Join Fitbit (and Your Friends!) on an Adventure!

Fitbit Adventures
A loop of the neighborhood, your commute into work, a tour of the grocery store—you already know your steps can take you places. And now, they can take you on a journey through one of America’s most exclusive areas: Yosemite National Park.

Introducing Fitbit Adventures!

Fitbit Adventures is an immersive Challenge in the Fitbit app that encourages you to get more daily activity by virtually exploring scenic and iconic destinations.

Fitbit Adventures app screen

It’s designed to inspire and motivate you to move more, to help you reach your health and fitness goals, and to virtually take you to places you might not visit otherwise—like three breathtaking routes in California’s Yosemite National Park—Pohono Trail, Valley Loop, and Vernal Falls. There are two ways to participate.

Solo Adventures are personal, non-competitive challenges that motivate you to move more by applying your real-life steps to a virtual world. With each step, you advance on a pre-set route and discover landmarks and treasures along the way. The goal is simply to finish.

Adventure Races operate in the same way, but with one twist—they’re multi-player. Now, instead of merely exploring your virtual environment with every step, you can invite up to 30 friends to race you through it (here’s how). In-app messaging and synced maps make it easy to cheer for your competitors or simply track their progress throughout the virtual hike. First one to reach the peak, wins!

Fitbit Adventure Races

The Fitbit Adventure Experience

Here’s what you’ll find when you challenge yourself—or others—to an Adventure:

Daily Destinations Each morning you will be challenged to reach a new destination along the trail. The distance to the destination is personalized to your historic Fitbit data, making the experience challenging, yet achievable. When you reach your destination, tomorrow’s distance will be increased slightly—inspiring you to take more steps and become more active over time.

Landmarks Jaw-dropping peaks and stunning vistas, await you when you start a Fitbit Adventure in Yosemite National Park. Prepare to be mesmerized by the  exquisite photos taken by world-class, outdoor photographer Chris Burkard. The unforgettable sights dynamically adjust when you rotate your phone—allowing you to enjoy the moment as if you were really there!


Treasures Along each route, you will uncover more photos and collect fun facts, as well as health and fitness tips, and mini challenges.

Fitbit Adventures are available now on the Fitbit app for Android, iOS, and Windows. Simply navigate to the Challenges screen and start an Adventure today.

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  • This is the best idea Fitbit! Kind of stolen from Stridekick, really, but I love the added features of photos, facts, and things–especially from someone who enjoys the outdoors and hiking.

  • I would love it if somehow it could detect each person’s location and point out trails/parks close to them for each person to complete. I have a difficult time finding good trails to hike.

  • I woke up this morning and saw this new addition so I clicked on it but it wouldn’t let me start until tomorrow. What gives? Why couldn’t I start today?

      • You say the inability to start an adventure after midnight of the current day is “by design” – just wondering what is the reasoning behind this? Whose day starts at midnight? It doesn’t make sense to me that I can’t start one at the time I wake up, or even when I get out of work… can you explain why it was designed this way? Based on all the comments, perhaps this can be reconsidered…

        • Hey there! We designed it this way because it allows for a more exact measure of your daily step count, which is factored into your recommended destination goals for the day. Hope this clears things up!

        • My “solo adventure” also said “start tomorrow” so when I set it yesterday I tried to start it today, and it is still saying “waiting to start” but there is no way to start it. I went out this morning and set the tracker, and synced my session, but it still has not updated, just tells me the fun things I’ll see but no way to actually start it. What is the trick to get the solo adventure to “start” so I can participate in it?

    • Yeah, I thought the same thing. Getting ready to walk 8 miles today! Rain expected for tomorrow, so it might not be possible. Not sure why the delayed start, unless it’s to get everyone on the same page (place).

    • I TOTALLY agree. I should be able get up at 5:30am and start an adventure then for that day without having to plan a day in advance.

  • I woke up this morning and saw this new addition so I clicked on it but it wouldn’t let me start until tomorrow. What gives? Why couldn’t I start today?

        • I have the same issue. My tracker is syncing correctly for the Workweek Hustle but not for the Verna Falls adventure. Why?

          • I cannot see the photos for the adventures, all I get is a gray screen. I am on android.

          • Hi Natasha! It seems that the grey screen you are experiencing is commonly attributed to a lack of strong wifi. Please make sure you have a strong connection, so the Landmark images load faster. If you continue to experience issues, try logging out/in from the app. Let us know how it goes!

  • Wow! This is so awesome! I am about to complete a virtual world tour via GCC. Just in time to keep my motivation going on!

  • Great idea! My friends and I are actually on a virtual pilgrimage, tracked by Fitbit! We expect to reach Fatima in Portugal by Christmas and I promised my sister a virtual postcard when we get there 🙂 This new feature resonates perfectly!

  • This is a great idea. I already participate in the Walking4Fun site which now has 11 trails. But please assure me that walking your adventure is not part of the 5 challenge limit. That is very restrictive to fitbit enthusiasts, as well as the 10 person limit.

  • Tried to add friends but it indicated my settings needed to be changed, went to settings and no options to change anything; plus I do the other daily challenges and so my friends are indeed available and visual…though it told me they weren’t. Apparently, it’s not working well.

  • I just stumbled across this new feature yesterday and elected to start it today. I thought I would start when I was ready but NOPE, it started at midnight! So cool. Good thing I wasn’t walking in my sleep! Love it! I just hope I can accomplish what I need to with my hurting feet.

  • I have a question about the quizzes. So, I got a quiz the answered it. The little jewel icon is a pinkish red and on the bottom of the screen it says to answer the quiz by midnight. I thought I answered it wrong but shouldn’t it tell you if have the wrong answer? I can’t get that quiz screen to do anything even if I try to answer it again. What am I doing wrong?

  • Why nothing for the PC users. We walk too and would love some of the motivation that Smart phone users have available.

    • I don’t use a smartphone either and normally use either the website to log or the Windows 10 app on my laptop to monitor progress throughout the day. You can indeed access these new adventures through your desktop app – it’s in the Challenges tab 🙂

    • I second this comment! I do not have a smart phone, but would like to have access to this sort of motivation, too. We have done something similar at work where it tracks on a map around the area, fun facts included, but it was not app based.

