6 Ways to Get Back On Track After Overindulging

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Between holiday meals, parties, and bad weather, it’s easy to fall off the healthy-living wagon. While a little indulging every now and again won’t make or break you diet, you can usually tell when you’ve gone a little overboard.

If you monopolized the cookies or hit the eggnog a little hard, it’s not too late to get back on track. Here are 6 things to focus on this week to help you start 2015 on the right foot:

1. Hydrate!

We can never talk about water enough. Whether you need to re-hydrate after a night with too much champagne, or you’ve just been eating a lot of sodium, drinking water will help get you back at a good starting point. You don’t need to guzzle it, but try having a glass when you wake up, before each meal and snack, and before you go to bed.

2. Redefine your goals

If you’re planning to start a new workout regimen, or are just picking things back up after a slow season, now is a great time to take a look at what your goals are and reset them if needed. Last year we talked about how setting smaller goals can be more achievable, so maybe think about where you’d like to be in three months rather than six and start from there. And your Fitbit goals count too! You can set a weight goal or step goals from the tiles on your Fitbit Dashboard.

3. Stock your fridge with healthy foods

Stock up on fruits, veggies, eggs, beans, and other healthy foods you love to reduce the temptation to keep indulging. It’s much easier to cut back on sugar when there isn’t any sugar on hand to quench a craving. Try and eat light for a few days after indulging as well, or at least the first day after, to kick-start your recovery.

4. Get moving

Maybe you’re not up for it today, but get back into your desired workout routine as quickly as possible. It’s easy to say “tomorrow,” so don’t let that happen! You can even start with some of our workout moves. If you’ve taken a break from exercise, you may not be able to run as far or lift as much as before, so make sure you’re careful about finding your limits and working your way back to where you were before so that you don’t injure yourself (which could set you back even longer).

5. Get enough sleep

If you were one of the people who stayed up late  last night, maybe this will be an easy one for you tonight. But sleep is an important part of weight loss, so make sure you’re getting plenty! And who knows, maybe if you can train yourself to go to bed earlier, you can become someone who’s out pounding the pavement at 6 AM.

6. Reward yourself

Maybe not with a night of partying, but find small ways to reward the healthier you to keep yourself motivated. Whether it’s with a new workout top, a nice (but healthy!) meal, or even just treating yourself to a post-workout smoothie, find something you’ll enjoy working towards.

Grab your water bottle and get going! And let us know: what will you accomplish in the new year?

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