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kevin ngKevin Ng

Kevin Ng is the founder of Kevin Ng Yoga + Mindfulness. He is devoted to helping others realize their best selves through a dedicated yoga practice and a commitment to mindfulness.

As one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in the Greater Seattle area, Kevin combines a power vinyasa sequence with a solid core workout, and a focus on dynamic movement. His weekly classes are set to modern and progressive music that opens the mind and spirit, while encouraging strength, flexibility, and a commitment to the present moment. Described by others as a cultivator of self-inspiration and motivation, the experience he creates through his classes gives students a new perspective on the traditional yoga practice.

As a mindfulness coach, Kevin integrates the teachings of presence and perspective guiding students to self-realization and experiencing life in the now. By pairing his take on yoga with mindfulness, he strives to create an experience that allows students to harmoniously connect to and realize their best selves.

Kevin shares his unique perspective with students across a variety of studios in the Greater Seattle area including Hot Yoga Inc. and Get Zen Hot Yoga.  He is a resident instructor for major yoga events including Daybreaker and Soul Pose.  Kevin maintains a small private client base and takes his students on a journey of self-discovery, while also partnering with companies such as eBay and Microsoft in support of their corporate wellness programs to help people achieve balance in an often-unbalanced environment.  He is endorsed by KIND Snacks as an athlete brand ambassador. His goal throughout all of these endeavors is to inspires people to realize the greatness that lies within each of them.

Kevin is thrilled to be a Seattle Ambassador for Fitbit Local and feels a natural parallel with his goals around health, fitness, and technology and what the Fitbit brand stands for today. He is looking forward to connecting with the local community on Facebook and Instagram, as well as seeing new and novice yoga students in his classes across the Greater Seattle area.

Katie Kelly

Katie Kelly is a Seattle-based fitness professional, corporate fitness and wellness coach, and training and development specialist. Katie has always been active. Growing up, she was a competitive dancer and runner, and she received her bachelor’s degree in dance and education from the University of Washington. While working on her undergraduate degree, Katie also was a collegiate cheerleader. It was at this point in her life, cheering on the Huskies, when she realized she had a strong passion for leading and motivating others. Katie continued her education with a master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion from California University of Pennsylvania.

Katie has been a well-known fitness instructor in the greater Seattle area for over eight years leading run clubs, teaching boot camp and HIIT-style workouts, and teaching barre classes. Katie also teaches bungee dance fitness classes, a wonderful way for her to dance and fly with assistance of a bungee cord. For over 6 years, Katie has worked with new fitness instructors in training and developing them to be the best motivators they can be by using their own personal strengths.

A lifetime learner, Katie looks to other fitness and wellness professionals in the area to workout with and learn from. She embraces all kinds of fitness classes and enjoys a mix of higher-intensity cardio workouts, strength, and low-impact, core-focused workouts for a true fitness-and-wellness balance. Katie works with youth as a volunteer in the public schools of King and Snohomish counties promoting more movement among youth. As a mom, she’s especially passionate about bringing dance specialty classes, such as the Brain Dance, to public schools to promote movement and the arts.

Katie is excited to promote the Fitbit Locals Seattle community and bring her passion for fitness and health to the group. Katie looks forward to having a larger impact on the greater Seattle community and to bringing people together through fitness and fun.

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  • Wish I were going to be home in town. And we need some Everett ambassadors and walks in tang area. Seattle is pretty far away.

  • Done a 17k every single day for the past 2 weeks and just made a little past 34k today. Tracked on a fitbit Blaze from At&T. i’m 17 Years old and Homeless in Downtown Seattle. wish i had the food to help with the burn. Got a 40lb backpack on all day 2. Sleep at roots and made top 1% in all samsung Heath users. 5,000 cals burn yesterday. If u want proof my instagram jakeripp15

  • kevin Ng is one of Seattle’s BEST yoga instructors. If you are ever in Seattle YOU MUST attend his class. It will change your life, improve your practice, and get you turned on to fitbit!

  • Looking forward to you joining the group. On Sundays are usually go to church at either noon or 10 AM mass so I’ll have to re-organize my schedule to try to make this Sunday at 10 and be out in time for 12 o’clock

  • It would be nice to expand your cities for the Fitbit Workout. We live in Port Angels, Wa – a beautiful little town on the water and we have a lot of Fitbit members over here. Many seniors…also taking a good sweat aerobics class, one hour a day four days a week with instructor Elyse Gross. Lots of Fitbit wearers in her class. Just a thought. We don’t need the Yoga, we need the actual workout. I don’t know how many members you’d need?

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