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Every Bit Gets You Fit: Join the #Fitbit2014 New Year Challenge


For a big change in the new year, think small. Resolutions get broken, but daily and weekly habits stick. Make fitness part of your regular routine all year long with Fitbit.

Follow along with #Fitbit2014 to take up challenges, win prizes, and get fun tips for staying fit all year. We’ve got a TON going on over the next six weeks to interact with! Here’s how:

  1. Start by joining our New Year’s group for an overall steps challenge in January. (TIP: If you don’t want group notification emails, make sure to deselect “Follow All Topics” on the group page. You can also change your group email preferences under the “Notifications” tab in your user profile settings.)
  2. Then, every Monday for six weeks starting January 6, we’ll launch a new weekly challenge to get your moving. These challenges will feature tips and helpful advice from Fitbit ambassadors to help you stick to the weekly goal.
  3. Finally, each week we’ll be giving away a sweet Fitbit prize. Participate with each weekly challenge and be sure to include the hashtag #Fitbit2014 on on Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, and/or Instagram, and you just might score a New Year’s surprise!

Here’s a sneak peek at the #Fitbit2014 upcoming weekly challenges:

Week 1, January 6-12: You Take 2,000 More Steps Every Day This Week

Your step goal is in sight. But let’s blast right past that daily goal and up the ante. Here at Fitbit, we’re taking 2,000 more steps every day this week.

Week 2, January 13-26 (extended!): Do a Workout or Event That Scares You

Jumping into a workout or event you’ve never done before can be intimidating, even for one of the fittest men on the planet, ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes. However, overcoming these fears and attempting new challenges can be tremendously rewarding. Dean kicks off #Fitbit2014 with a guide to kicking your workout fears in the new year.

Week 3, January 27 – February 2: Do Something Nice for Someone

Do something nice for someone. Sounds simple, right? But doing nice things makes you feel happy. Studies have shown even the thought of giving activates the part of the brain associated with pleasure. But we can do more than once per day, right? Take the time to do THREE nice things for your friends, family, coworkers or strangers every day this week.

Week 4, February 3 – 9: Try a New Recipe

With this week’s challenge being “Try a New Recipe,”  we’re starting small. Below are a few recipes that we tried early on to show in our weight-loss plan just to show you how easy it is to fill your plate/day with the raw fruits and veggies you need for optimal health.

Week 5, February 10 – 17: Share the Love

It’s the second week of February. And you know what that means. Love is in the air all week, so for this week’s challenge, we’re keeping it dead simple: Share the love this week with a friend or loved one, and get fitter together.

Week 6, February 18 – 23: ?????

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  • I joined the fit bit 2014 challenge group. How do I get out?! Quick! They are blowing up my email. I don’t have time to be in this. Thank you!

    • Pam – If you don’t want group notification emails, make sure to deselect “Follow All Topics” on the group page. You can also change your group email preferences under the “Notifications” tab in your user profile settings.

  • I got the fitbit for Christmas. I have been doing 10000 steps per day. On New Years
    I did the midnight run in Central Park. It was a 4 mile run. I did all the 10,000 in one hour. My goal for today is to make it to 15,000. I do all crazy types of adventures already. I was in New Zealand last week and went zorbing, sweebing, and black water tubing. I wish the fit bit could record those actions as well.

  • This is exciting. I’ve been looking all over for ways to get the most out of my flex. I’ve added everybit and linked it to Walgreens’ step tracker, but I think adding Instagram to the mix – making my tracking more social will be fun and increase the likelihood that I will be active all year instead of just the first week of January. I wish fitbit would collaborate with healthy wage. I’d love to see a cash incentive program with physical activity rather than weight loss as the focus.

  • This is exciting. It is just what I need to keep motivated. I love that you mix it up with new things. And I Love prizes. Even small ones luje tshirts and stuff. Lol. Thank you for the “extra” you do to help!

