New Fitbit Community Makes it Easier to Find Friends, Join Groups & Share Inspiration

Fitbit community during a Fitbit local workout

If you’ve been a part of the Fitbit family for a while, you’ve probably experienced the power of a strong support network. Maybe you’re someone who walks more because of your friends—Fitbit data shows that users with friends on the Fitbit platform take, on average, 700 more steps than users without friends. Or maybe competitions are your jam—users who have participated in both Fitbit Adventures and Challenges walk 2,000 more steps per day than users who have not been in a Challenge.  

Either way, social engagement has proven to be a key motivator. That’s why Fitbit is launching Community, a new section within the app that makes it easier for you to engage with your friends and meet new people who are passionate about the same things you are.


If you live in the United States, expect your app navigation to look a little different. In addition to a redesigned profile—which will allow you to customize your personal info and privacy settings (more on that below)—Community has also taken the place of the Friends tab at the bottom of your screen. But don’t worry, access to your friends isn’t going away—it’s being improved. 

Community is the in-app home of three exciting new features: Feed, Friends, and Groups. Together, they provide a more engaging and dynamic social experience. Here’s the lowdown on each section.

Discover like-minded people through topic-specific communities. There are nearly 40 groups related to fitness, nutrition, wellness, and weight loss that you can join. Within these groups, users can ask questions or share inspiration and updates, like exercise summaries, badges, trophies, and photos that are relevant to the group.

fitbit community groups

Here’s where you can see all your friends from across the globe in one place and compete to see how your step count compares. Hopefully as you meet new people through groups, your friend list—and thus your motivation, support, and accountability—will grow.

fitbit community friends

This is where you’ll be able to see updates from your friends and groups. Scroll through the posts and cheer people on or leave them comments. Or, share some personal inspiration, much like you would in Groups. Every time you share content in Feed, you can pick the audience you want to share it with, so you know exactly who will see your post. Through Feed, you can also discover Fitbit Local workouts—they’re currently offered in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle—and read expert health, fitness, and nutrition content that has been hand-picked for you.

fitbit community feed

New Fitbit Profile and Privacy Settings

After diving into Community, take a look at your new profile—it’s more customizable than ever. You can get there by tapping the Account icon in the top right corner of your Fitbit app dashboard and then tapping the tile with your name. As you’ll see, all your personal stats, badges, and trophies are now accessible from this one spot. To personalize your page, click the gear icon to add a cover photo and share your personal story with an “about me” statement.

fitbit community profile

In addition to redesigning the look and feel of your profile, Fitbit has also added new privacy settings that give you more control over with whom you share information. Your current privacy setting—private, friends only, or public—is now always visible to you from your profile page; tap the tile to change it. To update which graphs (calorie intake, sleep, steps, etc.) are visible from the web version of your dashboard, select the Personal Stats tile.

Fitbit will now also display full names by default, so that you can easily know with whom you’re interacting and can make informed decisions about whether to accept a friend request. Prefer to be anonymous? It’s easy to set a username instead.

To learn about more about Fitbit updates, read This New Feature Helps You Set Smarter (More Achievable!) Goals and New Fitstar Update Puts a Personal Trainer in Your Fitbit App.


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  • Will the feed feature ever be available on the website? I appreciate everything you’re doing to improve the app, but the website feels like it is lacking in comparison 🙁

    • I’m about 50 years, I’ve been in all 50 states and 5 providents of Canada. I’m blessed of being able to do that. Now I have several health to where I’m on medicare disabilitity. I will never be able to work again. I totataly hit a car and totally both cars. I’ve been about three or fours since I’ve been able to drive.

  • Hi. I live in England whats going on in my area .dont seem to be anything to what you do. Keep up the good work .it motivates me to see all what’s happening

  • My granddaughter gave me a fitbit for Xmas ( 2016 ).I wear it everyday. My record so far is 50.2 miles and 124,979 steps. I am 66 years old and have never felt better. This year she updated me to the Charge 2. I am very goal oriented and the fitbit is the best gift I have ever received. Thanks

    • Way to go! Keep up the good work. I got my fit bit for a Christmas present also and I am walking more than I ever did . In April of last year I walked a 5K race and I’m planning to do a 5K race on April 22 so I am using my Fitbit to help me achieve my goal and keep me active. I live in Pennsylvania and I am 75 years old

    • Susan
      You are an inspiration to all of us in this community. Your granddaughter is lucky to have you so healthy and active. Dont stop moving!!

