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#Fitbit2014 Challenge – Week 3: Do Something Nice for Someone, Inspired by Deepak Chopra

UPDATE: This week’s #Fitbit2014 winners are Jonathan Robinson, malindakay on Instagram and @qbert8008 on Twitter. You each won a Fitbit Aria WI-FI Smart Scale! Make sure to check out the Week 4 challenge: Try a New Recipe.

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Every Monday for six weeks starting January 6, we’ll launch a new weekly challenge for #Fitbit2014 to get your thinking more simple habits and less big resolutions.

Do something nice for someone. Sounds simple, right? But doing nice things makes you feel happy. Studies have shown even the thought of giving activates the part of the brain associated with pleasure. But we can do more than once per day, right? Take the time to do THREE nice things for your friends, family, coworkers or strangers every day this week.

To set you on the right path, here’s some great advice from author and wellness guru Deepak Chopra.

I’m incredibly passionate about giving back to the community and helping improve the world around us. Giving back makes a difference for others and for you. This week, I’m challenging the Fitbit community to do three nice things for someone every day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Sign up for The Weightless Project so that your Fitbit calories out help someone suffering from hunger.
  • Let a fellow driver in when you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Buy a co-worker or friend lunch or coffee.
  • Help a stranger with their groceries.

Great, simple advice from Deepak. And as we previously mentioned, giving doesn’t just do good for people around you. Giving makes us – the giver – feel happy. There’s research to back it up, too. Giving to someone we know actually makes us even happier, according to a study in the Journal of Happiness and Development.

New research published in the Journal of Happiness and Development shows that social giving — where you’re giving to a person who you know, or your giving leads to a social connection — seems to foster more emotional benefits than giving without the social aspect.

Specifically, donating money activates the same pleasure center in the brain that fires when you receive or earn money. Do you ever get that great sense of accomplishment or reward when you give the perfect birthday or holiday gift? That’s the idea.

But in reality, it’s not always about money. The little things in life do add up, and those small acts of kindness can make someone’s day.

So let us know how do nice things for someone this week. How many can you do in one day? What do you find affects people positively? Share your results using #Fitbit2014 on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, and/or Instagram. This week we have 3 Fitbit Aria scales up for grabs!

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  • Waving and smiling to a random stranger as you walk down the street or holding the door open for a coworker are two of my favorite random acts of kindness.

  • I just got my fitbit for my 62nd birthday .. so super excited .. now the first mission is to learn how to use my newest fitness tool …

  • This is such a great reminder for the start of the week! I work a freelance job, and therefor don’t interact with any co-workers regularly-I think I’ll pick up a few coffees and drop them by my hubby’s office as a surprise this week :)

    Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  • I just signed up for the weightless project. I had not heard about that before. I’ve lots of recurring monthly donations to several non-profit organizations I support.

    Thanks for the reminders!

  • I like to make things for people. Surprise my hunny with egg salad when he mentions he likes hard boiled eggs. Surprise my daughter with a new scarf when she mentions she would like to wear one. Give a smile to a stranger who doesn’t have one. Life is all about being in tune with one another and giving of ourselves. There is no greater gift.

  • What a day! Out walking with my bestie. Fitbit makes us want to walk. After 2 hours we part ways to head home. I decide I need to hit the market for something I need. I see this man that is sitting on the ground, in a corner of the shopping center walkway, with his shopping cart. He may or may not have been inebriated . I say hello and ask ” How are you” ?…. ” Not so good” he says, and asks if I have any spare change.” Not today Buddy, I’ll see you on my way back” As I am walking away he repeatedly tells me what a beautiful woman I am. So, for Roberts kind words, I did return, bag in hand. Tonight, Robert will have fresh water and a warm meal on me. As I handed over the bag with his meal and walked away his words were “I love you beautiful woman”. I don’t know if I made his day, but he sure made mine!

  • It’s been in some of my worst moods while looking for an escape that I have practiced random acts of kindness for strangers: I just finished helping an elderly person load groceries into her car. Initially I did it because she was holding up the line, but after reading this, I realize I DID feel much better afterwards. Thanks for making me more aware. Hopefully I can focus on finding more ways to help and staying in a great mood!!

  • I will hold a door and smile say hi not much but people really like it because we are to busy today to take time for other. I will alway take time how about you.

  • I like this one I try to do something nice every day. I get just as much out of it as other. It don’t take much but very rewarding . I hold a door i smile and say hi how are you doing. Most people w ill say thankyou smile and ask how are you. Don’t take much to make someone day.

    • As a senior, I enjoy doing random acts for young people and children. I was in line at a museum and some children were exhibiting signs of I need a nap, so I allowed their parents to go ahead of me. I also make a point of complimenting parents when their children are good citizens in a public place.

  • I like to give a little wave in my rear view mirror as a way to say thank you when someone lets me in a lane during early morning rush hour. Likewise, I pause and let others in every morning. I hope it makes their day start on a happy note.

  • My mom at home from spraned ankle , so on my hour lunch break I bought her flowers and lunch. Always thought about doing this week thanks for the reminder and making me go through with it :)

  • I do volunteer work for VITAS Hospice, hairstyling/haircutting and comfort visits; volunteer and donator for Valley Community Clinic, North Hollywood, CA (at the last Gala Event “Laughter is the Best Medicine” on May 29, 2014 we honored Hector Elizondo for all his services and support; volunteer work Young & Healthy in Pasadena, CA, each year I participate with their annual healthcare/dentalcare units in which they treat for free up to 120 students that do not have any insurance. I believe that it is very important to give back for all we have that others do not have.

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