Use Fitbit’s New Wellness Report To Have A More Informed Conversation With Your Doctor

Imagine having your health and wellness data accumulated in one place so that you can easily visualize your trends on a monthly basis. Now imagine being able to present that data in an easy to export report. Good news, with Fitbit’s Wellness Report feature for Premium users you can do just that!

We wanted to provide a more comprehensive view into your data in a report that makes the best use of your limited time with your healthcare professional. Now we ask, what are you waiting for? Get proactive about your health and wellness with Wellness Report and share an analysis of your Fitbit activity ranging from sleep, heart rate, and weight trend data (depending on which device you use and the data you share) with your healthcare professional, personal trainer or nutritionist so you can have a more informed conversation.*

What Is A Wellness Report?

Fitbit worked with a range of family care, sleep, ER and ICU physicians along with several medical professionals from leading facilities such as UCSF and UCLA as consultants to advise on a Wellness Report that is easy to understand and provides an overview of a person’s health and wellness data. The Wellness Report will include detailed trend data and graphs, as well as additional analysis of your activity, heart rate, sleep and weight data that can help your team offer more personalized guidance for your care.* Over time, we plan to add more metrics, trends, and insights.

How It Works

Premium users now have access to a printable and easy-to-read overview of their health and wellness data, including stats and charts for their heart data, weight (if tracked or self-logged), sleep and activity for the last 30 days and up to the last year. We’ll also include some guidelines to help you understand what this data means for you.  

The Wellness Report is available within the Discover tab, inside the Health & Fitness Stats section. If you do not see the Wellness Report ensure that you have the latest version of the Fitbit app.

As for non-Premium users, the free export of up to 31 days worth of data for weight, activity and sleep continues to be available to you (see Instructions). Additional data is also provided for free to all users by exporting your account archive.

*Requires using a Fitbit device for at least 30 days; some data require a heart rate enabled device. For weight tracking, connect with a Fitbit scale or log weight in the app.

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