, whether you’re running to a rhythm, or lifting to a beat. That’s why the developers of Fitbit Coach wanted to focus on fitness soundtracks. The question was, how to (figuratively) crank up the volume and offer a great musical experience? The answer: Fitbit Radio.

Unlock More Motivation by Selecting Great Music to Match Your Workouts

Fitbit Radio powered by lets you choose from seven different music playlists with tracks by popular artists. Choose from Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic/Dance, Throwback (80’s, 90’s, 2000’s), Power Mix, and Cardio Mix. Will more channels be offered down the road? You bet! And you’ll definitely get word when it happens.

Please note, Fitbit Radio is currently available to Fitbit Coach uses in the US; teams are working hard to introduce this feature to more countries.

How Does Fitbit Radio Work?

To choose music, you’ll select your Fitbit Coach session and then tap the music icon in the top right corner to bring up Fitbit Radio. From there, you can select one of the seven music stations mentioned above. The music will keep playing if you pause your Fitbit Coach workout, but if you leave your session (or finish it), the music will stop. You can also mute the music, if you’d prefer.

Ready to groove? Get moving—with music!

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  • Completely unacceptable that fitbit radio is not avsiable in the UK or anywhere for that matter, it’s online!

    You should be able to download the compilations as the song choices you can store on your Versa.

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