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Fitbit Local Ambassador Blake Raymond. Blake Raymond

Blake is a former dual sport collegiate athlete with over 12 years of professional experience as health and wellness expert in the Greater Los Angeles area.  As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with a major in Psychology & Physical Education/Athletics, Blake understands the important balance of the mind and body and how they work in unison. Recognized as one of “LA’s Top Fitness Instructors,” Blake teaches running, H.I.I.T. and cycling based classes at a variety of studios throughout L.A. (Speedplay, Aura Cycle, and Sweat Garage to name a few). Blake has extensive knowledge of injury prevention/rehabilitation,  and corrective-and-sports-specific training as he works with a team of doctors and their patients on the side.

As a passionate and self taught runner, Blake recently started working on his bucket list item of running the Boston Marathon, the city in which he grew up. This past March he secured his 2019 Boston Qualifier (BQ) in the LA Marathon running a personal best 2:48 finish time. He can’t wait to share his journey to Boston 2019 with the Fitbit Community.  2XU Performance Apparel endorses Blake as an Athletic Brand Ambassador, and he’s the lead running coach for their flagship store at the Westfield Century City mall.

All that aside, Blake is an avid fitness community enthusiast!  Nothing gets him more giddy than a fun-loving group of people who like to hang out, chat it up, and get a healthy sweat on.  His motivation is to guide others in leading a happy-and-wholesome life by providing them the necessary knowledge, support, and healthy habits to do so.  His advice; Challenge yourself, relish in the energy of the people that surround you, smile, and enjoy your life. Be your best self.

Want to know more? Follow Blake on Instagram at: @blakeraymondfitness

Buddy Macuha

Buddy Macuha is a force of nature and micro-influencer in the world of fitness and self-empowerment. His career has spanned over two decades from being a personal trainer, body worker, and group fitness instructor.  His love of movement began as a kid–punching and kicking his way through martial arts, tumbling in gymnastics, and hitting tennis balls on the court.  He was born with feet that move to the rhythm and he isn’t afraid to dance at weddings!

Currently, he is the Group Fitness Manager for Equinox West Hollywood and an International Master Trainer for Keiser Fitness Company. He uses his degree in kinesiology and presents for major fitness conferences including the International Dance and Exercise Association, CANFit Pro, the International Health Racquet and Sports Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine. You might have heard his voice on projects for Fitbit Coach, Virtual Active, and  He has appeared in print ads for Apple, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft.  If that wasn’t enough, he was a part of the gorilla marketing campaign for Expedia where he danced with a suitcase with nine other guys!

Buddy’s yoga journey started when he was training for the National Aerobic Championships. He found that it connected his mind and body unlike anything else he experienced. Luckily, as his competitive days came to an end, his “life on the mat” began.  His classes are filled with laughter, insight and energy that will awaken your soul and feed your enthusiasm for life. His yoga lineage has been influenced by Annie Carpenter and Stephanie Snyder. He’s been an 8x Lululemon ambassador and worked with Yoga Reaches Out Bay Area, helping Oakland Children’s Hospital.  His intention is to inspire others through yoga and to always believe in the possibility to change the world.

Buddy’s cycle journey began when he started teaching indoor cycling.  He has certifications from Johnny G. Spinning, Precision Cycling, Star Trac, Schwinn, LeMond RevMaster, & Keiser.  He has completed 5-AIDS Lifecycle Rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles in seven days. Over the past few years, he’s been a lead teacher for Cycle for Survival in San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Southern California.

Buddy has the unique ability to teach a variety of strength and HIIT classes, which make it hard to keep up with him! He loves to train in a variety of different ways to stimulate the body and make it stronger. He loves tabata, heavy weights, and interval training to keep his students guessing and he believes that everyone should move everyday!

You can find him on Instagram and YouTube @buddymademedoit. He’s excited to be part of the Fitbit team and can’t wait to meet everyone at the next event!

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  • Todd taught an incredible class at the beach last Saturday! He’s a great teacher and guide who motivates and challenges us tap into hidden strength and insight. It was an empowering and spiritual experience. Thank you!!

  • I am a very senior with two hip replacements. I don’t let that stop me but I need to get back in shape. is there a program for me and my friends.

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