Get Moving with Julianne Hough’s Swimsuit Selection Tips

2016-06-16_FashionMeetsFitness_Blog_730x485I’m all about style, but I have to be honest here, you guys—fashion isn’t always the first thing I think about when choosing what to wear to the beach or pool. Yes, I want to look good in a swimsuit. But I also don’t just want to sit on a lounge chair. I want to play volleyball, run in the surf, and do a few cartwheels in the sand! So here’s what I look for in a bathing suit when my goal is to get goofy with my friends, and rack up steps and active minutes with my Fitbit Alta:

One Piece Styles

These deceivingly simple suits are a triple threat—they offer great coverage, they move with you, and, if you opt for one with cut outs, they can be more chic than a bikini. To get the best fit, be sure to move around in the fitting room before you buy—the last thing you want is the sides riding up uncomfortably when you’re running to catch a frisbee, or coming out of the water after nailing a back dive.

Halter Tops

I don’t always wear a halter-style bikini top, but I have noticed that I’m game for more activities when I do. These tops give you a great shape and keep everything in place when you’re diving for a volleyball or chasing after your fur babies. (Harley and Lexi love running in the sand!)  

Bold patterns and colors

OK, this isn’t exactly a swimsuit feature that helps me move, but there’s just something fun about mixing and matching pieces from different bikinis to create different beach looks. Try pairing a striped bottom with a polka dot-print top—you’ll want to get up, jump around and show off how cute you look! Bonus: Going with a brand that lets you mix and match pieces almost guarantees you’ll get the perfect size for you.

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