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With two months of summer to go, how are you staying motivated to keep active and live healthy? Fitbit is here to keep you moving, whether you’re curious about how to burn off a 150-calorie twinkie, looking for tips to help you reach 10k steps a day, or are curious about how the Fitbit staff stays active! And that’s not all – we’ll have plenty more tips, tricks, and news as summer continues.

But it’s not just about us; we want to hear about how you’re keeping healthy this summer too! Just use #FitbitSummer on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share, or click through any of those links to see what others are saying.

Fitbit friends also help push you further! Invite other Fitbit users to be your friend and compete to be at the top of your leaderboard. Here’s just a few ways friends can make fitness more fun:

    1. Having a workout buddy can help keep you accountable for maintaining your exercise regime
    2. If you’re only a few steps behind a Fitbit friend, you’re more likely to push yourself further for the friendly competition
    3. Fitness friends understand your goals, and encourage you to stick to them
    4. Some workouts, like zumba or yoga, can be more fun when you bring a friend along
    5. Going on walks can be a great way to catch up with friends


Also keep an eye on our blog for more fitness tips and announcements, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

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  • I love to walk and climb stairs, so it is easy for me. Plan to move to Az on (9/1/13 where I know I can live in the sun.

    • I live in Sedona, 90% of the year, too many old and grumpy retired people. Thankfully I have a home in the OC of SoCal. I hope you like it in AZ.

      • I hit the 10,000 mark sat I went to the Dragon boat race here in Bemidji!! Leukens were my son works at a grocery store Came within 3 seconds on winning a bronz!!! We were Pirites rrrrr ya mate grrrr It was the 1st yr for them !!!! Thank you for the kick I needed I’ve really had with my Fit Bit could we keep in touch??? ur friend MaryLee

    • We’ve been to AZ 4 times!! In March and Christmas We live in MN COOOLD in the winter U learn to walk fast just to keep WARM!!!! good luck to u all! Fun Fun Fun!!!!!

    • Ron,

      We moved to AZ about 4 yrs ago, you will love it here! I tell all the haters, I’ll wear my flip flops, you keep your snow boots. :-)

      • Weve Been there in March!!! To hot in the Summer for this Grandma!!!!! My mom and Dad would leave for AZ in the Fall after hunting and come home in the spring You All CALLED US SNOW BIRDS and proud of it Good luck with the fit bit ML

    • I’m in the Phoenix area and it is hot, hot, hot right now! The cool thing about it is though it’s dry, so if you can tolerate the heat and stay hydrated you are typically ok. I do not tolerate heat so well so I try to go out super early in the morning or once the sun sets. Cycling is a great outlet for me here in Phoenix and it is a very popular sport around the Valley of the Sun. Best of luck on your move Ron.

    • I lived in Mesa, AZ for 15 years and I loved it!!! Yes it is hot but it is different…I live in Oklahoma now and the humidity is worse than AZ heat…I hope you love it there…I loved to walk in the desert areas…so pretty in their own way :)

  • I swim 10-12 laps 4-5 days a week plus water aerobics. so i can use my fit bit with that. Plus i am I am in throwing horse shoes 2 times a week and saturdays.

    • To Charlotte- you said you swim laps and do aquavit, how do you manage with your Fitbit. I swim lots and feel like I am missing steps by swimming.

    • MY Granddaughter and I hit my 1000 trophy today!!!!! I’m the one from Bemidii, MN Yhank u for the push!!!!!!! My Mother gave me the fitbit on my Bday in march And I have lost 10 lbs!!! keep in touch Grandma Pe

      my granddaughter got me to the 10 thousand steps THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH

  • I’ve always been active, but wearing a fitbit makes one realize how much walking etc. it takes to get your 10,000 steps in a day. Roaming around the house won’t pack it. Starting each day with a 4 mile walk is a great jump start toward that total.

  • This little device has really gotten me to move. I am not happy until I hit 10K steps per day. My Doctor is very pleased with the results.

  • Our friendly competition at work has been extremely motivating. In fact, while on vacation I visited the fitness center 3 times during the week, wore my fitbit on my swimsuit so I didn’t miss out on any steps and even took the stairs (to the 13th floor) at least once per day. The fear of falling to the bottom of the leaderboard kept me conscious of my activity level.