    • I’m guessing it’s because you can’t take your PC with you when you are walking, so the adventure isn’t quite as fun or as motivating.

    • I don’t have a smart phone either and feel very neglected by Fitbit developers. I use a Mac computer and have an iPad but have not been able to locate the free Fitbit app for iPad

  • This is a wonderful addition to the challenges! I completed the Vernal Falls adventure today and hit all of the landmarks. However, I missed all of the treasures. How do I find them? What should I do differently next time?

    I continue to love my Blaze and all of the features. Thanks Fitbit!!

    • Me too! I didn’t realise there were treasures to be found, but today I have been getting all of them on the second challege 🙂

      • I recently finished the Valley Loop challenge also, and It seems I didn’t collect all of my treasures either. I collected all of them yesterday, but when I synced today, I finished the race, and it didn’t allow me to collect the remaining treasures. Do I have to keep my Bluetooth on the entire time during the race to collect all treasures? Thanks!

        • Hi Catrice. After discovering a treasure, you have until midnight to open it and complete the short task to add it to your collection. These tasks include quizzes, exercises, and logging your data in the Fitbit app. If not completed by midnight, our system will not allow you to collect the treasure. Check out What should I know about adventures? for more info. Hope this helps you!

  • once you past challenges/treasures when you check in will it not let you go back and collect them? My friend checked in after 6200 steps and it won’t let her collect the treasures

    • Thanks for reaching out to us, Dina. After discovering a treasure, you have until midnight to open it and complete the short task to add it to your collection. These tasks include quizzes, exercises, and logging your data in the Fitbit app. Check out this help article to learn more about Adventures more about If you’re friend didn’t complete the tasks before midnight, he/she won’t be able to add the treasure. If you or your friend need more help with this, feel free to reach out to us via our other support channels.

      • That actually did not answer her question. I have the same one: as I’m going through the challenge, why do I not see all of the treasures?

        Bear in mind that I complete the challenge in one day, so the “until midnight” thing should not be an issue.

        Can there only be one treasure open at a time? Once you’ve finished one, if you’ve passed others before it, are they no longer available?

      • Somethings not right with the treasures. I have done all three and there appear to be treasures not showing. At the end of the day I have checked for all unclaimed treasures to do them prior to midnight. Unless they are timed? I am an early riser so I am in bed by 9pm. Are they timed to show up at different hours of the day?

        I love the concept but execution needs some tweaks. Please don’t refer me to the help page as you have with others, I have read the page several times and am following what treasures being displayed.

        • Hi, Ec. Treasures can be unlocked as you travel between landmarks. They should be accessible to you until midnight of each day until you complete the challenge. We’ve had users bring up this issue of problems collecting treasures. We appreciate the feedback and will pass it along to our team to investigate.

  • I see the new challenges and they look cool. However I can only choose Vernal Falls, the others are locked. Do you have to do them in order?

  • I use my kindle’s Fitbit app and I can’t sign up for the adventures. They show up in my list but when I try to start the Falls tomorrow, nothing happens. It looks like I’ve hit the start tomorrow button but it doesn’t register me like the normal challenges do. 🙁

    • Hi Rebecca. In the Fitbit app, when you choose an adventure and tap Start Tomorrow, you’ll see the countdown to your adventure which begins at 12:01AM the following day. Starting an adventure will not start it immediately. You need to wait until 12:01AM the following day to start. Hope this helps clarify things.

      • Hello support,

        I also have this problem with the kindle Fitbit app. Like Rebecca says, when you hit then Start Tomorrow button, nothing happens. That is, absolutely nothing. There is no countdown, there is no acknowledgement, nothing but a slight color change to show the button was pressed but that it is not responding. Just to be sure I confirmed that the adventure does not start the next day either. I have attempted to start the adventure on three different days to no effect. Hope this helps!

        • Hi there. Kindle is not under the list of supported device. Any issues with Fitbit app on this device cannot be fixed because the app is not tested on this platform. To check a device to see if it is compatible, take a look at our compatibility page. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • My steps will sync to my normal step counter but will not sync to the adventure challenge. Why? How can I fix this? I’ve restarted it many times and it continues not to sync.

    • Hi Alexa. When you start an adventure challenge you’ll see the countdown to your adventure which begins at 12:01AM the following day. Any steps recorded on the same day you start the challenge will not count toward the challenge. To learn more about adventures, check out this Fitbit helps article. Hope this helps!

  • Can some explain how the treasures Along each route, you will uncover more photos and collect fun facts, as well as health and fitness tips, and mini challenges. How do they work what do i do when it comes up and how to i solve it or do the challenges

  • I love love love this. Please do the whole PCT, AT, and add all of America’s trails and sites. I love my NPS, but I can never get to as many as I want, this is such a fun and motivating way to get some steps in!

  • Hi, when will the windows app be updated? I can see the challenge but it says that I need an updated app. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one available ;(

  • Fabulous! I am leaving for Yosemite National Park on Saturday and this could not have been timed better. I am going to be very busy on the app this week! Thank you!

  • Great job including a photo of individuals going beyond the railing up at Glacier Point for the iconic Glacier Point Overlook view. That’s exactly the type of behavior that should be promoted.

  • I started one but it’s saying I have zero steps for the day which is not true. It won’t sync my steps into the adventure

    • Hi Melissa. Are you having trouble syncing your tracker in general? If so, please check out this help article for troubleshooting tips. If you continue having issues, try force quitting the app and logging in/out. Let us know how it goes!

  • Great job including a photo of individuals going beyond the railing up at Glacier Point for the iconic Glacier Point Overlook view. That’s exactly the type of behavior that should be promoted within National Parks. I like the concept of giving people access to trails through virtual reality but really stop and think about the message your photos are sending.

  • Sounds like it was inspired by Pokemon Go. Really great idea, but not thrilled with the delayed start. Getting ready to walk 8 miles now! Rain predicted for tomorrow. Looking forward to trying it. Hopefully I will get the chance. PS. Tried to say this earlier, but it posted in the wrong place, as a reply to another comment. Oh well.