    • I have the charge 2 also. I have been trying to lose 20 pounds for about 4 years, but am a senior citizen and have a problem with my hip. Much pain.
      I set my Fitbit to only aim for 3000 steps a day, because I really want to reach my goal once in a while.

      • I am 56 and have pain with lumbar spine, hips, legs and feet, (yes, falling apart lol). I have been participating in friend challenges every day now, and raised my step goal to 5000. Lately, it looks like I may have to go to 6000. The motivation is so wonderful! Keep going, doing only the best you can 🙂

  • Will this new change allow us to invite other friends that do not have a Fitbit device? I have many friends that would love to be apart of the challenge but are unable able to. Will be able to connect the a person that has an iwatch, polar, garmin ect.? Invite them to challenges?

  • I have just had surgery on my knee and am doing physical therapy but I am super interested in your group now and when my knee gets better!! What do I do now?

    • I’ve had both of my knees replaced 113 years ago in my right knee 10 months ago and I’m now training for a 5K walk at the end of April . I’m 75 years old and I have a 54-year-old son who is my inspiration. he participates in Iron Man competitions and recently completed The savage 70 race in Maryland . Swimming biking and running from 7 AM till 5 PM. I am very proud of him and look forward to the next race that we can participate in together.

  • Please can you help me ? I have a fitbit flex since november & enjoy it very much. My goal is 10,000 steps 3x a week which I do easily often more.
    Last week i joined a “workweek hustle” with some friends of mine living in England.
    This week we are again doing the same challenge with more people. My problem is that my dashboard steps & my challenge steps is not the same for example at this moment I have 17,189 steps on my dashboard but on the challenge I only have 11,053. How can i correct this problem?

    • I think it may be a timechange issue. If someone starts a challenge and they are ahead of uk time, your second “day” starts at 2300 so the numbers dont exactly match

  • Where do you live? Sometimes workweek hustled from different time zones show a different number at first. It should even out.

  • The pohono was a great way to walk with friends a long way away. Will therebemore trails added in the future? From the states and other countries?

  • Did fitbit need to remove all my existing friends? I really have no desire to give fit bit all of my contacts and Facebook contacts and email addresses so they can pour through them to help me refind people.

  • Did fitbit need to remove all my existing friends? I really have no desire to give fit bit all of my contacts and Facebook contacts and email addresses so they can pour through them to help me refind people.

  • Would love to be able to name my challenges. I am not the only one who would love this feature. Please!!!!!

  • I like getting into challenges but some people can get steps by driving a big truck, really don’t think that’s fair… But it does keep me motivated.. Hope you all can work on this…

  • Have my fitness test in June and really need help with running my mile in a half. Working on my breathing. Trying to change my diet and lose weight. Need a beginner running partner or a running group

  • I LOVE ❤️ MY FITBIT. I have to up my goal all the time now at 14000 steps a day . On my feet all day at work. Do weekly challenges with my friends every week . I know it’s a tracking device knows everything I do. I would never join a community of people I don’t know. But the more friends I have the more fun it is . This thing motivates me to hit that goal every day I could not live without it and I just love it . GET TO STEPPING ‍♀️ Get out and hike you never know where the trail might lead you

  • When do we get to pay to use the Fitbit app with our Apple Watch? And really tired of having to wear to devices just to stay connected to my friends!

  • I have been using fitbit for some time. And I use my fitness pal. It use to share info so all my steps from fitbit would give me extra calories to eat based on the steps. Now it’s not working there not talking back and forth so to use both apps I would have to all food, water in both places and exercise in both places. How do I undo it or get it to work together again

  • I discovered the new community tab…not impressed. I don’t want to tap twice to do a quick check on friends.

  • I would love to have more Solo Adventures from other destinations!! Is this on anyone else’s agenda?! The rest is great! Thank you!

