Introducing Fitbit Flex 2, the Fitness Tracker that Fits Your Life

2016-08-26_FitsYourLife_Blog_730x485If you’re an average Joe or Jill, chances are you would describe your life as “busy.” You’ve got all kinds of “to-do”s on your list—work, family, fitness, and fun. That’s why you need a tracker that fits your life, not to mention your personality and style. Introducing Fitbit Flex 2, the fitness tracker that’s fit for you and all of your must-dos!  

Fitbit Flex 2 Fits Your Life

Flex2_Black_BlueLight_300dpi_RGBFitbit Flex 2 is an ultra-slim, water-resistant-proof fitness wristband with a removable tracker that fits into bands, bracelets or pendants—so you can effortlessly track all-day activity, exercise and sleep in a style that’s all your own.

The first-ever water-resistant, swim-tracking wearable device from Fitbit, with Flex 2 you don’t have to worry about getting it wet—in the sink, shower, pool, even in the ocean up to 50 meters! Just like the original Fitbit Flex, Flex 2 makes advanced health and fitness tracking effortless with automatic all-day activity, exercise, and sleep tracking to show how your entire day adds up, keeping you motivated and accountable to reach your goals.

The minimalist display uses color-coded LED lights to highlight activity progress, and can even keep you connected with call and text alerts when your phone is nearby. And the long battery life (up to 5 days*!) will ensure you won’t miss a step, day or night!

Fitbit Flex 2 Fits Your Style

Fitbit Flex 2 features an an ultra-slim, minimalist design (it’s 30% smaller than the original, groundbreaking Fitbit Flex!), and can be accessorized with a variety of bands, bracelets and necklaces to match every mood and outfit. Wear it alone, or stack it next to your favorite bangles, watches, and other jewelry to express your personal style for every moment of your life—from the gym, to the office, to the beach, even a night out on the town.

Fitbit Flex 2 classic elastomer bands will be available in a seven colors—black, blush pink, gray, lavender, magenta, navy and yellow, and are great for everyday wear and fitness. You’ll find premium options in the Luxe Collection, like stainless steel bangles in gold, rose gold, and silver. And there’s even a stainless steel lariat-style pendant in gold and silver when you really want to dress up an outfit.

Designer accessories from top fashion partners will give you even more choices, allowing you to  coordinate your tracker with everything in your closet so you can enhance your own unique, personal style.

Fitbit Flex 2 Fits Your Workouts

Swimmers will be happy to know Flex 2 is water resistant up to 5 ATMs (or 50 meters), and it can automatically track your pool swims as exercise in the Fitbit app, capturing your laps, the duration of your workout, and caloric burn.

Like other Fitbit trackers, Flex 2 effortlessly tracks your most important health and fitness stats, featuring all-day activity tracking of steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes—giving you a holistic overview of your entire day, and allowing you to see activity progress towards your goal by tapping the band—each light represents 25% of daily goal.

Flex 2 also offers the SmartTrack automatic exercise tracking, which recognizes select workouts, including walks, runs, bike rides, elliptical, sports, aerobic workouts, and now swims (when enabled), and records them to your Fitbit app. You’ll even get friendly reminders to move in the form of gentle, unique vibrations and color coded lights to help you stay active, encourage you to reach your hourly step goal, and help reduce stationary time.

Fitbit Flex 2 is available for pre-sale on, with a classic fitness band in black, navy, magenta, or lavender. Additional bands and accessories sold separately.


*Battery life and charge cycles vary based on use, settings, and many other factors; actual results will vary.

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    • Hi Timothy. Fitbit Flex 2 is designed to be worn on your wrist. The Charge 2 uses a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer to record your motion. By analyzing acceleration data, our trackers provide detailed information about frequency, duration, intensity, and patterns of movement to determine your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, and sleep quality. For more information, please visit: If worn in your pocket, accuracy can be affected.

      • Hi Paula! We’ve taken insights and user feedback into consideration, and have worked hard to make sure our products are easy to put on and secure enough to stay on. Fitbit Flex 2 uses stronger clasp and easier closure to stay on during active and general daily activities. Check out the Flex 2 product info page to learn more about our first swim-proof tracker!