  • GREAT idea Fitbit! Yosemite is one of my favorite places ON EARTH. Hiked the John Muir Trail and down alongside Vernal Falls, drenched by mist with the ground trembling beneath our feet. God’s Country, truly.

  • Any chance of getting some trails from movies? Hobbiton to Rivendell, or Willow’s village to Tir Asleen, or the Childlike Empress’s Ivory tower to the Southern Oracle – things like that?

  • Are you planning to collate suggestions for locations from users? Living in New Orleans we have thousands of great places and millions of guests every year. Great feature to include, I hope you look to the users to build new adventures!

    • Thanks for asking! We don’t anything to announce at this time about new adventures, but stay tuned! To receive news about adventures and everything Fitbit, sign up on to get the skinny on all things Fitbit!

    • This is just what I needed to get me up & going again – few medicals probs slowed me down but am looking forward to getting back to my goal. Thanks FitBit

  • Why are you working on these new features when your mobile app won’t sync my walk each morning???!! Support has just said to manually enter which I do but then it increases my step count. And of course there is no map. You need to ensure the basics are covered first. It hasn’t worked right for weeks!

    • Sorry to hear this, Lucinda. Sounds like you have a support case. We recommend contacting our support team via email to let them know that you’re still experiencing issues. We hope to get you back on track soon.

  • I Love the new challenge addition! I think it will be fun! I can’t wait to start tomorrow! Great Idea!! Any extra motivation is Always Welcome!!

    And I too, LOVE my fitbit Blaze!!! And the app and website tracking!! Thanks Fitbit!!

  • Totally excited about the new adventures/challenges Fitbit has introduced! Thanks Fitbit for peaking our interests… Will begin tomorrow on Vernal Falls 🙂

  • Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! What fun and great to get your mojo back. I was just getting lazy and now I am excited again. Thank you! I say Whatever works!!!!!!

  • I think this is really awesome but I have a Windows Phone and every time I choose the new challenge, it says I need to update my app. When I choose to update it, it just takes me to the Windows store Fitbit App page and there is nothing to select to update it. I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and nothing changes. My guess is it is probably my phone or something but I’m still disappointed I can’t start the new challenge.

    • Hi Eric. Adventures is only available for iOS and Android phones at this time. We don’t have anything to announce about adventures on Windows phones, but if we do, you can sign up for news notifications at to be notified of any announcements!

  • I took my Fitbit on a 17 day backpacking trip with solar chargers. I had no trouble keeping my Fitbit charged, but I could not download data. The Fitbit Charge HR did not communicate with my Android Samsung Galaxy S5. It required an Internet connection, which is unavailable when you are in the back country without cell towers. I wish that my Fitbit was able to download data to my cell phone via Bluetooth. I was bummed.

  • Anyone with a Windows phone? Mine says that it updated the app yesterday, but when I try to start the challenge, it tells me it needs an update. But I can’t update if I’m already up to date!

    • Thanks for letting us know. Have you tried restarting the Fitbit app? You can also try force quitting the app, as well as signing out/in. Should you continue to experience the same issue, please reach out to us via our other support channels so we can take a closer look. We hope to get you back on track soon, MaryAnn!

  • I have been visiting Yosemite regularly for many years, it’s only a few hours drive from us, and am liking this challenge very much. Hope to see other national parks and perhaps some state parks as well, especially those that don’t get visited as much as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Great Smoky Mountains. Is Fitbit taking suggestions for future adventure venues?

  • I’d love to see a Fitbit Adventure set in Middle Tennessee – Nashville, Fall Creek Falls, or maybe as far west as the Great Smoky Mountain! Send your design team to Nashville and I’ll give you the team!

  • Awesome idea! I’m going to join now and am very excited for this new challenge! Thanks FitBit! Your company is the best!
    -Melissa from Orlando, FL 🙂

  • Love this idea. I’ve just come back from Maine and did a little of the Appalachian Trail (2200 Miles) and thought this would be great to do but life won’t allow it. This is a great program to building up to some great treks.

    Keep up the good work Fitbit, I’m in!!!!

  • This is wonderful. When I first got my Fitbit, I looked for something like this but was unable to find an app. Now Fitbit has the app. I so enjoy the badges earned. This will be a great addition.

  • It tells me I need an update but when I go to Amazon App store to update there is no update. Is this just for phones? I have the app on my Kindle

    • Hi Jean! Kindle runs on a OS that is not tested. If you were able to install Fitbit on your Kindle, any issues encountered are due to the fact that it isn’t running a supported OS. If possible we recommend using an iOS, Android, or Windows device. Let us know if you have any other questions, so we can try and help!

  • I did not finish the adventure before I needed to sleep and missed some of the treasures also was penalized for taking extra time Any suggestions when someone does not finish before bedtime

    • Hi Linda! The duration of an adventure is determined by the number of steps you log each day. Adventures aren’t time-based, so you can complete them at your own pace. If you don’t log any activity in 30 consecutive days, the adventure will expire. However, after discovering a treasure, you have until midnight to open it and complete the short task to add it to your collection. These tasks include quizzes, exercises, and logging your data in the Fitbit app. For more info, check out this helps article: What should I know about adventures?.

  • What a great idea! I begin my challenge tomorrow. I especially love the map of the trail to track my progress. Thank Fitbit!

  • Liked the adventure but did not finish before bed time and the clock still kept ticking and missed some of the treasures. So I felt this is somewhat unfair

  • Still can’t find the Adventure Challenge. How do I know if I am updated? Click where? I don’t have a tab anywhere. Frustrated. Instructions not clear.

  • Only one challenge is available to me – Vernal Falls. The other two, Valley Loop and Pohono Trail are locked. Do they become unlocked after I do Vernal Falls?

    • Hi! At this time, only one challenge can be completed at a time. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you can select which ever adventure challenge you’d like participate in next. To learn more about adventure check out this help article.

