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Fitbit Success Stories is a recurring feature on the Fitbit Blog. You’ll read inspirational and personal stories about Fitbit users who have achieved amazing things as a result of their Fitbit tracker, diet, exercise, and sheer ambition.


At 48 years-old I was in constant pain and felt like a prisoner in my own home. Just walking around my house caused my feet and heels to ache, and I was afraid I was going to end up dying young. I had tried every diet out there and even thought about getting gastric bypass surgery. But I was afraid of the recovery and complications, not to mention the cost of the surgery.

At over 376 pounds I was sure that I just couldn’t do it on my own. I ended up in the ER one night. The doctor told me I had a heart murmur and was pre-diabetic. He advised me to begin taking better care of myself and losing some weight. Thinking about how much weight I needed to lose was overwhelming. But I was so tired of popping Motrin like candy, and my stomach was constantly aching from to the overuse of pain relievers.

A few weeks later I was watching The Biggest Loser on TV. I saw that the heaviest woman they had ever had on the show was almost as big as I was! I thought to myself, “If she could do this, I had to at least try one more time.” So I started by getting on my recumbent bike and watching The Biggest Loser at the same time. Needless to say, it took several days  of building up before I could get through an entire episode.

Not only did I lose over 206 pounds, but I was finally able to fulfill a lifetime dream…

After losing about 16 pounds I joined Weight Watchers for the sixth time. It was the only program that had ever worked for me and I felt right at home after arriving for my meeting in January of 2011.

I continued to increase my exercise and began my journey to success.  I bought a Fitbit and clipped it on my bra. Getting active wasn’t easy, but I was determined to be healthy by my 50th birthday. I started exercising more during viewings of Dr. Oz and The Biggest Loser, mixing in all sorts of exercise and healthy eating tips along the way.

Annie Before and After new

That recumbent bike I mentioned? Believe it or not, I ended up wearing it out from all the exercise. Then I took myself outdoors and starting walking with a Fitbit Flex and tracking my steps. I reached my weight goal on Christmas Eve of 2012 and made my Lifetime status on February 4, 2013. Not only did I lose over 206 pounds, but I was finally able to fulfill a lifetime dream of mine working as a leader for Weight Watchers and inspiring others to be their best and healthiest self.

…always wear my Fitbit Flex to keep me motivated to constantly set new goals.

I use the Flex every single day, and I absolutely love the Fitbit app and how it helps me track my sleep.  It is so motivational and I’ve already walked over 3,000 miles since I got it.  I add my food using the logging tool to keep tabs on my calorie input/output for each day. I even have all the Flex bands that are available, with a color for almost every outfit!

My favorite thing about the Flex is the silent alarm! It is a pleasant way to wake up and I don’t disturb my husband when I get up early to work out.

I am now leading Weight Watchers meetings near my home in Croswell, and our combined group has lost more than 2,300 pounds. I am almost 53 years-old now, not just healthy and pain free, but constantly inspired by my group members to enjoy life like I have never been able to before.

Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself in pictures, but I truly love what I see. I am constantly amazed that I was able to lose so much weight, and now I realize that I can do anything if I put my mind to it as a strong and beautiful woman. I am no longer afraid to reach for my dreams and am no longer a prisoner in my own body.

I still attend my meetings to keep me on track, and always wear my Fitbit Flex to keep me motivated to constantly set new goals. I have muscles that I have never had before. It is just amazing how much you can change your body with exercise. I am addicted!

The joy of being “normal” and being able to fit into regular clothing, chairs, cars and airplane seats brings me happiness every single day that I get out of bed. If I could do it, anyone can! Believe in yourself and all of your dreams will come true! You are worth it.

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  • Your story is so inspiring!
    It’s my turn to commit and not quit until I reach my goal. It sounds like you and Fitbit met your goals without a gym membership too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Great story. Wish the Charge would count work done on the recumbent bike. Love the Charge. Started with Flex. Maintaining now with Charge after Flex died.

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