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Food Goal Update: Meet Food Plan!

After our release of Food Goal, we got a lot of great feedback and suggestions from our Fitbit fans about it. We’re excited to announce our answer to those suggestions with a large update to Food Goal. In fact, we’ve changed so much that we completely renamed it to Food Plan.

What’s changed? Quite a lot, actually, though the Food Plan has kept the same general look and feel as it had before. Everything that was in Food Goal is still available, like the gauge to show whether or not you’re in the “calorie zone”. But now, we’re providing a lot more information right at your fingertips, and the Food Plan has become even better at helping you manage your calorie intake each day.

Smarter calorie estimates: Your Food Plan sets each day based on your historic activity levels. It will calculate how many calories you burn each day on average, and base your suggested calorie intake on this. As you wear and sync your Tracker throughout the day, your Food Plan adjusts dynamically based on whether you’re exercising more or less than that average, so that your goal remains as accurate as possible. And as your activity trends change over time, your Food Plan’s starting estimate will adjust to your new activity levels as well.

Calories in vs calories out: Additionally, many of you wanted a way to judge how well you were doing at any one point of the day. You can now view your total calories burned compared to your total ca lories eaten, and see whether or not you are currently within your plan’s deficit goal zone. So if you’ve just logged your lunch and wonder how you’re doing for the day so far, you can see how your total calories burned so far for the day measure up against the total calories you’ve eaten. There’s no more guessing if you’re behind or on track so far for the day. With this meter, it’s always clear where you stand.

Tips and Tricks: To get the most out of your Food Plan, make sure to log your food throughout the day. You can do this on the go through your smartphone on our apps, or by visiting our mobile website.

Overall, we’ve tried to make changes that provide you with the information you need to make smart, healthy decisions and be better prepared to achieve your goals. We hope you enjoy the Food Plan, and welcome any feedback you might have. “Like” us on Facebook to join the conversation there.

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  • Is there any plan to allow underweight users to use this application to gain weight to a healthy mass? I am several tens of pounds underweight and when I input my goal to a higher weight, it tells me my plan is to “maintain my weight” which I do not want.

    Thanks! Great app, hope to see this in a future update!

  • With this new food tracker, is it best to just start using this and stop using myfitnesspal? I feel that MFP does not talk that well w/ FITBIT. It just shows up like lunch/dinner but not in detail.

  • Great!!! Will the app for iPhone be updated to reflect these changes as well? It would be nice to have this information at my fingertips on my phone – especially the meter for Calories in Vs. Calories out – without having to log in to see it on the website during the day. I just checked the app store and it doesn’t look like there are any updates. I checked the app and there is no change. Help?

  • Funny that I just saw this blog post right after sending you a support related question/feedback email regarding synchronizing throughout the day…

    The “Food Plan” is awesome and makes perfect sense to see “calories in” vs. “calories out” – but sadly I have only one synchronizing docking station, and it’s a home (while I’m not…)

    In any case, I’m sure you’ll keep coming up with new developments and improvements, helping us all meet our goal to stay healthy & fit. Thanx!

  • I have been using my fitbit since last summer and I notice that you are now running ads in Sparkpeople. Any chance that you will be linking up with Sparkpeople and allow for the importing of food data from there into FitBit? I have been using Sparkpeople for 5 years and I don’t want to have to redo everything I spent the time building in SP in FitBit.

  • @ David

    You should make an appointment to see a nutritionist who can advise which food types and quantities you should be eating.

  • Since you have how many calories are burned on the dashboard, I think it would be great if your calories consumed would be on the dashboard also.

  • This looks like a perfect match to the MyFitnessPal app. You’ve got the exercise part well covered, they have the food part well covered. Any plans to work a combined product?

  • I wish grams of fat & sugar showed up on the dashboard. I love all the other features & I am totally addicted to my FitBit!!

  • Including sugar grams on the dashboard would be such an excellent update! I need to track daily and, at this time, have to go into each food item and add everything up OR use a supplemental food diary to track, which means double entries. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!


  • @ Chris
    I have the same problem as David, being underweight, and I was wondering if Fitbit will allow weight gain plans in the future. If not, is there a reason for this?

  • I was wondering how to see your sugar intake through your food log? I know there is the glucose but I am more just wanting to see how many grams of sugar I am intaking when I log my food and look at the nutritional data.

  • I love all the info I get from the Fitbit App from entering the food I eat every day. It is very enlightening to see the composition of where I get my calories from – Carbs 55%, Fats 35% and Protein 10%. This is not a good mix, I should be getting no more than 25% from Fat and 10-35% from Protein. It would be great if Fitbit provided this base line kind of data and even better if I could export my details to be better able to analyze what I am eating.

    Fitbit – is there any chance you might provide more tools for analyzing the data that I enter? If not I will have to find another app to analyze my food consumption.

  • As a type 2 diabetic it is imperative that I control and track sugar intake. Please update as soon as you can. You can see how overwhelming in favor of tracking sugar your public is. You don’t want to lose us all to “Lose it”. KHG

  • I love my new fitbit HR! I do however wish it gave you a list of nutritional requirements for the day, so I could tell if I had enough protein or vitamin C etc.

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