  • I was told about the Fitbit adventures a couple of days ago. I enjoy it. My complaints; the need to frequently check app to avoid missing any of the ‘treasures’ along the route. If you are too many steps past, it disappears. Then you need to redo the adventure. Some of these ‘treasures’ are off the trail. On my phone, I have to scroll to ensure that I find them. A jogger, someone at work and more who can’t access their device at frequent intervals are at a disadvantage. Going to the trail can take awhile to load. This happens to me too frequently. Because of the frequent checking, my device uses a lot of power. I am away from power sources while walking. So I have to choose between not earning ‘treasures’ or not having my phone when I need it. I choose having my phone.

  • This new adventurous virtual trekking sounds terrific. I am on-board and look forward to gleaning some new facts about the places we virtually visit. Great idea!!! This makes reaching the journey reaching your goal more interesting and worthwhile than ever. Thanks.

  • I don’t own a smart phone but I check my steps on a computer. So I guess I don’t count. Very inconsiderate and weak.

    • Thanks for reaching out to us. On computer’s that are running Windows 10, the Fitbit app is available. Otherwise, you would need an Android, iOS or windows compatible mobile device running the latest version of the Fitbit app. We understand your predicament and will share your feedback with our team.

    • Hi Loretta. This feature shouldn’t use up too much cellular data. It would be a good idea to monitor the Fitbit app’s usage in your phone to make sure the amount of data it utilizes is not exceeding your limit. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Fantastic, thank you for adding this feature, it is a great way to see the world and adds a great way to keep me motivated. I love it and look forward to each and every update. Cheers and keep up the great work Fitbit.

  • Hi Fitbit Team,

    awesome Idea, it would be just perfect if the Users could create there own Adventures and that others could rate them. This way it would be a no brainer. It would grow and grow. I love my Fitbit I have the Charge HR the Blaze now and cant wait for the new Charge HR2 amazing Job, I really like the Idea a lot.
    Thank you Fitbit Team

    • Hi Tom! At this time, adventure challenges can only be completed via step-based activities like walking and running. Thanks for the idea though! We will pass this along to our team!

  • So cool! Looking forward to trying these and seeing the views. Will enjoy the different trails that you will add like the New York walks. Would be neat to do as a group challenge as well.

  • Love this idea. Years ago when I worked as a personal trainer at a retirement facility. We did a virtual trip of the Appalachian Trail with our seniors. They had such a great time discovering the trail.
    Count me in. I’m starting my adventure tomorrow.

  • My app isn’t notifying me when i reach checkpoints, when I log onto my app in the afternoon I have already reached the final check point and the challenge is finished. Obviously I need to alter a setting. Can someone help please. I have an IPhone 6plus

  • I’m sorry but I don’t have an interest in getting my steps in while looking at virtual scenery on my phone. Maybe if I were in the gym on a treadmill, but outside no. Might as well play Pokemon Go. Love using my fitbit, love the challenges with friends. Real life New England is beautiful enough for me thanks. I’ll pass on this.

  • I love the new adventure challenge, but everytime I get to a task that must be completed by midnight, the task won’t open for me. For example the WorkOut task, get centered…pops up for a quick half second and then disappears. How do I get this option to work? FYI – I have an android phone.

  • Yesterday I noticed this new feature in the challenge section of my Fitbit app (ios) so I click start of the first adventure and a countdown showed up in the app. But when I wake up this morning and go to the challenge section, I cannot find the Adventure. The section only showed the four old group challenges and all the Adventures are missing. What went wrong?

    • Hmm. That’s odd, Jim. You could try logging in/out and force quitting the app to see if that helps. If that doesn’t work, we recommend reach out to us please reach out to us via our other support channel so we can take a closer look. If you can, try providing any relevant screenshots to our team to help us investigate.

      • Thanks! The forced quite/log in/out and even reinstall app/restart phone do not work. I have emailed your support team. Hope the problem can be solved soon!

  • I updated my Fitbit app and the Adventures show up, but when I press “start tomorrow”, I get a message that an app update is required. Since I am up to date, I installed and re-installed the app, but still nothing. Any suggestions?

    • Thanks for letting us know, Michelle. Try logging in/out and force quitting the app to see if that helps. If that doesn’t do the trick, please reach out to us please reach out to us via our other support channel so we can take a closer look. If you can, try providing any relevant screenshots to our team to help us investigate.

  • How can I begin this challenge? Vernal Falls, Valley Loop, and Pohono Trail are all listed under Create a New Challenge, but none have a symbol next to it and when I select any of them I receive a blue screen with a line down the center of the screen.

  • Sounds like a whole lot of fun – and since I haven’t (yet) been to Yosemite, it’ll be a blast to discover while I do my walking! Can’t wait to get started!

  • I am very new to all of this. Exactly how do I use this app. do I walk and actually see the trail like IFIT? Do I use it on a treadmill and if not, how do I keep track of where I am walking or running at the same time as I watch the trails. I know this sounds like an ignorant question but, like I said, I’m VERY new to this.

  • Even with a fit bit I can still be slightly inactive. So hopefully with this idea it will give me the incentive to move more as I limit to find facts out

  • Hi, Adventures looks really interesting but they seem limited to the US at the moment. Any plans to extend them to Europe? Can you create Adventures yourself and share them? Thanks

  • How much internet data does an adventure use …obviously depends on number of steps/time. Say for 1000 continuous steps which will give a calculating guide. I don’t have a generous plan.

  • Great idea. But do remember not all your customers are in the USA. There are some other fantastic walks and vistas around the world to use too! Be great to add some of these as the next iterations??

  • A real US adventure! But I agree with Sheny that locally designated maps (I live near Dartmoor, in south west Devon!) would be brill.

  • Fantastic if you live in the US of A but for others this is useless! I live in Australia and walk around 15kms a day. Fitbit has limitations but for my own personal fitness it does the trick. Maybe a little more global awareness would be good.

  • Sounds good, I’ve done a similar type of thing with a Speedo Swim App. Sounds like just the thing to keep me motivated during autumn and winter

  • I love this! I’ve had my Fitbit tracker for about 1 year and 6 months and was starting to lose interest in steps and challenges. These new adventure challenges is just what I needed to start enjoying my steps again! Love the addition of treasures with quizzes and exercises to complete. Keeps the mind and body engaged and motivated. Well done, Fitbit!

