Free Fitbit Ionic Update Brings New Clock Faces, Apps, And More to Your Wrist

Fitbit OS update

Fitbit Ionic may help power you through a workout, but have you ever stopped to think about what powers Fitbit Ionic? It’s Fitbit OS (aka the Fitbit Operating System), and it’s getting an upgrade.

Starting today Fitbit Ionic users will be treated to more than 100 data-rich (and interactive!) clock faces and more than 60 apps* from Fitbit, Fitbit Labs, popular brands, and developers (more on all that below), as well as helpful enhancements to existing features.

There’s a lot to share, so read on, and then install the Fitbit OS update to start experiencing an even smarter, more convenient, more customizable Fitbit Ionic.

New Apps From Top Brands

Apps for Fitbit

You now have four fewer reasons to pull out your phone with more coming soon. That’s because apps for popular brands like Flipboard, Yelp, and The New York Times have been created and optimized for Ionic. The result? A simple, streamlined way to easily access the information and services most important to you.

Below are the apps being announced today. Click here to learn more about each app and its availability.

Health & Fitness: Clue, GAME GOLF, Surfline, Walgreens

Home & IOT: Nest, Philips Hue Lights

Food & Drink: Yelp

News: Flipboard, The New York Times

Travel & Transit: Uber, United Airlines, British Airways

New Fitbit Research Initiative Puts Innovation At Your Fingertips

Fitbit OS Update: Fitbit Labs

With this Fitbit OS update comes the unveiling of Fitbit Labs, an initiative within the Fitbit Research department dedicated to creating and testing potential Fitbit features.

What does that mean for you? Early access to innovative and cutting-edge apps and clock faces** designed to motivate you to make healthy behavior changes.

The team’s first app—Think Fast***—and clock-face series—Fitbit Pet—launch today, with three more coming soon.

Read Meet Fitbit Labs: The New Group Putting a Step-Hungry Pet on Your Wrist and So Much More to learn about these exciting new projects and the team behind them.

New Clock Faces And Apps Made By Fitbit Users For Fitbit Users

When Fitbit OS first launched, an integral part of the new platform was its open software development kit, or SDK, which is just a fancy way of saying that developers who don’t work at or for Fitbit can now create apps and clock faces that work on Ionic.

It’s only been a few short months, but developers have been busying creating apps and clock faces that allow you to customize the look and feel of your Ionic smartwatch and see at-a-glance information, like active minutes, heart rate, goal progress, run cadence, sleep, or weather.

Here’s a sneak peek of six:


Fitbit OS Update: JacadiStay sharp with Jacadi. Concentrate on the pattern of lights, then repeat the pattern by tapping the screen. As you succeed, the series of lights will become progressively longer and more complex.

Pill Tracker

Fitbit OS update: Pill TrackerThis very simple app does one thing, but does it well: help you remember when you took your last pill. Simply press “Take a Pill” and the app records the time. Press “Take a Pill” again when the next dose is taken.


Fitbit OS update: TipsEasier (and less bright) than pulling out your phone in a fancy restaurant, this app helps you calculate tips, between 0 and 100 percent, and split the bill among up to 100 people.


Nothing Special

Fitbit OS Update: Nothing SpecialNothing Special offers everything you might need from a watch: the time, date, weather, battery life, and more in a customizable design with thousands of color-combination options. Tap through the activity icon to view your current stats or hit the battery icon when you’re in a dark place for a surprise feature.

Retro Sunset

Fitbit OS Update: Retro SunsetGet your 80’s on. Retro-Sunset is an animated clock face that tracks time, calories, steps, and distance. Tap the screen to cycle through your stats.

Big Weather

Fitbit OS Update: Big Weather

This customizable clock face features the date, easy-to-read time, and all the stats you could want: steps, heart rate, and calories burned. It also connects to DarkSky to provide the latest temperature; the background image changes depending on the weather expected in your area.

Follow the installation instructions for apps and clock faces to try out these developer experiences for yourself.

