Harley Pasternak’s Tips for Mixing Up Your Fitness Routine

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In every season, it’s great to work on creating healthy habits that stick! The thing to be careful about with habits, however, is to make sure your new routine doesn’t become boring over time. To help you shake things up and keep things fun, here are some tips for mixing up your workout.

1. Choose some fun tunes

Music can help motivate you to push yourself further with your workouts. Put together a high-energy playlist that you know will help get you pumped. Or, if you already have a playlist you’ve been using, mix it up! You’ll know by now what works for you and what doesn’t.

2. Get some new gear

Whether you’re vying to upgrade your Fitbit or your fitness wardrobe could use an update, allow yourself to get something new. A new look can help you feel like it’s a new workout, too.

3. Mix up your reps

If you’re used to doing the same number of sets and reps, try switching them to be different each week. Try to push yourself to do 5 more reps each week until you get to 30, then change it week to week while altering the number of sets or resistance. So try increasing your sets while decreasing your resistance, then increase your resistance again and decrease your sets.

4. Try new moves

You may also be used to doing the same exercises week after week, whether you’re sticking to lunges and squats or you’re hitting up the same cardio machine. Try finding new exercises that focus on the same muscles and changing which ones you do each workout.

5. Get some caffeine

When I was working as a nutrition scientist for the military, I found that having some caffeine – be it espresso, coffee, or tea – before you work out will give you more endurance and keep you alert. Just remember that moderation is key: stick to one drink before your workout so you don’t overdo it.

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