  • My iPad app is syncing my steps like usual but my adventure started today and says I have 0 steps, even though I have almost 2000 on my dashboard. What is wrong?

    • Hi Glynis. Adventures is a new challenge that’s available within the latest version of the free Fitbit app for iOs, Android, and Windows. You need your Zip tracker or MobileTrack to track your steps. After you sync, all your data will be transferred to your Fitbit account and all steps recorded during your active adventures challenge will be added to your challenge totals. Hope this helps clarify things.

  • I discovered Adventures via the email I received yesterday, and am so loving it, even though I have barely started on the first challenge!! There are two ideas that were mentioned above that I love… 1) Keep expanding the adventures!!! I love seeing great photos of places I have never been, and 2) The idea of have some kind of API or database such that your fitbit users could contribute their own adventures! There are many, many areas of the world I would like to explore through the photos someone else may have taken!! And I guess a third Idea that sounds really fun, is to have an adventure that takes us along a virtual tour of the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails!!

  • I really love this and want to try it but, I can’t get it to load on my phone. I attempted to look at the Vernal Falls adventure and when I click it, I get a blue screen that says “vernal Falls” but when I move, nothing happens.


  • I really love this idea but I am having issues getting it to load on my phone.
    I tried to look at the Vernal Falls challenge but, when I click on it, it goes to a blue screen that says “Vernal Falls” but nothing happens when I start moving.


  • I don’t bring a phone when I do my walks, only my iPod touch, with occasional access to wifi. I suspect I won’t be able to take part in this. Am I right?

    • If you have a Fitbit tracker, you don’t have to bring along your phone. Simply walk and record your steps with your tracker. When you get back to your phone, you can sync and it will transfer your recorded data to your phone, adding steps to your adventure challenge. Otherwise, if you don’t have a Fitbit tracker, you can still participate in a challenge, via MobileTrack. MobileTrack uses your mobile device to track basic stats like steps and estimated calories burned.

    • Hi Karen. Adventures is a new challenge that’s available within the latest version of the free Fitbit app for iOs, Android, and Windows. You can record steps on a treadmill, however, you must make sure not to hold onto the treadmill bars. Your tracker counts your steps when you are on a treadmill, but if your hands are not moving, your step count may be lower than usual during this activity if you’re wearing your tracker on your wrist. Hope this helps answer your question.

  • I’m having difficulty getting all the treasures. I understand that once they appear, you have until midnight to open and collect them. My issue is that the treasures only appear when I open up the adventure and look at the map. But if I don’t check in on the adventure multiple times during the day and/or walk too far in between checking in on the adventure, I miss treasures and they never appear on the map.
    My wife and I went through the Vernal Falls adventure and always collected any available treasures when we checked in and before the end of the day. Only 8 treasures appeared for me and my wife only had 6 on her map.) I started the adventure over this morning and am checking the app every 1,000 steps or so and have gotten more treasures than last time to this point.
    I love the treasures idea, but it’s annoying having to open the app every 1,000 steps or so to ensure I don’t miss a treasure.

      • 1 – Push notifications have been on the whole time. I get notifications regarding landmarks, but nothing for treasures.
        2 – Phone has not been in DND.
        3 – Challenge notifications are and have been on.
        4 – All-Day Sync has been on the entire time.

        1 – Should there be push notifications for when a new treasure is available?
        2 – Are treasures supposed to appear and stay on the app whenever the spot for them is passed? Or do you have to open the app in a certain range in the adventure in order for the treasure to appear – and if you don’t open the app in that range, you miss the treasure and it never appears?

        • Hi Joseph, Thanks for addional info. You should be receiving notifications about your treasures including when new treasures are available. Since you are not, this is something we will need our engineers to look into.

          Treasures will remain available in map view for the duration of the day. You must collect the treasure before 12am the same day that it appears in order for you to collect it or else it will expire and cannot be collected again. Also, sometimes you may not see treasures unless you pinch zoom and or maneuver around the map to see them. We will pass this feedback onto our team to look into. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

          • Thanks for the reply. I’ve done some more testing on my end to try to get you more info (No need to respond):

            I’ve been doing the challenges since they became available. In this time, I have gotten many push notifications for # of steps to the next landmark. I have only gotten one push notification for a treasure being available.
            I continue to have to check the app at least every 1,000 steps to get the treasures to appear. If I don’t check that often, treasures in that range will typically not ever appear. (Yes, I have zoomed in to verify there are no “hiding” treasures.) This is especially true if I’m tracking exercise on the app. Any treasures I pass while on that screen in the app will not appear.

  • Fantastic idea! Something to look forward to, but I do hope that they are not all going to be United States adventures… Yosemite and the NYC marathon being the only specifics mentioned here. Take me away! Or at least, if we must stay in North America, help me roam Canada, too, please.

  • I want to join in this adventure but I have windows 7 on PC. I can see no place where I can download this adventure?

  • Well just finished my first day with this new feature and all I can say is “Meh.”

    Didn’t really add anything (to my enjoyment), and in fact I found it rather distracting (and that’s not factoring the multiple, 5+, app crashes – logs sent first couple times).

    I’ll try it again tomorrow, but I’m not going to continuously monitor my progress. I swear, people must have thought I was playing Pokemon Go.

  • This is great! I love this idea! I’m not much of a trekker, but I am a sucker for beautiful landscapes. This is such a wonderful distraction from your my commute, I was actually running out of places to walk towards my goals and was losing interest.

    Maybe in the near future you should also consider cities as adventures? Not all of us are trekkers, but most certainly there are a lot of travellers around 😀

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the workout treasures? I can open them but the picture takes up too much room I can’t hit the start button but I catch a 2 second glimpse of it once in a while (but the picture covers it before I can start). I opened 2 hours ago and haven’t been able to do them yet. The same thing happened yesterday but around 10 or 11 something PM I was able to quickly do it

    • Hi! Adventures is a new challenge available within the latest version of the Fitbit app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 users. Simply install the latest version of the Fitbit app on your device. Hope this helps!

  • It is too bad you can’t start the adventure right away when you are motivated for a great day of walking. You should reconsider the day delay in the app. I was excited and now I have to wait until tomorrow, that was a let down.