  • I began in mid May. I am walking two miles a day. One mile each on 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon I have made a lifestyle change-5 days a week I have 1 package of oatmeal with a small box of raisins with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast, instead of 2 biscuits and coffee. I have lost 10 pounds and dropped two dress sizes.

    • Rozethel. Good for you. Just reading your post really encourages me to concentrate much harder on my walking and eating habits… I’m going to start with you today. Good luck to you.

  • Have a lots of fun with three daughters to see who is first. As a 72 years old grandmother with two new knees, so far I am usually first or second on the list of miles walked. A hike in Glacier National Park with a company along with oldest daughter and about 20 other new friends helped me stay in shape. One day we had 30,000 steps. How about that for keeping in shape this summer.

  • Swiss Re got us all motivated by sending us each a fitbit and encouraged us to climb Mount Everest with our steps. I would like to keep up the momentum.

  • I am 65 yrs young:) and I have been using the FitBit and doing Weight Watchers with quite a bit of success for both(down 18 1/2 lbs). I am curious on how many steps is good for me. I would say for at least 3 to 4 days a week I am VERY active. I am averaging around 11k.

  • I stay in shape by hiking, walking, running. The weather is so good right now, you can’t not be outside! I still hit the gym a bit for weight training.

    Everybody knows your body needs to move, but it’s more important what goes IN the body. You can work out all you want, but you’ve got to control what you eat. Highest nutrients for the lowest caloric buck!

  • I’ve been doing a 6 week, which has now turned into 18 week ab challenge at my local gym. I’ve lost 6 inches on my waist one 3 on my hips.

    The trainier that is teaching this also was just certified in “primal move”. This is an exerciese that was created in Hungary and amazing things happen very quickly. Check out this URL that talks all about PM and join the movement.

  • I’m just personally motivated to get my Flex to do it’s ‘happy dance’ each day… I’m not satisfied until it does. A simple mind, I guess.

  • Mowing my lawn – with all the rain it is growing like a “weed” and keeping me very busy. I also have 2 dogs that require walks x 2 daily and I live 1/2 up a mountain so no matter what direction you go in you will end up going up to get home. My exercise is very integrative. I also walk purposely 2 to 3 times a week just to get away from the mower and the dogs.

  • I am busy cleaning houses all the time. I also keep busy around my house. I walk a lot.
    I am my goal weight and watch what I eat. I do burn a lot of calories!

  • I got a fitbit and this has been the best motivation! I walk everyday to get my goal in of 5000 steps. I’m about increase my goal to 10000 because I exceed every day. I walking up a storm n my dog is benefiting from my more active life style. He has lost weight and I no longer have chronic back pain.

  • Just set 13000 steps goals, LinkedIn fitbit with MyFitnessPal app & do my morning 3-5k run.
    Thank you for Flex!

  • It paid to healthy diet & exercise by way of tracking calories in and calories out!
    I no longer take diabetes medicine and have cut cholesteral and blood pressure
    pills in half. I thought my type II diabetes was forever & was shocked when I
    heard the good news!

  • Though I’ve been working out and changed my eating habits in January of this year, it’s been since the first of June that I have really “stepped up” my walking. I have been walking at least 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day most of the summer and this past week I have added something to my routine I have never been able to do in my entire 55 years. I am now a jogger (slow) and have added 3 to 5 miles of jogging every other day in addition to my walking! My fitbit is my personal trainer, motivator, and it keeps me honest about my workouts. I’ve now lost 60 pounds and am only 25 away from a goal I could never even imagine. I am giving myself until Jan. 4 of next year to reach it but I have a feeling I will be able to make it sooner, thanks to my meal plan and my fitbit tracker!!!!

  • I can’t believe what a different the Fitbit has made to my life. I can now walk in any direction. Thanks Fitbit!

  • Oh, I lovelovelove my Fitbit. I walk my dog for extra long walks every morning, and am able to make 10,000 steps almost every day. In two months I have dropped 12.5lbs. and have not dieted. I am eating differently, but not as a restrictive effort. In fact, I now have sweet indulgences once or twice a week and am still dropping. Before the fitbit, I was not eating any refined sugar at all and not losing. Walking has been the key for me.

  • Vacation in with friends. We get up and after coffee; we go for 10000 step walk.
    Now, just is routine and we have time to talk
    About what is going on with our family.
    Just keeping motivated daily.