  • My daughter gave me my Flex in November. Have been using it religiously since. Love the interaction and instant feedback. Have been involved in physical fitness all my life but this is the first program that ties all of the elements of fitness into one easy to use program. A life changing activity! Do you have any promotional shirts, hats etc. that can be purchased? I would be proud to wear some type of promotional attire to raise awareness of this wonderful program!!!
    Thanks again,
    Love my Flex,
    B. Broome
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

  • I just received my fitbit for the holiday… Although it tells be steps and calories burned, I cannot figure out the caloric intake to enter!! Any help out there? I’m ready to return it!!!! Thank you!!!!

    • If I understand you correctly you need to log what you eat on the fitbit website or a website that links to fitbit. I use to log my food because I was using it for years before I got my fitbit and had so many custom foods already entered. You don’t need to enter your food to use your fitbit so don’t return it. It is such a handly little tool to help you keep moving and set goals to do better every day/month/year.

    • getting the aria scale helps because it provides the program for the calorie(sp?) catalog that will be online. The aria syncs with the fitbit and your computer.
      I think you can still get the info but you just need to hang in there.

    • I keep track of what I eat and I write down what the serving size is and the calories. It’s a bit of work but we’ll worth it. If you are trying to loss weight, on the log in page you can set your weight gaol and they will help you. I’ve been able to lose over 30 lbs with my Fibot One

    • I’m doing all my logs on my smart phone, but you can do it on the computer as well.
      Click on the food plan; after the new window is open, click on the “+” sign in the upper right corner. Type the food you’ve eaten on the “Search entire food data base” bar. After you find your food, select the quantity, and log it.

      Don’t give it up. You’ll get used to it.
      Let me know if you still have problems logging the food

  • Thanks for posting this. I wanted to thank you for offering a preview of the challenges. I find it exciting and motivating and can’t wait to participate online and on Twitter!!!! I’m looking forward to hearing what Dean has to say in week two!!!

  • Good idea but how about for us northern folks with tons of snow to shovel? That is a real workout; unless you happen to have a treadmill you can’t walk outside and you can only walk so many times around the house (or mall if you don’t happen to work full time) so no major steppage happening.

    Can you dream up something possible in suburban snow land?

    Thanks a million – I love my fitbit one and wear it 24/7. All the ladies I work with have joined and all of our steps have dropped with the ice we’ve been having !

  • I love my fitbit. I’d also like to know how others integrate other sports with the fitbit. I like cycling too. So how do you multi-sport people use fitbit to track all your activities?

  • I received a fitbit for Christmas. I am now eating consciously. Drinking more water and moving around more. Set more realistic dietary goals. Love the product.

  • How about a breakdown by ages. I am 73 and know I can’t compete with those younger but would enjoy competing with others around my age.

  • Since my maximum goal this past year has been 1000 steps, I will add 200 steps rather than 2000. That will be extremely challenging for me, as I have not often been able to reach my 1000 steps, but challenges keep me trying.

  • Keep feeding us the tips and motivation ….it is near 5 degrees so those walks that were so much fun a week ago are not so inviting today. Your comments help

  • So, ummm… FITBIT!

    You have a Google+ account. (I have a Google+ account.)
    Why are you limiting participation to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?
    Why not Google+ also?
    Even if participation is less than the others (,although I find that hard to believe), isn’t some participation better than no participation?


  • I love my Fitbit! I changed the battery in it this week. Do I need to reset everything. When it came on, the time was wrong and it already had steps when I had not even attached it to my clothing yet. I miss it!!!
    Happy New Year.

  • Dr. Oz and everyone says do 10,000 steps a day, but what would it be for a 65 year old female in good shape but have had back fusion surgery in the past.

  • I am doing just that I signed my daughter and myself up for an aerial yoga class and I’m scared to death but we’re going to do it. Wish us luck! :-)

  • I am really focusing on movement. My Fitbit has been key in looking at my activity as I THOUGHT I was moving until I had this gadget define what I am really doing. This has definitely been an asset to my mobility.

  • Fitbit helped me to lose 30 pounds in 2013. I am 60 and back to my high school athletic weight. Fitbit is a great motivator and the social network aspect makes it fun. Thank you Fitbit.

  • Been using fitbit zip for about a year now, down 65 lbs. and looking forward to a fit and fabulous 2014. Love my fitbit. It’s the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. Just wish they made a waterproof zip I could wear when I swim.

