Meet Your Fitbit Local Ambassadors: Minneapolis, MN


JC LippoldJ.C. Lippold

As the kid who could never run the mile in elementary school, J.C. Lippold is now passionate about creating safe spaces for every person to become the strongest, brightest, and boldest version of themselves. J.C. is a marathon runner, certified yoga teacher, fitness coach, and a man constantly fueled by the students who show up and inspire him daily.

A Minnesotan born and bred, J.C. spent time opening new studios, training teachers, and teaching yoga across the country before returning home in the summer of 2015. Since then, J.C. has been teaching fitness and building bridges between all the amazing communities in the Twin Cities.

In the studio, J.C. has a boundless ability to create graceful spaces. He invites people to be present within the moment and encourages students never to under (or over) estimate what one needs from their daily workout.

J.C. is ecstatic to be a Fitbit Local Ambassador as it is creating opportunities for folks who are looking to get their steps in, stay motivated, and support one another through inclusive and electrifying fitness opportunities year-round!

An 18-time marathoner, an awarded high school tennis coach and theatre director, and Lululemon Ambassador at Mall of America, J.C. would love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram.

Sammi Gullman

Sammi is a HIIT Fitness Trainer and certified Yogi. She began her journey with leading Group Fitness in 2016 as a Yoga Sculpt Instructor, and is now the General Manager of a Boutique Fitness studio called Py Method. Her students come to her classes for challenge, change and positive vibes. She loves high intensity workouts and believes in the power of positive community. Sammi’s goal is to support her students to their highest potential through movement and mindfulness.

Sammi has always had a passion for movement and encouraging others to reach their potential. Her mantra is “YES YOU CAN!” She believes that the key to happiness is living life with wonder and always embracing challenge as an opportunity for growth.

You can find Sammi at Py Method every day of the week teaching High Intensity Interval Training Circuits paired with Yoga and high energy music. When she isn’t teaching, taking classes or running her studio, you can find her running around the lakes in Minneapolis, exploring local independent book shops and drinking lots of coffee. Stay connected with Sammi through Instagram! @sammi_py

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