How to Organize Your Workweek Like a Boss

workweek_blogIf you’re like most workers, chances are there are certain days when you feel more productive and certain days when, well, you don’t. Now the question is, what do you do about those times when you have a case of the Mondays or a lazy Friday? The trick is to plan ahead so you can optimize the time when you’re feeling most productive and make the most of the time when your mind needs to recharge.

Amy McDonough, vice president and general manager of Fitbit Group Health, recently began scheduling “Make Time” in her calendar, after reading an article in Fast Company that explains how one executive at Google approaches scheduling. Make Time is essentially what it sounds like—you allot uninterrupted time to simply make, do, or create something for the projects you have at-hand. McDonough follows a similar style when scheduling her week, and encourages her employees to do the same.

Monday: Schedule low-demand tasks like setting goals, organizing, and planning since you’re in recovery mode from the weekend.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Take on your most difficult challenges, write, brainstorm, and schedule your “Make Time” since your energy is at its peak. In fact, one 2014 survey conducted by Accountemps of HR managers found that these are the most productive days of the week.

Thursday: As your energy begins to dwindle, take this time to schedule meetings to work with others and make decisions together.

Friday: TGIF. Work energy is at a low and you are ready for the weekend. Use this as an opportunity to do open-ended work, plan for the week ahead, and build relationships. A coffee break or walk with a coworker is a great way to connect with others, recharge, and get in some extra steps.

The best time to have meetings is a biggie too. Monday morning meetings, for example, are a staple at many companies, but realistically it’s not the most productive time to huddle up. According to the online schedule service,, it’s better to hold meetings on Tuesdays later in the afternoon. This will give employees plenty of time to settle into the week and come to their meeting prepared and alert.

Of course, the timing of every meeting isn’t always in your control. But for the ones that are, think about which day and time your attendees will feel the most energized and ready to collaborate. Also recognize when you feel the most alert and creative and try to save that time for your personal Make Time, where you put your head down and get cracking on your to-do list.


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  • This is a great article that I for one am going to be looking more into. It sounds like common sense however when you stop to think about it you do schedule most task on Monday to start your week. Well done. You have given me something different to think about.

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