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Fitbit’s Spring Clean: Hack Your Daylight Saving’s Bonus Hour with Tips from Fitbit Employees

It’s time to hang up your winter coat! We’re sharing 12 healthy “hacks” and articles to help jumpstart new spring routines.


Once that lingering winter weather finally dissipates throughout the country, the extra hour of daylight is prime time for activity and exercise. But here at Fitbit HQ in San Francisco, we’ve been lucky enough to have mild weather throughout March. Many Fitbit employees are already making the most of the daylight saving’s bonus hour.

So we asked a few active Fitbit employees to chime on on how they use the daylight after a day at the office. What did we find? Everything from walking home from work, to disc golf and horse-back riding!

shaun IGShaun, Sales

10K steps per day

At Fitbit, we’re all about finding new and fun ways to reach our step goal. Last year I picked up disc golf as a hobby and have been hooked ever since.  If you’re not familiar, disc golf adopts the rules of regular golf, but instead of a hole, uses a basket with hanging chains to catch a thrown disc. Disc golf courses tend to be more rugged than golf courses, so it’s kind of like playing a game while hiking. Now that daylight savings is upon us, I’m able to leave the office and get in a quick round at the amazing course at Golden Gate Park. On the days that I’m able to hit the course, you can bet that I’m hitting my step goal!

katie IGKatie, QA

14K steps per day

Now that we have an extra hour of sunlight in the evenings, I’ve been taking the opportunity to walk home from the subway station instead of taking the bus.  I know my team appreciates my contribution to our progress in our March company step challenge! The extra daylight also makes it easier to do two of my favorite things after work – horseback riding and running.  I don’t have to hurry to ride before sunset and I can take my running into to the hills and trails while it’s still light out.

emily IGEmily, Support

16K steps per day

It can be a challenge to muster up the motivation for an evening outdoor workout in the dreary winter months. Happily, springtime means that I get an extra hour of daylight. I like to take my time walking home from work, then lace up my sneakers for a five-mile run before supper.  I always give myself kudos if I can manage to drag a friend along with me; running is better with a buddy! On a particularly ambitious evening, I might even cruise up one of San Francisco’s hills for a view of the city at dusk —  it always makes for a satisfying end to my route.

template headshotYanessa, QA

11K steps per day

Recently I average about 11K steps per day. I’ve been using the extra hour of sun to go running along the Embarcadero (the Street that lines the SF Bay) after work.  And soon, I plan to walk the mile back to my apartment, an easy way of getting my 10K step goal. In the winter, it’s difficult — it’s cold and dark by the time I get out of work.

On top of that, I recently started up my patio vegetable garden again, and that means more time out in the evening sun!

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