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#FitbitSummer: HIIT the Court with This 15-Minute High-Intensity Workout

This summer, we’ll be featuring tips, exercises and workout routines encouraging you to get outside and get fit in the summer sun!


Stuck in a workout rut? Repeating the same workout every day is great for launching a fitness habit and keeping it going, but every once a while (three weeks to be exact) it’s good to mix things up so you don’t get bored or plateau.

So we’re working with endurance expert Jenn Pattee of San Francisco to help you see your fitness in a new light and find inspiration outdoors all summer long, no matter where you are.

Jenn will sjenn pattee bio pichow you how to get healthy, strong, and toned in every muscle of your body using what’s around you at the local park, beach, rec center, trailhead, track, or basketball court—no gym or fancy equipment necessary. This tennis-inspired workout below is ideal on its own or as a fast-paced interlude in conjunction with a 20-30 minute jog around the block (Don’t have access to a tennis court? No worries! You can do the same workout on a basketball court or any flat surface with lines. Or make your own with chalk or use cones to designate your lines.).

The structure is simple, just use the lines on the tennis court as targets for short sprints (also known as “suicides”). In between sprints, an easy circuit of planks, squats, and push-ups provides an “active recovery” while targeting most major muscle groups in your body.

Make sure to prep your body for sprinting before starting your workout by following Jenn’s dynamic warmup for quads, hamstrings, psoas, and Achilles muscles.


1. Jog around periphery of tennis court for 1 minute, then standing on the starting line, jog to the net and back with high knees.
2. Do butt kicks to net and back, then Toy soldiers to net and back (this is a dynamic hamstring stretch, extend left arm while kicking right foot up to meet left hand. Continue walking forward while alternating toe-to-hand touches.)
3. Do kunges to net and back (for tips on how to lunge properly, watch this), then follow with 30 seconds air squats.
4. Finish with 30 seconds of mountain climbers, then 30 seconds of burpees.



1. Start at the outer bounding box of the tennis court. Sprint to the first line you see.
2. Turn and sprint back to starting line, touch line.
3. Turn and sprint to net.
4. Touch net, turn, sprint to first line you see.
5. Touch line, turn, sprint back to net.
6. Touch net, turn, sprint back to starting line.
7. Turn and sprint to first line you see. Touch line.
8. Turn and sprint back to starting line. Rest 10 seconds.


Resistance Training / Active Recovery:
1. At the starting line, hold plank on elbows, 15-20 seconds.
2. Air squats, 15-20 seconds
3. 10 Pushups

Repeat Sprints (2nd time)

Resistance Training / Active Recovery:
1. Hold static side plank, left side. 10 seconds. Switch sides.
2. Air squats, 15-20 seconds
3. 15 Pushups

Repeat Sprints (3rd time)

Resistance Training / Active Recovery:
1. Hold side plank, left side, adding hip dip: Touch ground with left hip 10x. Switch sides and repeat hip dips 10x.
2. Air squats, 15-20 seconds
3. 20 Pushups

If you are a beginner, end workout here. If you are intermediate, add 2 more sets of sprints and resistance training / active recovery for a total of 5 sprints, 5 sets of active recovery. If you are advanced, do entire workout two times for a total of 6 sprints, 6 sets of active recovery. Do 20 reps of pushups each time.

Jenn Pattee is a competitive ultrarunner, outdoor fitness maven and relentless pursuer of playtime. She founded San Francisco’s Basic Training in 2008. Every morning and evening, she and her team of instructors take groups of dedicated amateur athletes through scenic trail runs and innovative cross-training routines designed to increase endurance, flexibility, core strength and speed.

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