Here’s Why Harrison Barnes Always Gets in his Steps Before Sitting Down to Play

nba_2k17_hbarnesYes, reaching that 10,000-steps-a-day goal is good for your overall health, but Dallas Mavericks forward and Fitbit ambassador Harrison Barnes has another reason to make sure his dashboard goes green: He wants a gaming boost!

Turns out NBA 2K17, a top-rated NBA video game simulation series and one of Barnes’ favorites, now rewards Fitbit users who hit 10,000 steps in a day with a +5 boost to all MyPLAYER attributes to improve your skills on the virtual court. “I think this partnership is genius,” says Barnes. “I’m an avid 2K player—I usually play everyday after practice, and I wear my Fitbit Blaze daily, so it’s an extra incentive for me to hit my step target because now I can get a gaming edge,” says Barnes.

The enhancement temporarily gives your MyPLAYER a significant advantage for the next two games you play on the day you meet your 10,000 step goal. The boost will affect all of your MyPLAYER attribute categories, including Agility, Layups and Dunks, Shooting off Dribble, and more.

“When you’re playing 2K, and you go to the park and you’re playing these guys, if you don’t have a crazy dunk pass package, crazy shooting ability, you just get dominated out there,” says Barnes. “Before you had to shell out money for your MyPLAYER to get better, but now you can go and exercise, get your steps in, and it will give your MyPLAYER that boost that will allow you to be more competitive in the game,” he adds.

Before you think you can score those steps, get your MyPlayer boost, and beat Harrison Barnes in the NBA 2K17 park, you might want to plan on hitting that 10,000 daily step goal everyday for, well, forever. “There are quite a few people who could beat me in a physical step challenge, but in terms of beating me in 2K it’s going to be slim to none.” says Barnes, “People are going to have to start cranking out their 10,000 steps a day and play more NBA 2K17 to even think about that.”

Hey gamers, that sounds like a challenge! Need a real-life boost to get those 10,000 steps—or more? Barnes likes to set smaller step goals throughout the day, that build up to his bigger one. If you have a Fitbit Flex 2, Alta, Charge 2, or Blaze, you can rely on Reminders to Move to give you a nudge every hour to get moving. Or you can create your own “get up and go” reminder by setting a silent alarm in the Fitbit app.

NBA 2K17 is available in both digital and physical formats on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 system and Windows PC platforms. The integration between NBA 2K17 and Fitbit will be enabled for all users November 25, 2016. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Mild Language.

More ways to reach your step goal:


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