  • Fitbit still cannot figure out why I show as inactive on my friends list. I can see them but they cannot see me. I have called Fitbit and my last e-mail was they were working on it. Haven’t heard anything else is 8 weeks. I don’t want to change accounts and lose all my data that I have built up the last two years.

  • I wear my Fitbit Blaze everyday and most nights. I really love keeping track of how many steps I get in a day, and always strive for 10,000.
    I can see my heartbeat at a glance, which is a good thing because I have heart issues. It would be great if this had a blood pressure monitor too, but maybe some day there will be an update for it!

  • Love my fitbit. I am on WW now. Have lost 17.4 lbs and fitbit keeps me walking and keeping track of my steps.

  • if I could make one improvement to the app, it would be to be able to set different goals for days of the week. For example, my ability to get to the gym M-F vs weekends (Im a single mom on most weekends) means that i can set much higher goals those days than on the weekends. I know some people it’s the opposite. Or who train differently MWF, and T-TH…

  • I started my Fitbit journey on 5k a day with an Alta and now have a fitbitblaze I absolutely love it and now do 15k to 20k per day. I have made quite a lot of friends and it’s getting me fit . Most people work harder if they are accountable to someone else or a group myself included and this is why it’s so addictive . We get some really good banter going and cheering each other on in the challenges .

  • My husband gave me my fitbit charge 2 for Valentine’s Day for to reasons. Help me reach my weight goals and monitor my sleep. I’m a stroke survivor and recently diagnosed with sleep apnea awaiting another sleep study. According to my fitbit i rarely if ever reach REM sleep. It’s been the best gift ever!

  • It would be great if you could do challenges other than steps. My friends and I would love to do challenges to drink our water and log.

  • I am not a social media person so this update is not much for me.

    On the other hand the change in the sleep report makes it less useful. The former app allowed you to tap the peaks and valleys and get a specific cases time. That combined with the HR gave a better picture of sleep cycles

  • My new Fitbit broke AGAIN! It is my 2nd one since December. Fitbit claims that it has been escalated to their engineering dept…however, I have not heard anything in 3 days and I’m still stuck with a broken Fitbit. Apple Watch here I come. Boo Fitbit.

  • My new Fitbit broke AGAIN! It is my 2nd one since December. Fitbit claims that it has been escalated to their engineering dept…however, I have not heard anything in 3 days and I’m still stuck with a broken Fitbit. Apple Watch here I come. Boo Fitbit.

  • My new Fitbit broke AGAIN! It is my 2nd one since December. Fitbit claims that it has been escalated to their engineering dept…however, I have not heard anything in 3 days and I’m still stuck with a broken Fitbit. Apple Watch here I come.

  • Hello there! I use Fitbit for 10 months now and my daily steps average has increased from 4-5k to 10-11k. Thank you!

  • So, if we have an established group via the website dashboard, will we be able to access that group through the app now? I am confused about that.

  • The gift of a Flex from my friend made me exercise almost every day. Going to be 70 in May. Probably in better shape than when I was 60.

  • Hi
    I use a treadmill for cardiovascular exercise and use an aggressive rolling hills pattern. It requires me to hold on to the hand grips. The visual display on the treadmill is always 3+ miles however my fit bit does not ever match. Is there a reason?

  • I lost my list of friends with the last update is there anyway to restore it? And the screen lights up with movement at night so I don’t want to wear it is there anyway to disable the screen so I can track my sleep?

    • This is a good improvement, but I would really like to see the groups on your web site incorporated into the app. The ones I follow give me more incentive to get out and walk.

  • I haven’t been able to change pic on the app for a while.. I just updated app still can’t change profile or cover pic on app. Can’t change cover pic on the site either. I have 3 accounts same thing for all accounts

  • Personally, I hate the new community aspect. I don’t want to participate, but there’s isn’t an option to block it. I’m in a running group. People lie about their distances and times (a 3:43 mile is impossible), spam the site with their pyramid schemes and you have to go back hundreds of posts if you want to see one you’ve commented on. The WORST and most uncomfortable aspect. . .kids are on there interacting with adults. I don’t know how you can prevent it, but I don’t think 10 years olds should be asking strangers for advice.

  • I lost my fitbit! Will replace it but will likely need help to remove the old device and activate the new one on my account. Where can I find guidance on how to reconnect?