  • I lost my Fitbit One on 1/1/2013 when taking down Christmas Lights.

    I found my Fitbit One on 1/1/2014 when taking down Christmas Lights.

    My Fitbit One spent exactly one year on my roof and still works perfectly.

    San Pedro, CA


  • Hi fitbit!

    This idea just popped into my head so I thought I’d share because it seems aligned with what you’re doing across different social mediums and your overall brand. What if extreme, non-traditional activities were being tracked with fitbit and then shared with the entire community? I’m very curious of what people are doing that is different and the type of output and data from fitbit.

    For example, on Jan 7th I’m driving down to Florida (2-day drive!) and then running a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and full marathon in 4 consecutive days (~80K total) at Disney World. This is my most extreme activity so far in terms running. I’m obviously curious about the tracking during the races, but the in between events also makes me very curious (love testing and analyzing under different conditions):
    -sitting for 2 days in a car (i.e. no movements, sleeping awkwardly, and lots of snacking)
    -walking around the Disney parks for 10+ hours after running each day (the traditional steps tracking)
    -sleeping pattern (the races begin at 5:30am every morning so I have to wake up at 3:30am! And I can’t imagine leaving the park before they kick us out after Magic hours the night before)
    -eating habits (oh those turkey legs! and oh-so-cute Disney desserts)

    I think it’ll be super cool to have these features on your Facebook, Twitter, fitbit blog, and new community group. I’d love to learn about people’s stories and experiences with fitbit during each inspiring, memorable moments.

    Let me know your thoughts! Would love to continue this conversation:)

  • Hi
    I am first time FBit user. I bought 4 over Xmas – 3 as presents. I gave one to my “breast friend” so that we can support each other. We are both Breast Cancer Survivors. Me – 13 years and that is how I met her, as a Mentor for her when her journey began almost 3 years ago.
    I started Breast Cancer Dragon Boating about 3 years ago and got her involved at the time. She had always been a bit of an extreme sport type – wind surfing being her passion. Me – slug like, much older, very overweight, depressed but always able to devotedly support a Breast Cancer patient through their fight. My husband dragged me out to Dragon Boating when I had finally left work. He had decided if I wouldn’t do anything proactive, then he was going to put me in front of it. The Paddlers of Spirit Abreast took over and for me the rest is history. I have lost 40 lbs, I am 60, just finally decided to have my breast reconstructed; I am the happiest and probably the fittest I have been in 30 years. Both, my friend and I have struggled with the after effects of having to endure the Cancer journey – the chemical, physical and psychological. BUT we never give up. I see Fit Bit as a super way to make some fun out of what it is that we know we need to do year round, not just during Dragon Boating season.
    I see that there is a huge opportunity for FitBit and maybe (I can see some mention of Breast Cancer already) u already are exploring just how big this could be, to engage the Baby Boomers born say 1950 or later. It would be great to have a blog or section devoted to encouraging those of us, who grew up and worked the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and maybe are winding down BUT know that it is never too late to change.
    Please DO NOT MAKE FIT BIT ALL ABOUT rigidity to goals. I see that FUN is going to be a big component. This age group is a large one, or so we keep getting told. And there are more of us coming yet. I encourage you to target a Program message and support Site to this group. I can tell you my personal story but there will be thousands more who can and who will be inspired to use this product, knowing that it will be a real experience, that will be somewhat customized to this particular demographic. It is a bit unfair of me to send this without having scoured your site yet. I am excited about this potential and wanted to share. As an example I haven’t yet figured out how to (if it is possible) for me to change my target steps per day from 10000??
    I have two total knee replacements, osteoarthritis, blah, blah – so for me to start out at 10000 is unrealistic and could be off-putting. So, this is one example of HOW it will be valuable for your product to be relevant to people of all ages, physical abilities etc. As u grow the “who” will be unending. Think about persons with disabilities. Also, consider hooking people up with mentors – usually a mentor, is best to be someone who has had a similar experience.
    OK – I have tons of ideas and could rave on for ever. I am only now beginning to get going, as I have been under the weather. But get going I will. For me, for now. I am going to concentrate on getting my steps up. That is all. I am not going to record food. Knowing my past food illnesses, I know that this will not be a motivating tool for me at this time. Whereas my friend, is all into it. But then she is 14 years younger.
    Enough said. So far, I love what I see. I love that it emails me when the battery is low AND has the instructions to remind me how to recharge (we oldies sometimes need this).
    cheers Jo

    Maybe I will have some ideas for challenges. Either keep them generic across your demographics or create 3 or so, to allow for differences between what your clients are trying to achieve.

