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#FitbitSummer: 5 Sane Ways to Recover from Vacation

Lauren Slayton is the author of The Little Book of Thin and created the Foodtrainers blog. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and appeared in Allure, In Style, Cooking Light and more. She previously wrote about Tips to Prevent Weight-Gain Weekends.

vacation recovery

I had one of those “What day is today?” moments when I woke up. But then it sunk in. My extended weekend vacation is over, which makes me a little sad. As long as I’m complaining, I’m also tired.

We were in Montreal for the 4th of July. But it’s not always about going away; sometimes relaxing can leave you wanting to relax more. And then there’s that feeling — you know it. “Uh oh, I need to undo what was done this weekend.”

And you don’t need to “do” that much to feel off. We had lots of seafood, green juice and salads. My Fitbit was happy with upwards of 20K steps a day (love that about vacation), but there were plenty of meals out, cocktails and well, here we are. Before you cleanse or “boot camp” yourself, here are five ways to feel better today.


1. Stay Home Tonight (and tomorrow too)
Before we get all technical with the idea of de-bloating, you simply need to spend less time with salt. Takeout and restaurant meals make this impossible. Cooking can mean scrambled eggs or a simple smoothie.

2. Pursue Probiotics
Is your tummy telling you something? Is it distended, maybe a little, um…gassy?
Pop your probiotic and also consider my favorite Sunbiotics nuts (who says atonement needs to be miserable?) or kombucha, or any good old ACV (apple cider vinegar). Do you own it? OK, now go take a teaspoon.

3. Drink Water
Your magic number is 10 cups of water per day. Yes, 10. I like to have a visual, so fill a pitcher and put it on your desk (Tweet me a photo at @Foodtrainers and @Fitbit for extra credit) or be that person who carries a water bottle with you for the entire day. If you’re thinking you need something more than just water, try this:

Tea (from the Little Book of Thin)
Ingredients are for 1 cup. Increase accordingly if you’re making a pitcher.

  • 1 tbsp minced parsley and stems
  • ½ tsp fennel seeds
  • 2-3 slivers fresh ginger or fresh turmeric

Cover these ingredients with hot water, steep 10 minutes. Chill to make iced version.

4. Consider Quinoa (or consider grainlessness)
Quinoa has potassium, which helps you lose some of that sodium. So ½ cup of quinoa is “kosher for debloating” but bread (sprouted or not), rice, cereal (a whole other conversation) or corn are not for today.

5. Make it a Green Day
Try this: add something green to all meals and snacks today. Green juices, dark green salads, crudité — you remember green, right?

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  • I still love Fit Bit. I will return after the knee is replaced. They are trying other things until the insurance is approved.

  • I’ve never visited your blog before, but I am a retired OB/GYN physician who spent a lot of time educating my patients about diet, exercise, supplements, and healthy lifestyles. Your suggestions for recovering from vacation, and also your recipe for the salad wraps were right on target as far as I’m concerned! Thank you for your efforts to keep us healthier!
    Dr Pam

  • I left my fitbit at home during my vacation however, I brought my cell phone with me my whole trip and I have my steps logged on my walkdroid. I want to know is there a way I can manually input my steps or miles?

  • My name is Linda. Freinds call me Lee. I am ca car free but I had an hysterectomy due to cancer. I love my fit bit and would like some recipes if possible. I am always since surgery in very bloated. I have gained about 30 ponds. Iq a. Insulin resistant and watch my carb count at about 150 Carbs a day. I have tried Ascai Berry cleanse and now trying probotics. There is only one person in Buffalo Ny I know who haz a fitbit. Her name is Marylou is there a way to find out if she would partner with me?

    Thanks in advance Lee

  • im from the buffalo area just came back from vacation and feeling bloated, well honestly i felt that way before vacation but more now so if you still want to partner up sometime let me know!!

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