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Introducing the Fitbit Ultra. Now Track Stairs, and More!

Our goal at Fitbit has always been to provide you with the most useful tools to meet and manage a healthy lifestyle, and it is with this vision in mind that we’ve released the new Fitbit Ultra.

The Fitbit Ultra comes with many new features, as well as everything that had already been included with the Fitbit Classic. It now contains an altimeter that shows how many floors you’ve climbed each day.  Stair climbing is one of the most efficient exercises that can be done, burning around four times as many calories as simply walking. With new online features comparing your floors climbed to different landmarks, we hope you find the motivation to take the stairs. Other new features offer encouraging messages when you pick up your Fitbit Tracker, allow you to add more personal touches to your Fitbit Ultra, and provide you with a clock and stopwatch to keep track of your exercises with even more information.

At the end of the day, it’s not about being filled with fancy gadgets just because they’re new. It’s about providing you with easy to use, fun, effective tools to directly fit your needs and provide you with motivation to keep going — whether you’re taking a walk rather than driving, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or just getting out and moving. It’s about reaching your goals in the most efficient and fun way possible. And it’s about becoming as healthy as you want to be.

Here’s to happy stepping, and climbing!

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  • I recently decided to add a mile to my morning walk to work that includes a significant stair climb, so this is awesome. I also love the updates to the Fitbit website. Keep up the good work.

  • With the new Fitbit Ultra coming out in October, and since October is breast cancer awareness month, have you thought of donating a portion of the sales of the plum Fitbit tracker to breast cancer research?

  • After hearing Burnie and others talk about the Fitbit on their podcast @ and how they use it, I made the decision to get one. Can’t wait to get mine in the mail

  • I’ve always admired the way FitBit has been very open with the public even during, perhaps, the “confidential” stages of product design. Who posts pictures of what their engineers are doing before releasing a product?!

    Launching the Ultra seems to be another great step in the same direction. You’re adding new features to the product, but keeping your price-point low for end-users – truly more bang for the buck!

    Your path to the market and continued effort of building high-quality products for your clients is something a lot of companies can learn from. Keep it up. I look forward to seeing what you have in store next!

  • I lost my fitbit on Monday and promptly ordered a new one. I got it on Wednesday and I love the new ultra. My only request is that the field for our name be longer so that we could put our name and phone number that way it is lost then someone could use that info to call us and return it.

    I loved my first fitbit but the ultra is even better.

  • I really want the fitbit ultra. I already have my fitbit friend (old one) can I trade in my old friend for a new one?????(R trade in value????)
    Lisa Robinson

  • I ordered this after some extensive comparison to your competitors and can’t wait to get it. I think the science, design and functionality are a better fit for my life style. I am especially interested to see how it stacks up when I go rock climbing (I’ll keep you posted) and other outdoor activities. I like the idea I can keep it near my core, because if I left it out on my arm I have a hunch it’d freeze up faster then my water tube when I’m snowshoeing.
    I have been termed a ‘non-responder’ by a rather exasperated trainer, as far as running goes ( Which basically means I don’t get that neat little initial boost of fitness with training and I’m on a constant plateau, at least when measured by less sophisticated means. This can get a bit discouraging, to say the least. My workouts mainly consist of out door fun, strength work or slow steady stuff because I enjoy it enough to do it without seeing any real gains. Even so I was struggling to stay motivated. I think this will really help me see the progress I am making on a daily basis. Curious how I honestly stack up against my peers or if I’m just really setting my expectations way to high. Time will tell…

  • The new Ultra sounds like a great addition to Fitbit’s capability. Please consider a waterproof model as your next advancement. Thanks.

  • I couldn’t find anywhere else to leave this comment so I put it here. I just received the fitbit Ultra and am excited about using it. I have one request that would make the program entry of food so much easier. That is if you could ad the ability to be able to scan on iPhone/android the bar codes on food products. Please advise if you are planning it for your web page. I was using another program prior to fitbit called Lose-IT and they just updated the apple app to do this and it’s fantastic.

  • Curious…I just purchased the Fitbit online through a card redemption program. Wondering if it will be the Ultra or Classic one? I don’t see anywhere online where you are still selling the Classic, so my assumption is that it’ll be the Ultra…is that right?
    I am so very excited to receive it!! A Merry Christmas to ME gift! 😉

  • I am a fitness instructor from NJ and I had 20 lbs i needed to lose. I heard about the fit bit and told the members at the gym about it. They gave it to me for christmas. I has been the best gift I have ever received. I have lost the 20 lbs. and I am having so much fun doing it. I am sure that many of the purchases in the central NJ area are directly related to me. I talk it up all the time and I know at least 20 people that have purchased it because of me. I would certainly replace it if something happened to it. I love the stairs and my legs and body have never looked better in my adult life. I want to thank you and work for you and sell the fitbit to everyone. I believe it is the best thing that has ever happened to me, besides my children. Thank you.

  • How often must I sync so that I don’t lose the data in my fitbit..i.e. while on vacation, if I don’t have my computer, will the data be in the fitbit when I get home to sync? (1 week away)

  • I bought a fitbit ultra for both my wife and I and we really like it and your web site. My only complaint is that there is no print option for the premium reports which makes it difficult to copy them for my Dr. I had to use screen captures to make a report for my Dr. and I shouldn’t have to do that. Plus, BP and pulse data does not show up on any of the reports, that should be added to the trainer report.

  • it’s great that the fitbit tracks actual stairs/floors climbed, however when i do my stairmaster workout i climb 100 floors in 30 minutes. It would be great if we could record the number of floors climbed when logging that type of exercise. Right now it looks like i only do 15 floors a day when i’ve done a whole lot more as part of my workout. Can this be added.

  • I have been enjoying the deep deep snow in Michigan, which make running difficult. Most of my workouts center around X-Country Skiing. I don’t think I’m getting approriate credit for the effort spend skiing…What should I do???

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