Meet Your Fitbit Local Ambassadors: Miami, FL


Amanda Christodoulou

Amanda Christodoulou is the founder of Pilates Body, private Pilates studios inside the prestigious South Beach & Midtown locations of Anatomy. Her love for Pilates began over a decade ago & she has committed her life to helping people learn body awareness & conscious movement.

Growing up as a dancer, Amanda fell in love with the poses, feeling & challenge of Pilates & yoga. She has a unique teaching style that pulls from the classical Pilates repertoire, her dance & yoga experience & contemporary gym equipment like TRX & HyperVibe. She cross trains with the world class trainers of Anatomy & integrates alternative schools of thought & methods to her training. Effective, active stretching & myofascial release add a rehabilitative quality to her sessions. As a spiritual person, she sprinkles in elements of mindfulness, breath work & visualizations.

Amanda has worked with fitness brands like lululemon, Athleta, and Shape, and she has been a PUMA ambassador for two years. You can workout with her from anywhere in the world via the PUMATRAC app!

As a Miami native, Amanda is honored to be able to promote fitness in the local community. She is committed to teaching as many people as physically possible how to move their body correctly and in a way that will be sustainable for the rest of their lives. Her goal is to help people find a healthy relationship with their bodies.

Rilde Leon

Rilde is a group fitness instructor at several South Florida gyms but spends most of his time teaching at Equinox & CycleBar. In the studio, he leads a variety of workout programs–including HIIT & circuit style formats, strength, cycling, and running. He is a firm believer in the benefits of varying your routine and exemplifies this through the diversity of his classes.

Rilde’s road to the fitness industry was not always a straight path, although fitness & health have been his biggest passions all his life. Instead, Rilde studied Finance & Accounting at the University of Miami. While in school, he began teaching a few classes a week. He went on to earn his Master’s degree and accepted a job offer with a Big 4 public accounting firm. As his life took this new turn, it became obvious that fitness was a much better career match for him. 

Since leaving his desk-job days behind, Rilde has never looked back! He is inspired every day by the clients and members that take his classes, and he is driven to lead them in achieving their own fitness goals. 

Rilde considers himself an expert at seamlessly blending together a super intense workout, and a truly enjoyable and engaging experience. His motto goes, “find something you enjoy, and you will always find yourself excited to take on that challenge!”

When it comes down to it, goals are so much easier to hit when the process is as exciting as the results.  Regarding his personal fitness, Rilde makes sure to incorporate different types of training into his routine. When he isn’t teaching, he enjoys weightlifting, calisthenics, obstacle course races, hiking, and countless other activities! 

With that said, Rilde’s passions extend beyond the fitness world. He takes every opportunity he can to explore new places and experience new cultures across the globe. And when his schedule doesn’t allow that much free time, you will just about always find him eating & refueling from a long day of exercise! (Just come check out one of his events and you’ll see.)

To get to know Rilde a little bit better, follow him on Instagram @rilde13.

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