How Runway Model Hilary Rhoda Uses Her Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit Celebrity Challenges: Hilary Rhoda vs Erin Heatherton

This week, runway titans Hilary Rhoda and Erin Heatherton are facing off in an epic Celebrity Challenge—the first in a series of challenges to come! Both models are competing to see who can take the most steps in five days, and right now #TeamRhoda is in the lead.

In between her busy schedule, Hilary sat down to answer some questions about how she stays fit and uses her Fitbit tracker.

How does your Fitbit tracker help you stay in shape?

“I love being able to see my heart rate when I’m working out. Normally if I feel tired I will stop for a minute, but now if I see my heart rate isn’t high I will say, “Ok, you’re not that tired!” and keep going, and that pushes me to get a better workout.”

What do you do throughout the day to get in extra exercise?

“I love walking in New York City. I don’t take the subway – I either walk or ride my bike. In the winter it’s too cold to bike, so I get a lot of walking in throughout the day just by running errands or walking to work or the gym. I also definitely take the stairs instead of elevator, and if it’s an escalator, I will walk up those, too! Paying attention to posture while you’re walking is also important; I make sure I am keeping my core tight, walking briskly, with my back upright and shoulders back, and I think that helps.”


How do you fit in extra exercise throughout the day? Join the conversation below. And follow along with this week’s challenge.

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