Introducing MobileRun and Enhanced Food Logging for the Fitbit App

Today we’re officially introducing two brand new features to the free Fitbit mobile app: MobileRun and enhanced food logging tools.mobilerun app gray2


MobileRun uses GPS to accurately track, log and compare runs, walks and hikes efficiently and easily.

Through GPS, MobileRun allows you to track and elevate training/workouts with real-time updates and key stats from individual runs, walks and hikes, including exact route, pace per mile (splits), distance and time. Here’s a breakdown of what you can get with MobileRun:

  • Route history, spoken distance and mile markers while on a run, allowing you to monitor improvement or push further in the moment
  • Stats tracked integrate seamlessly with the main Fitbit dashboard, giving you credit for steps taken, calories burned and active minutes during routes
  • A new Exercise Frequency calendar keeps you on track toward workout goals – it automatically displays the days you have worked out by pulling in the frequency of MobileRun routes and logged exercises
  • You can conveniently play and switch songs from your iTunes playlists without leaving the Fitbit app, keeping the focus on your workout


Food Logging

Also new to the app is an enhanced food logging database with thousands of new foods added and a library of more than 350,000 foods in total. A barcode scanner and other improved logging features can really help if you set weight management logging app gray1

The updated database lists only foods with confirmed, credible nutritional data so you can confidently track nutrition with ease. When paired with a Fitbit  tracker, the Fitbit app gives you calorie coaching, guiding you with suggested calorie intake based on activity, or recommending number of steps to burn the calories.

Here are all the new features to log food quickly and effortlessly:

  • A barcode scanner lets you add calories and nutritional data in seconds
  • A quick-calorie estimator lets you pick common foods in the database and simply adjust a slider to estimate the calories within an expected range based on ingredients and preparation
  • Easy Meals auto-completes favorite or frequent meals in one quick step; it learns which foods you tend to log together and automatically suggests a set of foods (a meal) whenever you start logging one of them
  • Calorie coaching now guides you with suggested calorie intake based on activity, when used with a Fitbit tracker. You can set a food plan with weight-loss goals and see how many calories in vs. out you should be targeting each day, with access to easy to read charts to help you stay on track


The updated version of the Fitbit app with MobileRun and enhanced food logging features can be downloaded now from the iTunes store (Android version coming soon) and works with all Fitbit trackers: Flex, One and Zip – as well as with the MobileTrack function on the iPhone 5s version of the Fitbit app.

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  • I have just purchased the blaze and it counts steps while I drive and also in my sleep with movement. Any help,or advice please would be great. Thank you

    • Thanks for reaching out to us Michelle! Since our trackers rely on motion patterns and intensity, it’s possible to get some steps while sleeping if you move your arms in a certain way. However it should not give you very many steps.

      While driving, you should not get any steps, unless your car rides rough or your driving on backroads that introduces a lot of vibration. In this case, you may get some steps. Check out this help article for more info.

  • I just started using the FitBit apps, and am logging my cal intake. I have to add most of my food manually, since there are no entries for the Netherlands. Are there any plans on adding a food database for the Netherlands?

  • I just got my Fitbit and I work in a a hair salon. My hands are constantly moving but I’m also walking a lot but am I getting a false reading because of my arm movements?

    • Hi Robin! It is possible to get extra steps if you move your arms in a certain way, but should not be enough to be a significant impact on your daily step count. To learn more check, out this help article. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Where do I find MobileRun on the app for iOS? I’ve been clicking all over and am obviously missing the big red flag! Thanks!

  • Does Fitbit Charge HR track cycling or just running? Does it give average speed for theses disciplines as well as the route? Do you have to track on your mobile phone or is all the tracking including heart rate done on the watch no HR band required and you simply upload to the app on your phone?Is it water resistant for swimming if you do triathlons?

    • Hi Susan! We’d be happy to help answer your questions.

      Does Fitbit Charge HR track cycling or just running?
      Fitbit Charge HR is has been discontinued. The replacement for Charge HR is Charge 2, which can track cycling via the Connected GPS feature. . To learn more about Charge 2 check out the product page here.

      Does it give average speed for theses disciplines as well as the route?
      Charge 2 will can track your pace, but doesn’t calculate avg MPH (miles per hour) speed for biking.

      Do you have to track on your mobile phone or is all the tracking including heart rate done on the watch no HR band required and you simply upload to the app on your phone?
      Charge 2 will track your stats including HR, steps, distance, calories, hourly activity, active minutes, and floor climbed . In order to save and view a more detailed view of your stats, you must sync to the Fitbit app.

      Is it water resistant for swimming if you do triathlons?
      Charge 2 is water resistant, but not swim-proof. We don’t recommend swimming or showering with Charge 2.

      We hope this helps!