But Wait, There’s More

With this Fitbit OS update, Fitbit is also releasing 3 new clock faces—Levels, Threads, and Mountainscape—and one hotly anticipated app: Fitbit Leaderboard.

Fitbit Leaderboard brings the engagement of Fitbit Community to your wrist, allowing you to see how your step goal stacks up against family and friends, as well as cheer and taunt them for added motivation.

Fitbit OS Update: Leaderboard

This OS update also incorporates the following improvements:

Multi-Card Payment. You can now choose—right from your wrist—which credit or debit card you want to pay with when using Fitbit Pay on Ionic. The list of participating banks has also expanded to include 25 banks across three networks in 13 markets, with more countries and banks rolling out in 2018. See the regularly updated list of partnered banks at

Faster interface: Ionic’s touchscreen capabilities continue to be refined and enhanced so you can move more quickly through information on-device.

*All apps and clock faces in the Fitbit App Gallery are free to download. H

Today or by the end of the year, all apps from popular brands will be available in English globally where the brand operates. The British Airways, Clue, GAME GOLF, Nest, Surfline, Uber, United Airlines and Walgreens apps require a free account with the brand to use the features of the app on Fitbit Ionic.

Fitbit Ionic battery life of up to 5 days varies with use, features and other factors; up to 10 hours using GPS or playing music.

**Because Fitbit Labs content is more experimental in nature, users may experience minor issues, and the time period for which apps and clock faces are available may be limited.

***Think Fast app does not provide advice or diagnose or treat any condition. Do not rely on this game for decisions on driving, operating machinery or any other activity requiring mental sharpness.

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  • Sadly, no Audible. How about something to use while working out, not while sitting around and eating (Yelp, New York Times, etc)?

  • After spending 2 hour on Fitbit customer unsupported was told that all our 4 devices were not compatible even the brand new Nokia Cell Phone, we even borrowed a friends Ipad and had the same issues, would not connect to WIFI or even find the network could not find Bluetooth yet all other devices working with no issues, we restarted the Ionic in a total of 15 times deleted the Fitbit App 4 times and even went to Starbucks to try their WIFI because of (according to IDIOT on Phone) to secure, still nothing. so one idiot on a Phone from Fitbit, a Microsoft Software engineer (myself) and an Apple Engineer (my friend) was unable to get this device to work. 2 PHD’s and a so called Fitbit support Makes this one of the most expensive paper weights I have bought in a long time and will NEVER BUY another Fitbit product EVER again.

  • Well I wanted to buy the ionic but was waiting that maybe Spotify is going to come but Deezer was Fitbits choice, probably not gonna buy it. But we will see what the future brings.

  • Love these updates, in particular Philips Hue and Nest. Keep them coming. Please try to support the largest Bank in Ireland for Fitbit pay : AIB bank

  • Thank you! I was looking for something simple explaining what the update contains.
    I only want 4 application.
    Underarmour : my fitness pal. Record. Polar beat. Lose it. Glucose meter test.

  • The only thing that is keeping me from purchasing this is compatibility to my iPhone 8. I have the Blaze, and it is not reliable to stay connected to the phone. You have to delete the app from the phone, turn off the watch, then reboot the watch and reinstall the app to the phone. Most of the time this works, but not from run to bike mode. So far, I have read that the ionic is not compatible to the iPhone 8. However, because of the GPS on the ionic, it is worth a shot, but expensive.

    • Have you tried turning Bluetooth off and on again in phone settings.. My Charge 2 looses connection and this seems to work

  • Wish Fitbit would intro a device that would compete with Garmin with regard to hiking features such as compass directions and elevation altitude readings! Or do I have to buy Garmin?

  • Afraid to order, purchased a Fitbit Alta on 4/13/17, it doesn’t work. Sleep is same, walk around city block over 1 thousand steps, not even close to that much, other times nothing registers

  • how long to download i0s2 on fitbit ionic mine has not finished even after two days. HELP Please. Can you cancel the download.

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