10 New Ways to Find Your Fitness Inspiration

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OK it’s here. Fall that is. And poor fall—it’s met with so much dread and disappointment of summer’s end. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fall brings new challenges and inspiration. And when it comes to making progress with your fall fitness, routine is best. If you’re still not convinced and need a little extra motivation, here are 10 great “fallspiration” tips to keep you going right up to winter.

  1. Hoola hoops aren’t just for kid. Believe it or not, there’s a big movement of integrating play into your activities. After all, working out should be fun. So we keep our Canyon Hoop in the office, and we even got our doorman to give it a whirl (or a twirl). Bonus: they’re weighted and great for your core.
  1. Exercise whenever you can fit in it. We love goal setting at Foodtrainers. That’s probably why we love our Fitbits so much. You’ve surely heard of 30 day fitness challenges. We’re doing the pushup challenge for September; and it’s a hard one. Last week we were on our way back from the Natural Products Expo East (over 8,000 Fitbit steps walked during the conference) and we realized we hadn’t done our 28 pushups for the day. So yes, that was us doing pushups on the Amtrak train. These types of fun daily challenges take very little time each day and are incredibly rewarding.
  1. Try destination races. In our office, there’s training going on for the Philly Marathon and the Big Sur half. If you tend to hibernate when the weather is cooler, put a race on the calendar. Or if that sounds worse than winter, try a yoga or meditation retreat.

  1. Experiment with online classes. No need to drive to spin class when spin class can come to you. Have you heard of these? Brands like Peloton have taken the ho-hum stationary bike to new levels, and streaming spin/exercise classes are easily accessibly via laptop/smartphone/streaming device of choice. So you can compete in a spin class without ever leaving your house. Too bad I already own a stationary bike (the boring variety). So I’ll have to pine for this.
  1. Stand up. Turns out REM was right. At the risk of dating myself, you remember the song lyric, “Stand in the place where you are,” right? If you’re sitting at your desk reading this, stand up. And stay there. Standing versus sitting burns an additional 50 calories an hour and has even been referred to as the new anti-aging technique. At home, prop your laptop on a kitchen island/counter, and if you don’t have a standing station at work, check out one of these easy mods. Take phone calls standing up, and pace around while you’re talking for extra credit.
  1. Try a Megaformer workout. If the Peloton took stationary bikes to a new level, the Megaformer does the same for Pilates. These new studios are popping up in major cities and are rethinking Pilates, core and strength training. But don’t go in thinking, “I’m pretty fit, it will not be that hard.” This was one of the toughest classes I have experienced, so go in prepared and open-minded.
  1. Mix up your playlist. Even your favorite songs don’t motivate you after the thousandth time you hear them. Time to discover new music. Or have you tried running or walking to an audiobook? Often the original authors read their own book. Billy Crystal, Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler recordings are among my favorites. When you’re laughing, the miles have a way of flying by.
  1. Set a weight goal. Summer is all about loosey-goosey, which is fun until your white jeans are the new tighty whiteys. Time to face the music (or in this case, the numbers). Get yourself a Fitbit Aria and set a goal with your scale. This is one of the best ways to stay on track as we roll into the holiday season.
  1. Find Instagram inspiration. OK, so Tweeting and instagramming isn’t technically going to make you fitter. But it will keep you in the loop about new and inspiring workouts. Add a handful of fitness bloggers or exercise studios to your feed, check in daily/weekly, and then add new routines to your schedule.
  1. And finally, applaud yourself. That feeling when your Fitbit tells you you’re an overachiever? It’s great. So take pride in that and feel good about the progress you’re made. If you switch up your fitness routine or set/reach a new goal, I want you to unearth your inner cheerleader. A little positive reinforcement goes a long way. Say it with me: “You’re amazing.

If you try any of these suggestions, post a pic with @Fitbit and @Foodtrainers using the hashtag #FitFall See? Fall will be fun.

Lauren headshot smallLauren Slayton is the author of The Little Book of Thin and created the Foodtrainers blog. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and appeared in Allure, In Style, Cooking Light and more. She previously wrote about staying cool during outdoor workouts.

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