How to Keep Your Workouts Fresh with Fitbit

Your Fitbit Premium membership just got an upgrade. Now, you can mix up your fitness routine with hundreds of workout options not only from Fitbit, but other popular fitness brands like Daily Burn, Yoga Studio: Mind & Body, POPSUGAR, and more. Whether you want to burn calories, tone up, strengthen your heart or relieve stress, find a workout that fits your goals and suits your mood. You can work out with the Fitbit app anytime, anywhere.

What Does This Experience Offer? 

Our Premium workout experience builds on Fitbit Coach, which offers bodyweight video workouts and audio workouts for running, elliptical and more.* But now you can expand your options from kickboxing and dance to yoga and barre. The best part? You can do most of these exercises without any equipment at all. 

No matter your fitness level, you’re sure to find a session that works for you. And with videos ranging from as short as five minutes to a full half-hour or longer, we have workouts to fit your busy schedule.

Wondering where to find it all? Check out the Discover tab in the Fitbit app.

The Newest Content?


  • Unleash your unlimited power for results like you’ve never seen! Physique57’s proprietary barre method combines low-impact strength-training and cardio to sculpt your ultimate physique. Experience 10 to 60 minute transformative barre workouts for all levels. Target specific muscle groups through their Interval overload system for results you can see.


  • Barre3 is a full-body balanced workout combining strength-conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness. Every barre3 workout is designed to teach people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. Get sweatin’!

obé Fitness:

  • A premium fitness lifestyle network offering immersive, topical, and effective live and on-demand fitness classes through a mobile app and website. Check out their 28 minute fitness classes that range from barre and sculpting to kickboxing and HIIT.

Daily Burn:

  • Offers 30-minute workouts that range from barre and sculpting to kickboxing and HIIT. One of our favorites? The Low-Impact Cardio and Mobility Training, which is a mobility and low-impact cardio pyramid exercise. Or, mix it up with the Kickboxing, Core, and Lower Body Strength exercise, which involves MMA inspired lower body strength, cardio kickboxing, and hardcore core.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body:

  • New to yoga? Build strength and flexibility at your own pace—prenatal sessions included! From the Beginner Strength 30 Minutes workout, which builds full-body strength, to the short series core strengthening workout called Connection to Core 10 Minute, you’ll be a true yogi in no time.


  • Get ready to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s best celebrity trainers with real-time workouts, such as the 10-Minute Flat-Belly Barre Workout with Barre instructor, Jake Dupree, and the 30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance class from Nicole Steen. You’ll be having so much fun you’ll barely realize you’re working out!

Down Dog:

  • Down Dog offers a variety of yoga sessions to help you de-stress, wind down for sleep, or re-energize for the day. For instance, try the 10-Minute Rise and Shine session to wake up your body and mind with standing poses and twists.

Fitbit Coach:

  • Let your body be your gym with no-equipment workouts from Fitbit Coach. You can do these bodyweight workouts anywhere. Focus on just your abs with the 18-minute session Core Crush, or work your entire body with 20 minutes of HIIT Cardio and Strength.

Fitbit workouts:

  • Grab your dumbbells for Fitbit’s new strength training workouts. If you’re new to lifting weights, we have four sessions created specifically for beginners. If you’re ready to take it up a notch, try our intermediate classes with more advanced exercises. Because recovery and mobility are also vital for building a strong, healthy body, we created two stretch sessions, too.

*Audio workouts for running and elliptical are only available on Fitbit Coach, not the Fitbit app.

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