This New Feature Helps You Set Smarter (More Achievable!) Goals

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Research shows that people who set goals are more successful. But not all goals are created equal; the ones that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) tend to be more effective. That’s why Fitbit created Personal Goal Setting, a step-by-step interactive guide that generates appropriate goals for where you are in your health journey.


When Personal Goal Setting rolls out later this month, you’ll see a prompt on your app’s dashboard. Click it when you have a few minutes to go through the process (don’t dismiss it just because you’re currently busy or in a hurry! More on that later).

Fitbit Personal Goal Setting SurveyThe guide will then ask you three questions. The first one asks you to identify which healthy habit you want to focus on first:

There are five areas to dive into:

  • Daily steps and activity
  • Exercise and workouts
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Weight

Once you pick a place to start, you’ll be asked to answer two more questions about your motivation and history with health and fitness. This information—as well as your last seven days of Fitbit data—is then used to generate a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goal.

For instance, if you’re motivated to get more fit and your data shows you walk an average of 9,200 steps per day, Fitbit may recommend setting a higher goal of 10,000 steps per day.

If you don’t have any data Fitbit will still make suggestions for you based on expert recommendations and our knowledge of the average Fitbit user. For example, Personal Goal Setting may suggest you start with a step goal of 8,000 steps per day since more than half of Fitbit users achieve this level of activity.

And that’s it! The rest is up to you, although your app will chime in periodically with updates on your progress. During this time, you can adjust your goals up or down depending on how you’re doing. Also in typical Fitbit fashion, as you successfully reach your goals, you’ll receive celebrations on your device and achievement badges in the Fitbit app.


Fitbit Personal Goal Setting App PromptPersonal Goal Setting was first made available to new users, only, in the Fall of 2016. But it will be rolled out to all existing users in January to help you jumpstart your New Year goal setting experiences. So keep your eyes peeled for the prompt.

Once you go through the Personal Goal Setting process or dismiss the prompt on your dashboard, you won’t be able to use the feature again until the dashboard notification re-appears. (Fitbit will make it reappear at various times throughout the year.)

However, you can always set and change goals at any time through the “Account” tab in your Fitbit app. So what are you waiting for? Set ‘em and slay ‘em!

Personal Goal Setting isn’t the only update Fitbit’s got cooking. Check out our upcoming Community launch and the Fitstar Personal Trainer app integration news.

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  • I love my Fitbit and it has been a vital part of my ability to log my MOVEs during Movember 2016 .- 133 moves since 5th September 2016 when I registered for my 9th Movember campaign. I have been able to log my Fitbit journey everyday on my Mo Space and have been in the best shape in recent years since I have taken the challenge with my trusted Fitbit.

    Ended the 2016 campaign as. Australia’s Highest Individual Fund Raiser for the second year running (MO MO DEAN 2015 & 2016)and 8th among all countries and my Mo. Space was the 2nd most voted Mo Space among all countries. Learn more about A-Z OF Men’s Health and being fit in mind, body and spirit . Visit http://

  • I love my Fitbit sooo much! Although I have always been active, with my Fitbit I actually know what I am doing. I know my step count, heart rate… I love it! And with a new app update, I think it will be even more enjoyable and fun!

  • one of my favorite fitness programs is PBS Sit and Be Fit, so naturally no “steps” are counted. Its a challenging program involving exercise bands arm weights, balls to practice coordination and mental alertness, heart rate goes up, etc,but fitbit “steps” are not much forthat half long Sit and Be Fit program. I keep personal written log for the day, to add in stuff the fitbit doesnt quite calculate. Another PBSprogram is ballet dance ordiented, again “steps” cant be counted on a fitbit gadget

  • I love that Fitbit are constantly changing/updating the app. It keeps it interesting and means I have the option of reaching for new goals. It keeps me motivated.

  • Super disappointed that I have dismissed this prompt by accident and now I have to wait for it to “reappear at various times throughout the year.”

    Needlessly rigid and frustrating, the programers should really reconsider this particularly terrible choice.

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