      • I have trouble with my wrist band because my arthritis makes it so hard to snap into place. I LOVE my Flex 2. I am very old school and have no idea how to use most of the features but I don’t really care exept for tracking steps. why is it that only 5 days are displayed on the app page? Very excited by the water resistant features

  • Wow – waterproof and 5 days!
    Shame the Xiaomi Mi band does all this – but for £15 and with a 30 day battery…

  • So I guess the new Flex2 has a better charger? Mine doesn’t seat to make a connection. Won’t charge?And yes I’ve cleaned the connections and tried the paper clip suggestion to no avail. Only got a few months of use out of this. All my many Gamin products lasts for 3+ years with hard use. My Fitbit doesn’t even get drenched in sweat, just sits on my arm (sometimes falling off due to a poor band design). And no, I don’t still have the receipt to get a replacement. Time to switch back to Garmin?

  • Hello! I’ve been a Fitbit user for over a year and enjoy it and the challenges. It keeps me montivated to move. I also wear an Apple Watch. I see with the flex two I could wear it as a pendant. How accurate is it? Can I wear it under my shirt? I’m a runner so I don’t want it flopping all over the place.

    And how easy is it to swap from band to pendant? Is it durable to switch it over daily?


    • Hey Tina, thanks for your questions. Yes, Flex 2 can be worn as a pendant – you’d have to put this accessory separately though. Included in the box, is a plastic wristband that can be worn while running. The pebble is able to pick up when it’s in the pendant, so we expect it to be as accurate as when it’s wrist-worn. It’s easy to switch the pebble from the band to the pendant. Check out this help article for more info!

  • I am looking forward to the shower-proof Flex2! Can you help me, please – Is there another app that tracks points (similar to WeightWatchers, but NOT WeightWatchers) that will sync with this version of Flex?

  • My flex just recently died after a year and a half of daily wear. I am considering the new flex 2. With that much data in the application such as making 25,000 steps, is there a way to update my account with the new device or do I need to start over?

    • Hi Tasha! Sorry to hear about your Flex. No need to worry. All of the data in your account is saved and if you use the same account to setup the Flex 2, all data tracked by the Flex 2 will add to your existing data. To learn more about Flex 2, check out this product page.

  • Excited about the waterproof capability of the Flex 2-and like the size. Does it not track heart rate? Is there a waterproof Fitbit that does?

    • Flex 2 does not have a text display like our other Fitbit tracker. It uses five LED indicator lights that flash various patterns depending on what the tracker is doing or tracking. This Fitbit tracker is for the everyday user who wants a simple, sleek way of tracking daily activities. One of the coolest things about Flex 2 is that it’s our very first swim-proof tracker. To learn more, check out the Flex 2 product page. Hope this helps, Bobbi!

  • I have the same comment or complain as Paula . I had the fit bit charger and kept losing it everywhere like the hair salon, the restaurant and finally on a flight back from Texas it was gone. That was back in June 2016. I have not replace it yet because I am afraid to loose it again. That was my mothers Day present from last year. I wish the band will be design like a regular watch.

    • Thanks for your questions, April! Flex 2 shows your activity progress through 5 LED lights. It does not have a traditional display like our other trackers (e.g. Blaze, Alta). In order to see full details of your swimming activities, you’ll need to check it out on the Fitbit app dashboard. For more info on swim tracking with Flex 2, check out this help article. Also, 50m stands for 50 Meters which is the max depth you can swim with Flex 2. You can swim for longer than 50 minutes with Flex 2. Hope this helps!

  • Hi There, Just purchased Fitbit Flex 2 as my kids have them and it has improved their exercise regimes. Thought it would be fun to try and keep up with them. I have worn it for 48 hours now, played golf, been shopping, swimming and done a fair bit of walking – when checking my progress report it says I have burned 105 calories !!!! I must admit I’m fairly useless at this modern tech stuff, is there any site I can go to to learn what everything means, and how to use it properly. ie, how tight must it be worn around wrist, and easy instructions on it’s general use please.

  • Will the Flex2 sit in the charger better then the Flex? I didn’t have my Flex 2 weeks and I started having problems with it. I figured out a way to charge it until now, it wont charge at all. If I buy the Flex2 am I going to have the same headache?

  • I am very dissatisfied with my new fitbit flex 2. It will not syn to my other APPS that I use daily such as Myfitnesspal and Pact, which basically makes it nothing but a glorified pedometer. Can I return it? I have had it for less than a week.