  • I love my fitbit surge but it will not sync anymore. I cant even get it to sync to my computer. I love my fitbit community and we are very competitive but when you cant sync it’s a bummer. I have tried EVERYTHING and so there it sits, next to my computer and not on my very active arm. Any tips would help. I have googled and tried everything to get it to work. Just really frustrated and wish I could get it working again. Help…..

  • Why is this feature only available on if you have a U.S. Account? Is it coming to Canada anytime soon?

  • I beat type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure in 21 weeks with Fitbit as one of my support team. Went from a blood sugar reading of 235 on 9 pills a day to a 30 day reading of 115 in 7 weeks when I stopped taking drugs. At 21 weeks I had my first 30 day reading of 100. Now it is 97. Dropped 45 pounds to boot. Had to buy all new clothes. When I get to minus 60, I’ll come by since I am in San Francisco every week. Thanks

  • I just got the fitbit charger 2 and it is not anywhere near accurate on the steps you take. I found a review online saying it was due to a problem with the fitbit itself,duh. That is the feature I most wanted. I have had many step counter gadgets and they all are off somewhat but this one is off by 100’s if not 1000’s of steps. Don’t know if I will continue to use it if this is the problem, Something that cost over a 100.00 dollars should not have these bugs. Has anyone else had the same problem with this model

  • My friend and I both live in Canada, and yet she has the new features and I don’t. I understand its a USA thing, but why does she have them then? Weird…

  • It would be cool if an organization or club could form a fitbit group and do challenges together.
    For example: the organization or club could:
    * have a challenge to walk 1 million steps a day
    * loose 500 lbs this year
    * drink 500 gallons of water a day
    * etc.
    Maybe even have challenges were teams compete against each other to walk the furthest (as a team) each day / week.
    This would mean that we would need to be able to form groups of 25-500+

  • Please also add the Activity Groups, which are reachable on the website, to the app. They are more “personal” than the generic groups.

  • Love the ability to send encouragement or taunts to motivate – wish I could do straight from my watch and receive same in notifications, hope you guys will integrate in the future

  • Hi all

    I have just acquired my first Fitbit and am impressed so far! (Fitbit Charge 2)

    Problem is that at present I am recovering from a fractured femur (23 December) which needed fixing with a nail (sounds worse than it is!)

    Having looked at all the options for improving my fitness none seem to quite fit the bill. It’s a bit dispiriting to see default targets set above where one can achieve when you are recovering.

    Now, we all know that anyone who likes to keep fit gets injured or unwell. S**t happens! So, I was thinking that wouldn’ It be great if Fitbit could have a rehab option built in. The more I think about it, the more I think it a great idea.

    What do others think?


  • My first Fitbit was great. I got a new Fitbit Alta last year for Christmas and it was great for several months. My skin started itching badly under the strap, then turned very red and actually scabbed over. I can’t wear it anymore and I miss it. What is it made of? Why is my body having an adverse reaction to the Fitbit?

  • Hello, Why hasn’t fitbit updated its system to include more non brand name phones like the LG Stylo 3 and ZTE Max Blue?

  • Fitbit is a piece of shit, and worse the company doesn’the stand behind their product. Bought an Alta HR 3 months ago for over $100. Yesterday the faceplate falls off and Fitbit says to buy a new one! No, I spend my money with a company who supports their products.

  • 2 comments on my fitbit Alta HR:
    – The display is not bright enough in outside daylight and the heart beat display should be bigger and fatter
    – heartbeat should be heard as a voice cue on the smart phone while in hiking, walking etc. modes

  • I just got a Fitbit Zip. I like it, but think the number of calories stated are high. For example, in walking 810 steps, it says I burned 574 calories. Any comments?

  • I am pre diabetic and check my blood sugar to learn the effect of activity and diet on my levels. It would be great if I could log my results on the fit bit app and be able to correlate these numbers . Otherwise I have to scroll back and match the two devices. Blood pressure log would be nice too. A graph showing blood sugar and activity would be really super great.

If you have questions about a Fitbit tracker, product availability, or the status of your order, contact our Support Team or search the Fitbit Community for answers.

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