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Introducing… Food Goal!

Food Goal Goal Zone

Fitbit is happy to announce a new, flexible way to set and maintain weight goals! Here at Fitbit, our mission is to provide you with tools that encourage a healthy lifestyle. With Food Goal, you’re given a suggested calorie “goal zone” where you’re shown a range of calories you can eat throughout the day to still meet your weight goals.

Something you might not have seen before is the way your Fitbit Food Goal dynamically adjusts itself based on your day’s activities. Your calorie count goal for the day will go up as you exercise, and now you can actually see how exercising and your diet go together to help you meet your weight goals. Going for a walk during your morning break could now mean an extra cookie at the end of the day, or a morning run could mean getting to splurge a little for dinner.

Food Goal offers four different intensities as well: Easier, Medium, Kinda Hard, and Harder. Each intensity varies in how many pounds you might expect to lose per week to meet your goal by a certain date. So whether you’d like to lose two pounds a week, or see when you might realistically be able to meet your weight goal, you can pick the intensity that works best for you.

You can start using Food Goal today by logging in to your Fitbit account and going to your “Log” tab. Once you’ve started, find some encouragement on our Facebook page or email us your success stories at

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  • Opps also wanted to add that up to this I have loved my Fitbit and the dashboard, a great help in achieving my health goals.

  • THANK YOU so much for adding the food goal feature! Its soo helpful. Another homerun for fitbit. Keep it up and thanks again!

  • LOVE this. It makes it so much easier to see how I’m doing, and adjusts as I workout during the day. One of my biggest issues with managing my calorie intake was understanding just how many more calories I needed to eat when I exercised. Swimming for 30 minutes does not equal a big mac…for those who are wondering;)

  • My husband and I really like this new feature. I really does help train your brain to make the right decisions throughout the day. It’s also easy to adjust the intensity level to see what how your target range would change. Thanks for the new feature!

  • I love this feature! In fact, I just created a post about it on the 2011 Fall Challenge forum. I really like being able to look at my food page and it tells me how many calories I have left that day and the more active I am, the more I can eat. Kudos on a really great feature.

  • Wow, didin’t realize it is such a recent addition. I just got my fitbit last week, actually a week ago today, and do love that feature a lot. Depend on it, in fact. Just as I have come to depend on my fitbit as a whole! I already lost two pounds, thanks to its tracking capabilities, something that has been alluding me the whole summer. So thanks!


  • Hi I’m using the food goal and I struggle to hit the zone, I’m always below it, is this a good or bad thing? I am set up for the hardest level and I only have 7lbs to go I know I eat most of my cals at night which isn’t helping, I guess my question is should I make more of an effort to eat more to loose the weight (be in the zone) or just alter when I eat.

  • Liking the food goal section! However, can we get a little more detail? It’s nice seeing what you’ve got already, but I’d like to see the vitamins that I’m taking in as well. I know this can be added currently when you add a food, so maybe I’m just missing where this is at right now. Thanks a bunch!

  • I like the food goal, as sometimes I don’t eat as much, so I don’t lose weight. It really helps me keep on track, especially after visiting friends for a week and going off! Now I’m back home, so can keep better track of what I am eating. It is sometimes hard to walk, because of hard rain. So, here goes… up and down the stairs 10 times today, doing laundry, putting away, and working in the yard, digging out weeds, planting tulips, carrying the weeds to the side yard, so the bags can be picked up. Doesn’t sound like much, but it is tiring. Should sleep well tonight!

  • Being able to track and log food is very helpful to see progress of calorie intake. Are there plans to add a scanner function that can be used with Androids? Having an app that is able to track calories by scanning would be more helpful. Im currently using my Fitness pal app to track calories (they have the scanner function), then at the end of the day I’m having to manually enter the diary total of calories and nutritional details into my Fitbit food log. In doing this I’m not able to fully benefit from the calories-in/calories-out function throughout the day, therefore I have no clue of calories-in/calories-out. I’ve been doing this for several days, but it would be much better and more effective if I could just use the Fitbit app for the collection of calories. I’m currently using the Fitbit Flex, which is on a trial basis (borrowed – checking if I want to invest in this typeo f product). If this is the way to capture calories with this type of device, this may not be the best option for me. Please consider adding the scanner function…Thank you.

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