  • Do you have to have your phone on you for MobileRun to work? Or will it sync up when you are in bluetooth distance?

  • How do I get the picture of the track that I’ve walked to show up? It’s shown up in the past but don’t know what I’ve done to have it not show any more.

  • Do you have to keep your phone with you to get all the information or will the Fitbit display your pace and running speed.

  • Are there plans to have the food log track macros in the future? I am trying to be conscious of more than just calories, so right now, MyFitnessPal is more reliable, but I hate tracking twice.

  • Re the MOBILE RUN app – is this already included on Fit Bit Charge 2 or do I need to download it? If I need to download it – how do I download it onto Fit Bit Charge 2.

    • Hi! If you want to or accidentally leave your Charge 2 it at home, you can still generate maps of your activity and capture other GPS data using the Fitbit app on your mobile device via MobileRun. This feature can be used within the existing Fitbit app you have installed. Hope this helps!

  • I am trying to use the GPS on the fitbit and app but the only options for exercise seem to be walk, hike or run. I am cycling. I saw an option for ‘bike’ in the app menu but no way to activate it. Could you please advise?

  • My Fitbit Charge is not tracking my daily/weekly exercise. It tracks my active minutes as well as my steps but it will not show past activities.

  • If I leave my phone at home and then use charge 2 while running; does it sync data afterwards and then show tracks in Mobilerun?

  • Hello,
    It is been two runs lost because mobilerun do not save my run !!! My app is updated and I have a charge HR. Please give me a solution to stop to loose my stats !! Thank you fitbit support

  • MobileRun data can no longer be displayed on the latest version of the App.
    I can no longer see the split times or workout route from my Surge.
    My Surge has become nothing more than an expensive Charge HR when out running.

  • Hello,
    I just ordered the FitBit Flex 2. I want to ask if the app is going to work instantly with the bracelet (I know that I need to add the device to the app) but if it is going to track how many kilometres I have been running, or if the app is going to show me it in map. Or it will just show me, how many minutes I have been running.

  • I have just bought a charge 2 and found out I can’t swim in it ?!?
    I don’t get this as the cheap digital watch I had 30 years ago was water resistant.

    Is it possible to tell the fit bit app I have been swimming so it counts my calories used etc at least ?

  • can my fitbit see where I went all day? I want to be able to review my day and track my whereabouts – can any of the Fitbits do this
    thanks so much

  • I want to track my movement throughout the day – and also track my Dad’s whereabouts – where he is where he went – that sort of thing – can any Fitbits do this – I know the route map would most probably be on my phone

  • I am looking into buying a fitbit for running. I do not run with my phone though. Do I need to bring my phone with me on a run to track pace, route, distance, etc. through the app? Or can I leave it at home and look at the statistics from my run after I return? Wondering if my location, movements and HR are tracked while I am away from the phone

  • I enjoy viewing and analyzing the splits after my run. It helps to gauge where I tend to go fast or slow. However there is 1 thing which I have seen on Garmin which is missing in Fitbit. I don’t get tot see elevation (ascent in mtrs or descent in mtrs) per kms that I run. I haven’t found any such thing in the fitbit app. Please correct me the feature is already there and it could be a case that I am not aware of it

  • Will the new Fitbit Ionic have any sort of interval training function for long distance runners that are in a run/walk training program?

  • So when is the “MobileRun” going to be available for Android. Its disgusting that a £300 fitness monitoring watch doesn’t have the facilities of a £25 one!

  • Hi; how soon would the Android version of MobileRun be available? I would really like to try out the GPS function on the fitbit app.


  • My food logs keep disappearing from my entries. There is not update and I have had to download a calorie counter as well as using my fitbit app. Very annoyed!

  • why use mobile run when the versa has the run or walk function that you can click on? whats the difference? im hoping its more accurate since im pretty dissapointed in how not so accurate my versa has been compared to my apple watch and yes ive tried everythig they have suggested to do!!

  • why use mobile run when the versa has the run or walk function? Also im pretty dissapointed in the accuracy of the versa and the step and mile count? i went from an apple watch to something that isnt accurate. Kinda frustrating when you spend 200 dollars on something that doesnt work correct!

  • I’ve just bought my fitbit flex 2 and was amazed how quickly I reached my 10,000 steps! I’m an elderly lady who weeded the garden for an hour then knitted for 3 hours!!! Why would it count sitting in a chair knitting as steps?

  • Trying to ditch the garmen when I run, since I’m already wearing the fitbit/my work gives me incentives so I’m keeping it on. Trying to decide if the Ionic or the Versa will suit my needs. I definitely want my splits (mile/pace), but I don’t want to run with my phone. Can I get that while I’m running? don’t want to wait til I get home to see them.

If you have questions about a Fitbit tracker, product availability, or the status of your order, contact our Support Team or search the Fitbit Community for answers.

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