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Fitbit is funded

I’m excited to announce that Fitbit just closed a $2MM round of financing from True Ventures. This money will allow us to grow our team slightly, ramp up manufacturing and start shipping Fitbits in high volume early next year.

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  • James,

    Congrats. I have a question about your funding activities. I’m an entrepreneur in Pittsburgh, where start-ups are generally rounded up and passed through economic development organizations who will “invest” several hundred thousand, then prep you for a date with an angel event (where they convert the investment…read, laon…into equity). From there you move into VC. Is this the general funding experience you have seen?

    Thank you in advance for your time,


    Deciding whether or not to stay in Pittsburgh.

  • will this item ever make it to the consumer? I am beginning to lose faith. Sport brain got to expensive to use so hoping you can do better. Hurry please!!!

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