Fitness Headphones That Comfortably Stay Put? Fitbit Flyer Makes it Possible

Woman running with a perfect Fitbit Flyer fit

Imagine this: You’re training for your first half marathon and are about to do your last long run before the big day. You pull on your shoes, hit play on a motivating music mix, and push off, determined to tackle the mileage without stopping.

Half a mile in, you check your Fitbit tracker. Your pace and heart rate are where they should be. You feel good, confident even. You’re gonna do this, you think to yourself. Just. Keep. Running.

And then your right earbud falls out.

You stick it back in. Crisis averted. Until, a quarter-mile later, it falls out again. And then again. And again. You can’t go two minutes without having to stop and adjust your headphones. Eventually you just take them off, ball them up into the palm of your hand, and grit through the rest of your run without your tunes.

Bummer. Especially when you consider all the ways music can improve your workout. Next time, bring Fitbit Flyer, Fitbit’s new wireless fitness headphones. Each set comes with multiple sizes of interchangeable ear tips, wings, and fins that you can mix and match to optimize sound quality, comfort, and fit. It’s easier than it, well, sounds. Take a look.

Fitbit Flyer fit accessories

Fitbit Flyer: How to Customize Your Fit

To fine-tune your Fitbit flyer fit, all it takes is a little trial and error. This video walks you through the process.

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  • what good are headphones when the new watch to use and have the music on doesn’t work-
    worst rollout of a product- ever!

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