The Benefits of Training in Targeted Zones

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Your heart rate provides a window into your workout. The number of times your heart beats per minute (bpm) indicates your exercise intensity.

Smartwatches and trackers make it easy to monitor your heart rate. Such wearable devices can also determine your target heart rate zones for exercise. These are derived using a calculation such as the Karvonen formula (also called the heart rate reserve method), which takes both your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate into consideration. Learn more about heart rate zones.

These personal “target zones” facilitate heart rate zone training. By quantifying your exercise intensity, you can get the most out of your workout. (Fitbit’s note: The Active Zone Minutes feature gives you personal target heart rate zones. Learn more about Active Zone Minutes.)

For example, depending on your goals—increasing endurance, say, or burning fat for weight management—you would adjust your exercise intensity up or down. Since your wearable device tells you when you’re in your “cardio zone” or “fat-burning zone,” it makes heart rate zone training easy to try for beginners. 

Specific goals aside, target heart rate zones can help you reach more general physical activity goals. Experts recommend 150+ minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise (think fat-burning zone) or 75+ minutes per week of vigorous exercise (with your heart rate in the cardio zone). 

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