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Fitness Challenges In the Office

This past Saturday morning, I found myself on the road going for a run.  Actually it was more of a walk/run.  Or maybe a walk/run/walk. I’ve always been big proponent of fitness, but before working at Fitbit I had found myself in a little downward spiral of inactivity. I would read articles about getting fit and talk about fitness trends and studies for hours with friends, but at the same time I would tell myself to postpone working out for another day, or that I needed to rest and relax from a tough work week — and I slowly became less fit (and chubbier).

Here at the Fitbit Offices, it’s hard to avoid being motivated to be active every day. In fact, this past weekend I got a big dose of motivation in the shape of a contest our CEO posed to a bunch of us late Friday night: walk 20,000 steps in one day that weekend. The consequences of the bet were quickly flushed out. There weren’t rewards for the highest steps; it was simply whoever didn’t hit 20,000 steps on Saturday or Sunday had to write an email to the rest of the company, declaring their shame in not living up to Fitbit love. We discussed quickly the exceptions to the bet (what if we broke our legs?); in the end, we all agreed.

So there I was on Saturday morning, walking/running/walking.  And there I was, on Saturday afternoon, walking to the grocery store.  And there I was Saturday evening, hitting all the errands I was postponing to get those steps. And at my friend’s dinner, I was very eager to jump up and help out just to get a few more steps. We were all texting each other our progress and it came right down to the wire. But I made it! Whew.

Apparently the CEO was walking around late Saturday night to get the last 2,000 steps before midnight, much to the amusement of his wife. A bet is a bet.

Have you guys ever participated in a stepping contest?  Let us know all about it by emailing us at

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  • Not yet but I would love our company to do one! It would be great to split into teams and see who gets the most steps in real time! This is wear an API and developer could help. I think you could sell many more in the market place.

  • I have MS and Stage 4 cancer but I do own a fitbit for about 2 years. You don’t have to be in an office, group of friends with fitbits or healthgroups at gyms. They give good support and help each other when they get down. If you don’t have a fitbit you can order it online or buy it at Best Buy. I was thrilled to see it out on the market!!! Make your own group. I step maybe not as much as others but I get that drive on most days when not having a hard MS day.

  • Thank you for sharing, that sounds like a lot of fun. My organization is currently using fitbits for a walking challenge and we’re all hooked. It’s funny what we come up with for those “last steps”. Personally, I like dancing while getting ready in the morning.

  • I have been a member of the “Active with Fitbit” forum, during our threads in August; we decided to create a “Game On” challenge to all active members to set a Steps Goal for the month of September. Everyone who wished to participate set their own Goal for Number of Steps they wanted to try achieve for the month of September. Run from my genes (our leader) motivated us with her comments: Come On – What do you have to lose?? (Weight of Course!!) What do you have to gain?? (Satisfaction that you did it!!)

    Our forum cheered each other on all month long, Len opened each day with his motivational words and what he accomplished the day before. I personally set a goal of achieving 1,000,000 steps during the month of September. Each day I proudly posted my steps and my month to date total. At the end of the month, I surpassed myoriginal goal with a total of 1,150,083 steps. Everyone who participated was a winner.

    Since then we have created other challenges to motivate ourselves; increased our Very Active Minutes for October and November we are increasing our Calories Burned each day.
    There have been many evenings after I synced my Fitbit that I needed to step more or do something to increase my very active minutes, but I love the challenge!

    Fitbit helps us Keep Moving in Many Different Ways!!

  • Cute. Sounds like a fun contest. Looks like you had to help out a friend more to get your steps in. Help is always a good motivator that comes with it’s own reward. A nice smile from a friend.

  • Our company is planning to organize a walking challenge next month for all of our employees. Walking 10,000 steps a day will get us entered into a raffle for fitness related prizes.

  • So far this year, we’ve completed 2 FitBit office challenges and just started our 3rd.

    The first was a contest to see who could win 4 various categories: steps, distance, active score and very active score on our community page. The winner of each category would win a $25 giftcard to a local restaurant.

    The second was a stepping contest that lasted 14 weeks in the summer with the winner being the individual that logged the most steps during that time (we used a seperate tracker on Microsoft Excel). The winner accumulated 1.27 million steps (her average was ~13,000 steps a day!)

    Our current competition is a team challenge. We had a “draft” and team captains chose 6 people each to be on their teams (we all had a good idea who would bring what to the table) and we’re tracking 3 categories each week: steps, flights of stairs, and very active minutes. Basically, a team can win a point for each category they win each week (so 3 points are up for grabs each week total). Whichever team has the most points at the end will get the prize money (we all threw in an initial buy-in and the team that accumulates the least points each week has to throw in more $).

    So far, this recent one has really brought our office together and energized everyone. It’s been great!

  • My company does a new challenge every other month as part of our Wellness Program. In January we had four teams of 20 people and each team was coached by one of our Senior Staff members and the challenge was the team with the most accumulated steps would win and each member in that team got a $20 gift card. Our next challenge was to use the same teams, but to see which team had the most overall improvement from the last challenge, percentage wise (prize was the same). Our third challenge was for individuals to get in at least 10,000 steps per day and at the end of the month (May) those who reached their goal of 300,000 steps or more got a $20 gift card (we had 20 winners), those with over 250,00 steps got a $15 gift card (we had 9) and those who got 200,00 – 249,000 steps received a $10 gift card (we had 18). We are looking for ideas for our next team challenge in July.

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