  • I’m am so happy to hear about a Fitbit I can swim with. I’m in the ocean and pools most of my days and have lost or forgotten and lost my other ones. PLEASE tell me I can swim and body surf in the ocean with this device. It would be first on my Christmas list!!!

  • Does the Flex 2 have Silent Alarms like the Flex 1? Is there anything the Flex 1 does that they Flex 2 doesn’t do? I was thinking of upgrading from 1 to 2 but I don’t want to lose any features the 1 current does.

  • My husband does a variety of activities and has a Blaze which he likes very much. One of his regular activities is swimming. Is it possible to have two devices on one account so that he could wear the flex 2 while swimming and the Blaze the rest of the time?

  • I bought my original Fitbit 2-3yrs ago. It worked great for a year and now there is no connection between the battery and the strap. The charger says it’s fully charged and then nothing when inserted into strap. I have tried all the instructions and tricks and still nothing. I loved what my Fitbit did but I’m skeptical to purchase a new one. Are the glitches all fixed??

  • Indoor cycling – the flex2 on hand does not recognize indoor cycling (fixed rear axle). When flex2 is put in the sock on the foot it recognizes indoor cycling as “walk”.

    • I have the same question! I biked 10 Miles today, wore the fit bit in my sock and it registered 3.4 Miles!?!? What the heck?

      Didn’t see a response from the help line, so adding to this string for hopeful answers. Thank you!

  • We purchased the fit bit 2 flex tracker bangle bracelet but does not come with the fit bit 2 flex tracker. Unable to find a store that sells it in our area i.e. wake forest North Carolina – can you advise?

  • I bought my wife a Flex 2 and she is loving it. A quick question that I can’t seem to find an answer on (but suspect an algorithm may be in play), after going for a walk, the Flex 2 picked up that the walk had been done, recorded it in the app but when you look at it, it shows heart rate info and graph over the course of the walk – is it just guessing based on personal info?

    • Hi Chris. We’re happy to hear your wife is enjoying the gift of Flex 2. Great choice! Flex 2 does not track heart rate, so this info should not be included. So if you’re wife is seeing this, it’s not expected behavior. By any chance, does she have a Fitbit tracker with heart rate synced with this account? If you continue to experience this issue, please reach out to us via our other support channels so we can take a closer look.

  • Hi, I just got my Fitbit 2 for Christmas. I am on 2 senior bowling leagues and would like to know how to track this on my fitbit 2?

  • Indoor cycling – the flex2 on hand recognizes well when doing bike on rollers trainer (not the fixed rear axle kind), as cycling. This is ok.

  • Hi, can I manually input rowing ergo data into flex 2? Or is there another way of linking workout through Concept 2 app or similar. Thx.

  • Hi, are there any plans to release a fitbit that is water proof (able to track swimming fitness) and can also monitor pulse rate? I would be one of the first in line…

  • Flex 2 Swim tracker – Are You Kidding?
    Have I missed something in my settings or is this device a complete load of the proverbial. Will be returning it tomorrow for a replacement and if that does no better for a refund.
    Swim today – 12 laps of a standard olympic 50 m pool.
    Fitbit synced – 1350 metres , 27 laps.
    Looking at the activity graph clearly 1 lap was missing.
    First swim, 2 days ago, was a flat line graph with 650.00 meters 17:55 min 2’45” /100 m which was totally wrong when my actual swim was 6 laps = 300 metres.
    Suspect I have wasted my money. Pity because the Blaze seems to work OK even if it is generous with klms on bike and runs compared to Strava and light on klms on treadmill compared to the actual machine.

  • I recently bought the flex 2, mainly for the features fitbit offers combined with swim tracking. I am disappointed that it seems to discount the first 10 mins of swimming and so doesn’t count these lengths. I also didn’t expect it to stop counting if you have a rest, I regularly do swimfit interval training and this doesn’t seem to be logged very well. I have compared it on a distance swim with a Garmin swim watch and it is wildly different on calories used.

  • I have been swimming in a 25 meter pool but my Flex 2 is registering that I am swimming in a 12 meter ie; yesterday I swam 50 lengths in around 40 minutes but when I checked on my phone it said I swam for 57 min 744m 62 lengths
    why is this registering wrong and I can’t seem to change the pool size?

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