Make 2018 Your Year of Body Confidence: Here’s How

Let’s face it: we live in a body-obsessed culture. On one hand, extreme thinness has been a beauty trend for decades, and it sometimes seems like long, lean limbs will never go out of style. On the flip side, there’s been a lot more inclusion of curvy girls in the industry lately, and the bit of diversity is long overdue. But my concern is that some of these curvier images we’re celebrating aren’t setting a realistic or attainable ideal for everyone either.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for women doing what they need to do to feel confident in their appearance. But things get tricky when that confidence is wrapped up in society’s definition of what’s beautiful. After all, that definition is a moving target, so can we ever really achieve “perfection”?

In a word: no! So instead of striving for a constantly-changing goal, I think it’s time we all take a hard look at our individual relationships with ourselves rather than trying to change our bodies to appeal to others or fit the “look” of the moment.

My Body Confidence Journey

I originally got involved in sports because they gave me a tribe and a place to fit in—not to mention, they’re a lot of fun! I was six-feet-tall at 12 years-old, and I reached my full-grown height of 6’3” by age 15. Needless to say, I didn’t fit in, and I didn’t see anyone with my physique gracing the pages of Vogue. The combination of entering the sports world and being a “big” girl created a perfect storm; a storm that could’ve either kicked my butt or pushed me to re-think my idea of beauty and body confidence.

I chose the latter. Instead of agonizing over the question, “How do I look in these jeans?,” I started asking myself, “What can this body do? How high can it jump? How hard can it hit that white ball? What kind of adventures can it take me on?” I realized that I inhabit my body, but I am not defined by my body. My body is my avatar for this journey called life and a miracle machine that does awe-inspiring processes.  

If I really stop and think about what the human body accomplishes each day, I get flashes of amazement. And don’t even get me started on the mind-blowing experience of having my daughters!

Make 2018 Your Body Confidence Year

All I’m trying to say is that as we plow through our days, judging ourselves and how we look, or struggling to lose that last ten pounds or achieve a flatter tummy, maybe we could give ourselves a break and look at our whole selves. That idea of embracing all parts of who we are is the reason every great guru or expert discusses mind, body, and spirit—each one of us is made up of so much more than a “bikini body” (whatever that means).  

Do I catch myself acting vain sometimes? Sure. But having a deep, forgiving, and compassionate relationship with my whole self helps liberate me from being ruled by my looks, my age (which I can’t control), or what others think about my body.

And reader, you are a beautiful spirit and a badass machine too, so don’t you ever forget it.

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  • This couldn’t be a better time to be reminded that we’re are all bada$$es. Especially during the holidays, when getting a workout in isn’t an easy task (and that is what usually raises my self confidence). Thank you!

  • Hi Gabrielle
    wow, I like the others are damn please to have read this article and man we all need to hear and remind ourselves, I know I sure do. Keep this kind of thing going its brilliant


  • Thanks for inspiring me to look at and ask that fundamental question: What can this body do? rather than: How does this body look? Such a simple but absolutely profound shift in thinking that’s easy to bear in mind like a mantra.

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