  • I’m in! I have lost 120 pounds so far and now 9 of my family members have a fitbit too. We will make this a fitbit family challenge!

  • Love my fitbit 16000 steps today everyone can do it stay motivated you are worth it. I sure know I am. Happy New Year y’all!!!

    • I do most of my waking in the house- I try to do 20,000 a day- more if I can. I put a CD on.i read or listen to the T V

    • That’s when u move around in your home, if you have stairs use them, if not just walk back & forward thought out your dwelling, put it on 1st thing every morning , you will be surprise of how many steps you take before u head out to work, school etc.,,, churchlady~imjusttakincareofme.temple

    • Hi, Lori, we had some really cold weather here, so I did a lot of my steps at work – walking hallways inside. Every couple of hours I would get up and walk around a hallway. Then when I got home, I did the same thing – lots of walking in my house. Truly boring but about all I could do on a cold, windy day. Hope this helps you.

  • Today and tomorrow will be the hardest two days to wiggle in any steps…….. 10,000 be damned!!! I am still going to get 12k!!! I wish I had a Fred Flintstone/ Barney Rubble car!

  • My daughter told me about this and shared your website. She has one and I’m getting mine tomorrow. So excited, hope this gives me what I need to get motivated.

  • I am challenging myself to omit flour, sugar and caffeine. I will also increase the steps and add 3 exercises per week. Would love to have the social support of others. Sounds like fun!

    • Hi. Leslie. I know what you mean. One day I did the 10,000 steps and then the next day I could hardly do 2,000. But for week 1 I did add the 2,000 every day and that was good. I plan to do the maybe a 1,000 more a day this week and build my way up to 10,000.

  • Hello~ I’m also new to the Fitbit Force, received as a Christmas Gift from my Family…. I’m so excited to get back on track, I’m a Lifetimer with Weight Watcher, since 12/06, however with the lifestyle of men-o-pause & my New place of Employment 3/4/13, I’m up 10lbs from my doctors goal of 171, I would like to get back to my goal weight & take off additional 5lbs get back to 164lbs before all this change of life hit me… however I won’t complain I’m Grateful to God, that I here in the begin of 2014 and I will continue to press forward on taking care of this Temple given to me by Him…..I’m Beast Mode ready, if I’m not able to hit the gym on Monday after work because of the Winter Storm heading to KY, I will be heading to my baseball where I have a very nice workout room, that my husband did for me when we completed it years ago. Thanks for allowing me to share..
    churchlady~imjustakincareofme.temple……..Happy New Year

  • I’m in! Now just have to figure out what you mean about using the hashtag? Do we just talk about what we did on those sites and add #Fitbit2014? If so then will do!

  • I was laid off my job last Month, and even then I was usually getting about 8,000 steps. Is this challenge to get 12,000 steps or just 2,000 additional to what I was doing?

    • In addition to what your regular goal is. But it’s just a starting point. You set your own increase, and let us know how you do!

  • 77 years old and the fittest I’ve ever been, walking 10,000 and more steps a day most days . I feel like I can conquer the world!

  • I just LOVE my Fitbit and these challenges will help me “step” it up a notch. Thank you for the challenge incentive.

  • Fitbit’s changing, improving and helping
    me feel better about me. Good choice for my
    own Christmas gift.
    68 yrs old and feeling wonderful!

  • Wk:1 – done!
    Wk2 – something that scares me: I recently bought kangoo jumps and had balance issues but tried using them every day. Today I actually ran a lap as fast as I could. That scared me as I was nervous of having a face plant in front of many people.

  • Working hard at doing my steps averaging 14000 this week had a bad day yesterday only 5000 didn’t feel we’ll. I felt bad not getting my 10000 steps in. Up for a challenge!

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