  • signed up yesterday after taking 9,000 steps I looked at my progress and it opened but then seemed to start me over. What’s wrong

  • Thanks FB, these adventures are fun! Completed Vernal Falls and Valley Loop and looking forward to Pohono Trail. I hope they add a lot more adventures from all over the world. One thing that would be nice is to know your elevation while you’re hiking!

  • Love the idea but my phone doesn’t show the added content. Ive tried to update the app but it says I have the updated version already. What am I doing wrong?

  • It would be FANTASTIC to have Virtual Reality glass for the landmarks! with the song and a video instead of a boring panoramic picture!

    • I agree. I don’t need the music–perhaps natural sounds of the location instead. Wouldn’t it be fun to be walking on a treadmill with VR glasses making you feel like you’re actually walking along a trail? How wonderful! I know that would keep me moving for a long time.

  • Am loving this new feature, its really come at a perfect time as have slowed down but I can see I can now have fun getting back to having a fun time. I’m wanting to achieve 25K steps in one day & at my age i have those saying I cant do it – now plan to prove them wrong. Thank you Fit Bit my Blaze is ready to go.

  • Today, I am doing the Yosemite Vernal Falls Adventure for the second time. Yesterday, I collected all the Treasures except for one. I could not collect that one because the button to press was placed where it was below the screen on my mobile phone. This prevented me from completing the task. Today, so far, I am unable to complete two treasures. The problem is the same. I see the button for a split second when the screen loads, but then the image instantaneously becomes larger and, although I have tried to scroll and/or change the screen axis, I am not being allowed to complete collection of the treasurer.

  • I completed the Vernal Falls adventure but when I try to do the next adventure it tells me that I can only be in one adventure at a time. I even tried to re-do the Vernal Falls adventure and I get the same message. My husband has the same Fitbit and the same phone and he was able to move on to the next adventure. Please help! I have a Fitbit Charge HR and an iPhone.

    • Thanks for reaching out to us, Jessica. This is an issue that our support team is aware of and is currently investigating. Thanks for your patience and our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • i ave complete the first f the challenges but i am unable to answer the qyetios asked as when i answe them the answers dont register,,,any help please?

    • Thanks for reaching out to, Lynne. Currently, when answering questions to receive certain treasures, you will not be notified that you’ve answered the question incorrectly. Pressing the submit button will not do anything. If you answer correctly, the app should notify you and allow you to collect the treasure. However, some users have experienced no matter which answer they give, they cannot collect the treasure. We’re aware of this concern and are currently looking to improve this. We appreciate your patience and feedback.

  • I just finished the third hike in Yosemite. This was so much fun and really gave me a incentive to increase my daily steps. Looking forward to whatever comes next! Thank you Fitbit for these new challenges!!

  • I have the Fitbit app on my Amazon Fire tablet and although the new challenges are listed they just appear as a blue/green screen and nothing happens when I tap Start tomorrow. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it made no difference. Do you know why I can’t do these challenges? thank you!

  • I just completed the Yosemite adventures and much to my disappointment found that there are no others I can complete. When are other adventures expected to be rolled out? I love this feature. It’s upped my steps and given me a whole new level of motivation.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Heather. You should have access to other adventure challenges. However, if you have completed the Yosemite challenge and are unable to start a new challenge, this is an issue that our team is aware of and is currently looking to. we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • I really like these Adventures. Can’t wait for more to come out. Any chance for International Adventures, I would be interested in the Tongariro Alpine Crossing from New Zealand.

  • Pretty awesome! I just completed the first trek to Vernal Falls. I am, however, very disappointed as I collected all of the “treasures” that were visible to me and now find that there were some that I never saw. I wonder if it was because I do not keep a typical schedule and these treasures were displayed while I was asleep. It’s pretty stupid that I am disappointed by this – but, nevertheless, I am disappointed. Perhaps some tips on how this can be avoided????

  • Love the idea! I am a little frustrated that the diamonds expire! I checked my progress very frequently and still managed to miss one. What about people that can’t update their progress frequently due to cell reception? Isn’t that kind of the point to get out and walk, but then you’re out too long and miss the diamonds that have expired. Hope this is constructive feed back because I really do like this idea!

  • I completed the Vernan Falls hike (actually twice) but it keeps saying you can only do one trek at a time when I try to go into the next trek. I’ve looked at the summary for Vernal Falls and it clearly says I’ve completed it. Help, I can’t proceed with this error.

  • Just finished the 3rd adventure. All three were fun and seeing the landmarks along the way is great. One suggestion regarding the treasures is that at the start it should tell you how many there are in each adventure so you know how many to look for and along the way it should tell you how many you have left. I was sure I had them all but at the end of each adventure I was missing a considerable number.

  • The challenges that are to “be completed by midnight” freeze up and I am unable to accept these challenges. I never get the badge because I haven’t completed all the challenges due to this glitch.

  • On the my first attempt of valley loop it said I had 23/25 treasures. The next time I collected 25 but didn’t earn an extra badge. Is there more than 25 treasures? What am I missing?

    • Sorry for the delay, Cory. We have brought this to the attention of our team and we are currently investigating treasures, as other users have been experiencing similar concerns. Thanks for reaching out to us and we hope to improve this feature. If you need further help with anything else, please feel free to reach out to us via our other support channels.

  • I collected all the treasures that were displayed along the way. But at the end of the challenge fitbit says i collected only 5 of the 10 treasures. But only 5 treasures were displayed in the trail. Are there hidden treasures? How do I find all the treasures?

    • Our apologies for the delay. We have brought this to the attention of our team and we are currently investigating treasures, as other users have been experiencing similar concerns. Thanks for reaching out to us and we hope to improve this feature. If you need further help with anything else, please feel free to reach out to us via our other support channels.

  • I finished all 3 adventures, got most of the treasures and had a blast! It motivated me more than anything else so far. I can’t wait for more! I loved the scenery and facts along the way. More please!

