A New Champion Has Been Crowned: Check Out 2017’s Fittest Cities!

Fitbit's Fittest Cities in America 2017

It’s back! Fitbit’s rankings of the Fittest Cities in America and your chance to earn some much-deserved bragging rights.

Once again, Fitbit researchers looked at data* from over 10 million Fitbit users nationwide, taking into account the following metrics:

  • Duration of sleep per night
  • Daily Reminders to Move goals met
  • Daily steps
  • Daily active minutes
  • Resting heart rate

The results? Well, let’s just say, history didn’t repeat itself. See which city’s residents stepped it up—literally and figuratively—this year.

The Overall Fittest Cities in America

Fitbit's Overall Fittest Cities in America

High-five to the Mid-West: Minnesota put two cities in the top 10 (with Duluth taking this year’s top spot), while Wisconsin represented with three cities in the top 10 (Appleton, Eau Claire, and last-year’s winner, Madison, which fell to sixth place).

The title of overall Fittest City in America is based on average rates for duration of sleep, Reminders to Move goals met, daily steps, daily active minutes, and resting heart rate.*

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Top Snoozers

Fitbit's Fittest Cities in America for Sleep

Fitbit users in Eau Claire, Wisconsin catch the most Zzzs, with an average duration of 7 hours, 6 minutes and 43 seconds per night. Rounding out the top 10 were 6) Billings, Montana, 7) Boulder, Colorado, 8) Athens, Georgia, 9) Madison, Wisconsin and 10) Boise, Idaho.

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Top Steppers

Fitbit's Fittest Cities in America for Steps

When it comes to steps, the Mid-West wins again! Fitbit users in Appleton, Wisconsin are the highest steppers, averaging 8,208 a day, and Green Bay, Wisconsin took the second slot. Two cities in Minnesota also made the top 10: Duluth, No. 3, and Rochester, No. 8.

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Top Movers

Fitbit's Fittest Cities in America for Active Minutes

Staying true to their health-conscious reputation, Fitbit users in Boulder, Colorado represented the city with the most active minutes, with an average of 21.8 minutes per day. But the accolades were also shared east to west: Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon and California each had one city crack the top 10 list.

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*The 2017 Fittest Cities in America ranking is based on a representative sampling of aggregated and anonymized average 2016 data from more than 10 million Fitbit users nationwide.

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