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Join Fitbit and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation for “Food Revolution Day”

FRD1_©Jamie Oliver Enterprise Ltd, taken by David Loftus

Dear Fitbit fans,

We’re really happy to have been given the opportunity to say hello to you guys and tell you a little about our upcoming global day of action, Food Revolution Day, and how Fitbit are supporting.

If you’ve been following Jamie’s work throughout the history of our Food Revolution, you’ll know that teaching kids from an early age how to improve their health – whether that’s through the food they eat, or how active they are – is the first step towards creating healthier habits that stick later in life. We’re big fans of how Fitbit are helping people, and children around the world to become more active and lead healthier lives. It’s a great time to focus energies as we’re heading towards our third global day of action, Food Revolution Day.

Food Revolution Day unifies the work of Jamie’s foundations in the UK, USA and Australia, along with our amazing global communities, to put food education back on everyone’s agendas. It is a global day of change to get kids excited about food, and it’s open to anybody, whether you’re a school, organization or individual. To date, 74 countries have taken part and 1,000 ambassadors are championing our cause worldwide. We’re so happy that Fitbit is spreading the word, getting people involved and delivering such an important message.

We believe that keeping fit and making healthy food choices go hand-in-hand. Simply being aware of how daily active we are can really help us to lead active lives, and Fitbit provides that awareness by way of a Fitbit activity tracker. That’s also how we think about food choices. We want current and future generations to think about the food they’re eating and how their daily eating habits affect their health.

…we want to count you as part of our global revolution. Sign up to add your participation, tell us your plans and join in the fun.

We believe that learning about food and how to cook from scratch is one of the most valuable skills a child can ever learn. This knowledge used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now, with an over reliance on unhealthy convenience foods, millions of people lack the confidence and even the most basic skills to cook for themselves and their families. By educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we’re equipping them and future generations with the skills they need be healthier and happier.

On Friday 16 May, we’re hosting our global day of action, Food Revolution Day, and we want to count you as part of our global revolution. Sign up to add your participation, tell us your plans and join in the fun.

Leading up to our day of action, the Fitbit team will be sharing Food Revolution Day recipes including super-tasty dishes for kids, families and grown-ups. We’d love to see you share your Food Revolution Day photos, videos and comments on social media and help us spread the word #FRD2014.

Big love,

Janey and Jo | Jamie Oliver Food Foundation | @foodrev |

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