  • Love the idea, but am in the UK and suspect we won’t be a location for many adventures? That said I’m off to Yellowstone and Grand Teton next month, so I wish you’d started with those {sigh}

    • Hi there! Our Adventures feature is all virtual, so this means you don’t have to go to the physical place where the adventure is! You get a great replica while still being able to complete a fun, new challenge. Hope this helps!

  • I love the adventures!! Please please please keep doing them. The pictures you provide just make my day. Now I want to visit Yosemite.

  • How will I get more of these adventures? I have only one kind and would love the tresure hunting…. Best regards Kitta ?

  • Can you repeat earlier trails? I understand the concept of challenging yourself, but sometimes repeating an earlier trail would be good. Sept 2 or 3 I did the Loop Trail, no map, pics, challenges appeared, just a message at the end of the day that I completed it. It would be nice to do it again with the full adventure! I completed the Vernal Springs Trail and it was great! I’d love to see other National Parks and the AT as well!

  • Great to see this idea. Similar to something I developed a couple of years ago when I was at the University of Tasmania in Australia. We integrated FitBit-based step counts into a virtual race (here’s a video if you are interested: ).

    Not an altogether original idea, the Global Corporate Challenge has done this for years using pedometers and Humana did it with kids a decade ago in their Horsepower Challenge using inertial sensor activity trackers (pre-FitBit).

    We never had the resources or financial ability at UTAS to develop up the concept anymore than a teaching tool so great to see something like this integrated into FitBit. Just goes to show that there are plenty of good ideas out there but it takes money and time to translate ideas into reality.

    Great job FitBit

  • I completed the Pohono Trail Adventure but it won’t let me move on to anything new. It shows completed, but if I try to move on to a new adventure, I get the message “You can only be in one adventure at a time.” I’ve closed the app, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, I’ve collected the badge… I’m not sure what else to do.

    • Our apologies for the delay, Shanay. This is an issue that our engineering team is aware of and is looking into. For now, if you haven’t done so already, try logging out/in from the app. If you haven’t updated the Fitbit app, please try that to see if it resolves the issue. If that doesn’t work, please bare with us as we try to fix the issue.

  • Loving these adventure challenges. It’s really getting me motivated to walk more, and collecting the treasure along the way is fun. Hope Fitbit add more of these each month. World destinations would be great like the Inca Trail. Thanks Fitbit!

  • Is this available on the Fire Phone and/or Kindle Fire? The adventures won’t start on either of those devices I have. I click “start tomorrow” and it does nothing. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it to no avail also

    • Congrats! We are looking to add more adventures in the future. As of right now, Yosemite and NYC Marathon are the two adventures we’ve released so far. Sign up with your email at to receive news notifications on all things Fitbit, including new adventures releases. Thanks for your interest!

  • I love the idea of doing an “adventure” – only if I lived near any of these current places. Will there be adventures coming to Boston or the New England side of the country? What if I wanted to create an “adventure” for my hometown in New Hampshire?

    Thank you,

  • Can you start a new adventure once one is completed yet? It’s frustrating when you finish one at 5am and have to wait so long to start a new one. I feel like I’m loosing a whole day. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brenda. This is expected behavior. You can only participate in one adventure at a time and must wait for the adventure to complete in order to join another adventure challenge. To learn more about adventures, check out this Fitbit help article. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Why can’t you start an adventure the same day? Since you aren’t competing with anyone, it shouldn’t matter when you start. I’ve wanted to try them twice but I don’t really know in advance when I’m going to have a chance to do that much stepping and by the time I sign up for the next day, my opportunity has passed. I also can’t have my phone with me during the day so if I sign up outside of my availability, I would not be able to enjoy the features at all and it would be pretty pointless.

  • these individual challenges are a great motivator. I’ve done them all and hoping that fitbit continually loads new challegnes EVERY MONTH…
    Cant wait!!

  • Howdy, Question for ya folks.. What will it take to get an adventure added? I would love to have the Arizona Trail, the PCT, the Appalachian trail and other long distance treks available 🙂

  • I think this is an awesome idea. My biggest complaint about it is that I would like to be able to retrieve my ‘treasures’ when it’s convenient for me. Since I AM an active person, I am not glued to my phone’s screen every minute of the day and will accumulate a large number of steps in between syncs. I guess according to this app if you pass them for too long they “expire”. I’ve tried going back in my journal to look for them but they are just gone. Otherwise, it’s a fun idea! I love the beautiful photos. Thanks!!

  • I love my Fitbit which I purchased 13 October it’s so motivating I’ve already completed the step adventures found them very inspirational. Will there be anymore? I live in England would love scenic adventures based here.

  • Loving the trails. I’ve only had my Fitbit Charge 2 since Saturday, and have completed the New York one (shortest route that is!).

    Would be interested to know if there will be any others available

  • I wish there was a way to see which one of these I have done. I end up repeating them. Anyone have an idea on how to check the ones I have done

  • This feature is really awesome as it sounds but the implementation sucks. I only have two adventures on my Fitbit, one is Yosemite and one is New York and I live in Campbell, CA. So it will take me 4 hours to go to Yosemite and complete the adventure and now is not even a good season to visit there because of the weather & snow. Also, New York? come on, do you expect me to purchase a $500 flight ticket to go to New York to complete your adventure? It seems obvious that Fitbit will use the user’s geo location to select adventures but it doesn’t to my surprise.

    Please change your algorithm so it would show up more relevant and closeby adventures. There are tons of good national parks near Campbell, CA that you could use as adventure sites. You can also enable a feature for users to take photos of what they see and share them on the app so others can check them out before they decide whether they want to try the adventure. Even Napa, CA is a better choice than Yosemite!

    • Hi Qiwei! Adventures helps you to stay motivated through non-competitive, solo challenges that are available in the Fitbit app. Adventures is a virtual experience so essentially you can see the great sights of Yosemite and New York without having to physically be there. So no plane tickets or long drives necessary.
      However, please share your feedback on our Feature Suggestions board. Our Development Team would love to hear your thoughts on how the Fitbit experience can be improved for you. Hope to see you there!

  • Love love LOVE it! As a newly beginning hiker, I get the best of both worlds – daily exercise in my home/job, and all the benefits to behold when hiking. No matter the weather or conditions! Thanks, Fitbit! Looking forward to more adventures!

