Meet Your Fitbit Local Ambassadors: Denver, CO

MKTG-0727_Fitbit_Local_Denver_Blog_Post_730x485_WDBSamy MattteiSamy Mattei

Samy Mattei is a soul-stirring, love-spreading, magic-believing, dance-party-starting, smile-setting yoga enthusiast and teacher. She walked into her first yoga class in 2005, intimidated, imbalanced, and unsure of herself or her path. After rolling up her mat and returning into the world—sweaty, smiling and mystified—she swears she was just a little bit closer to the person she was meant to be. Samy knows first-hand that yoga has the ability to bring out the best and transform people in inexplicable ways.

In 2013, she completed a 300hr Axis Ashtanga Interdisciplinary, gaining tremendous insight and appreciation for the history, depth, and transformative powers of yoga. A year later, she completed a 200hr River Power Vinyasa Training, learning to define her voice and vision as a teacher. The diversity of these trainings helped her layer and deepen her practice, both on and off the mat as a teacher and a student. Now she hopes to make the benefits of yoga she has experienced attainable for others. “The way I see it, yoga and humans were made for each other.” She believes that health goals are attainable with the right guidance, inspiration, and commitment… including a supportive community of people that encourage you to reach for the best version of yourself.

Samy is an energy magnet and true people-lover, who creatively facilitates people to move in ways that reveal new possibility. She has a fun-filled and open-communication style, establishing and sustaining relationships quickly with her students to make people feel at-ease, open, and at-hOMe both in their bodies and with each other. She has a deep commitment to the mission: “Yoga for everyBODY.” In the fall of 2013, she founded the Adaptive Yoga program at The River Yoga studio for people with disabilities, after completing an adaptive yoga Mind Body Solutions training. She soon after completed a Young Warriors Kids Yoga Training. Currently, she is in the process of receiving her 500hr Teaching Certification, to support her passion to continue on the path of teaching and learning. With each new layer of education, Samy is amazed at yoga’s ability to infuse and transform people, no matter their journey.

She fosters an environment that welcomes any and all levels of ability, promotes mind-body connection for people from all walks of life, and encourages people to uncover and recover their personal definition of wellness. Yoga is unparalleled and unlimited in its ability to affect lives positively, and so Samy takes her teaching around the Denver community and beyond, for a wide-array of groups, ages, ability-levels, genders, treatment centers, trainings, retreats and populations. If she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, Samy loves spending time outside, journaling, dancing, and connecting with loved-ones.

Her philosophy around yoga being accessible to everyBODY parallels Fitbit’s mission to help people find their personal “fit”, staying motivated with community support, and realizing how small steps can make all the difference!  Samy knows that being “well” is a journey—and that finding this path is a balance between all aspects of our lives, not just movement. It’s also in the stillness. It’s in the food we eat, the sleep we get, the ways we dream, the relationships we build, the laughs we share, the experiences we create.  Her main aspiration is to facilitate an ever-growing world of cOMmunity and inclusion. You can connect with Samy on Instagram, Facebook, or catch her at a class in the surrounding Denver community! She hopes to welcOMe you with open arms and a big smile to class soon!

joncerfJon Cerf

Jon Cerf is the Founder and CEO of Core Progression Elite Personal Training, and has been delivering life changing results as a personal trainer for over 10 years. A Colorado ‘native’, Jon decided to bring his passion for health and fitness back home to Denver after graduating from Baylor University (TX) with a B.S. in Exercise Science. In 2008, he followed his career aspirations to successfully launch Core Progression Elite Personal Training, now an award-winning small business in his home state.

Over the course of the last 10 years, he has traveled all over the country promoting health and fitness. He created an online core training program allowing everyone access to an affordable personal trainer. This has led him to various fitness adventures including the launch of 3 fitness personal training facilities in the Denver metro area. He has also been a key note speaker at The Colorado Collaborative Justice Conference and Colorado Mental Health Professionals Conference multiple times, spreading his passion and philosophy on health and wellness.

Jon’s personal training experience spans many client demographics; he has worked with men and women of all ages and fitness levels, as well as professional athletes, models, actors, pageant contestants (Miss Colorado and Miss Wyoming USA) and various sports teams, including the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, Denver Nuggets Dancers, Colorado Mammoth Dancers, and the Denver Outlaws Dancers. Jon also specializes in group fitness where he has been a part of one of the largest group workouts in Colorado known as “Fitness on the Rocks” at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

He attributes his successful client transformations to a highly effective design approach behind each personalized training program. He believes the greatest results are achieved when a program’s foundation is centered upon a well-balanced, four-component system that includes: Nutrition Counseling; Cardiovascular Endurance Training; Resistance Training; and Accountability.

Jon is excited to partner with Fitbit Local for Denver Colorado. He looks forward to the opportunity to meet and inspire fitness fans of all ages. To learn more about Jon and to follow along throughout this epic fitness journey, you can check out Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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