  • I have completed the adventures that were created but we need MORE adventures. When will more be available?

  • I’m not new to Fitbit, but new to this whole aspect other than seeing friends doing these. I’d love to join in, but are they only for your phones? I don’t have a phone that does apps – it’s an older cell phone.

  • I loved these challenges!! They were gorgeous and fun to do! The photos of Yosemite were amazing! Very motivating! I wish they would add more National Park challenges!

  • Have just started using the “adventures” part of the fitbit ap. I will finish up the Yosemite and NYC adventures in a few weeks. Are there plans to add any more locations to the ap?

  • So I read in the comments about the delayed start. Clicked on Vernal Falls last night to start today. Nothing came up giving start time etc as described in help section. Tried to click on same challenge this morning, still nothing. Does this work on Kindle Fire HDX? My Kindle app works for all other functions….

  • I love this the challenges. I am very disappointed that there are only the Yosemite and New York adventures, I have done them repeatedly, hoping for new adventures. The photos are wonderful.

  • I love the challenges and have completed them all several times. Fitbit, please create some new challenges to keep us engaged.

  • we would like to know, when the next set of fitbit ADVENTURES are coming out… we have really enjoyed the two sets that came with our fitbit.
    thank you

  • Hello, Totally love this adventures!!! We want more!! How bout some for the bike lovers. Maybe a Tour de France!!!

  • I’m using an Android for the challenges. When I’m at a landmark, the photo does not pan. When I move my phone all the photo does is move super fast to that side and flip back just as fast to the middle, not allowing me to get the full view. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Wow, this is a great idea! when i go to the gym and exercise on the tred mill I always look forward to the trail that they provide, instead of a TV program or Negative News programs. I will definitely use this feature because I love the out doors but can’t always get out there with my busy lifestyle.

  • I love the new adventures and have completed several of them. I just completed the first adventure again however my fitbit shows it has been completed but it keeps saying completed in X number of days, and continues to add days to this. It won’t let me start a new adventure. It states I can only be in one adventure at a time. I have uninstalled the fitbit app, restated my fitbit charge and still have this problem. Can someone please help.

  • When do we get more fun adventures? They were a lot of fun. I need some motivation besides the friend challenges.

    • I agree. There hasn’t been a new adventure for months. It gets boring always beating your friends and family. Need more different challenges and adventures. Fitbit challenges are getting boring and no longer challenging.

  • I have done all the Yosemite hikes. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m currently using the New York one, but I’m a nature person so it’s ok. If love to see more choices like these, especially outdoor ones.

    • I agree with you more nature adventures. There hasn’t been a new one for months. Fitbit is loosing interest.

  • Would be GREAT if you continued to enhance these types of features. Only 5 Adventures?!? Same with challenges, why not more types of challenges. The features aspect of your product IS SLACKING!! You seem more interested in the initial sale. Not a bad idea to also focus on RETAINING existing customers.

  • I love the adventures feature but I have done all of hem several times. I would like to see them add more adventures from different places.

  • I tried the NYC Abbot Trail, but it is frozen. How do I make it start again? I am old and not too technical, so please give me easy directions. Thanks

  • I love this idea! At first it sounded a bit “out there” until I participated in one. It’s great. About the time I am about to quit walking for a while, I usually get a message something like: Hey, there’s a great site up ahead, only 472 more steps, and for whatever reason, it seems to be enough of a jog to make me go ahead and walk a bit more. It increased my steps from struggling to make 10,000 in a day, to over 20,000 my first day on the challenge. And I read all the “diamonds”. Love this! Really!

  • I’d love this if I could see and hear the hike in real time. I’d like to be inside someone else’s head, seeing and hearing what they see and hear in the wilderness. It wouldn’t need to be VR. I’d just be pedaling my spin bike or walking on a treadmill or elliptical machine, or even just sitting there. Imagine a ViewMaster with video and sound.

  • Will more adventures be added soon? I loved the Yosemite trails and it would be great to see more National Parks featured.

  • I am having problems with Fitbit Adventures on my Kindle Fire. I see them in challenges but I can’t click on them. Do they not work in Kindles?

  • I noticed on the Group adventure there were no gems like there are on the Solo adventure. I still have yet to receive my badge and/or trophy for first place in the NYC 10 Mile race. Neither of my competitors finished. Is this affecting that? It’s looking to be the same way on the Valley Loop race. Are they going to be retroactively rewarded?

  • Any chance you can get Pike’s Peak, Yellow Stone and other national parks in the solo challenges? I love walking Yosemite, but would love some more different parks to check out. Glacier National Park would also be amazing. These really motivate me.

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add more adventures! Washington DC, Paris, Amazon, etc. These adventure challenges have increased the duration of the walking that my husband and I do!

  • I would like to have more adventure races. Some races I would like are
    – Mount Everest
    – The Silk Road
    – Statue of Liberty
    – Crosscountry
    – Death Valley

  • Add the Bruce trail in Ontario ( 800 KM)
    Add the Pacific Rim Trail in BC

    Allow us the opportunity to choose trails from other countries?

  • I have to agree with the start time – it is a problem. I just woke up, forgot to set a solo walking adventure for today (crazy day yesterday). I’ve literally walked 5 steps today (to my laptop from my bed) and I want to start a walking adventure this Monday morning – what a great way to start the week (love the feature btw). I have to wait until tomorrow to start – seriously? It is frustrating that it’s based on midnight and I can’t simply click “start”. Fitbit team – you need to rethink this as it really detracts from the value of the feature.

  • When are new individual challenges going to be added? I’ve completed the same 6 NYC, and Yosemite way to many times now.

  • I wish there was new challenges added to keep you going. I found the challenges very entertaining, the photos and facts along the way excellent fun.

  • Any chance of adding more adventures? Yosemite is beautiful but I would love to see other places around the world that I know I will probably never see in person.

  • I have loved these adventures! I have started repeated them, which I guess is fine, but I would love to know when or how to get more adventures. I would love to see other places. I have heard that there use to be a New York. I am not sure why it went away, but I would love to do New challenges. Keep up the hard and good work.

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