  • My Flex does motivate me to walk and move more and reminds me to pay closer attention to what I eat. I log my food on MyFitnessPal and my bike ride on Endomondo and both seem to work well with the Fitbit. (The only weird issue I have is that my Fitbit thinks I’ve tapped it to sleep on bike rides, but I just need to remember to tap again when I stop. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!)

  • I take water pills and laxatives.

    Just kidding. :)
    I actually have a water retention problem, so one of the ways that helps me keep the excess water off is sweating it out in a sauna.

  • I have horrible back (arthritis) and leg pain (sciatic nerve) and have found that if I get on the treadmill for 1/2 hour and walk 1.5 miles, I can move almost pain free. The days I don’t work out, I’m in horrible pain. So pain is my motivator! And I’m surprised at how this simple 1/2 hr of my time helps me to get close to reaching all of my Fitbit goals!

    • I really could sympathize with you about your back pain. I also have a bad back and sometimes my left foot falls asleep, if I have been sitting too long. Also have pain in my right upper thigh. Going for MRI soon. But am still doing the walking with my fitbit. Love the challenge and the feeling of getting some exercise. It does really help. More power to you!

  • I have a walking desk. It’s a glorious thing. I no longer have aches and pains and total overall body stiffness from sitting for hours on end. My ankles are no longer swollen, by back and neck are feeling fine. And I had standing-room tickets to a play recently — 2.5 hours standing? No problem. Plus, I’ve been wearing my brand new Fitbit Zip for two days and LOVE it. Thank You FITBIT!!

  • Stay motivated is all mental. Just keep thinking of where and where you want to be. Then reflect on the progress you have done and not beat yourself up on the little things. Keepmoving and you will get there. I have lost 86 lbs in a year. I am not going back to where I was. And I am not really where I want to be yet. But I work out everyday with my motivation to not look back. Today in the gym there was an older man working out, I see him slmost every morning and always say hi to him. Today he looked a little down and he ssid,”I will get somewhere with my workout.” I put my hand on his shoulder and said “You already have. Your here. Are you not? That’s half the battle.” He smiled and thanked me for the encouragement. Life is stop moving your giving up. Don’t give up. Even the roughest parts of life never lsst long…just keep up the good motivation…keep moving.

  • I love my Fitbit. My wife and I both use one. We love the fact that Fitbit takes care of all the data and presents it in a manner that is easily understood.
    The new dashboard motivates us to keep a balanced lifestyle.
    Keep up the great work Fitbit.

  • Fitbit One is my choice. I previously used the Nike Fuel and didn’t really see any progress. Since April 1st, I have lost 16 pounds. My goal is 10,000 steps everyday and Fitbit keeps me motivated. I love the iPhone app as well.

  • Fitbit is part of a nutrition and activity / exercise program I’m doing with the VA out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Fitbit helps motivate me, it’s a reminder to get up and get going. I like to check in on the “dashboard” every morning to see how my sleep went the previous night. I like to check in at the end of the day to see how many steps I took, and I like the comparison charts of the past week on all of that. Very motivating. I’m losing weight and it’s a good thing.

  • It’s winter here in Australia ,so my fitbit friend and I go walking around the new shopping mall until will do our 10,000 steps and 10 km,we now have shop owners waving to us as we walk pass, there’s always a way to walk even in winter.

  • Love my fitbit. Can’t believe I can take over 20,000 steps just at work. 8 plus miles in a day. Really sucks what I do on a day off. Makes me feel guilty. Lol.

  • I love my Fitbit…. it keeps me moving and I am constantly checking it to see my accomplishments… it is the greatest little gadget I have ever purchased for myself.

    I often wondered if I would get my 10,000 steps completed in a day… What a nice surprise to learn I am surpassing it no problem at all…..

    Thanks to the Fitbit Team to keep me moving…….

  • My husband and I got our fitbits at the same time and we keep each other motivated. We each try to get to 10,000 steps daily.

  • My motivation comes from working with a personal trainer 3 days a week for 1 hour for 8 years. One must be accountable & responsible.
    Currently, my trainer has help me so much to increase my bone density results and have 0 calcium in the arteries to my heart. Received my flex fit bit wrist band & seem to be recording great numbers.

  • I love my Fitbit! If I see I am short in one of the categories, I try to get it completed before I o to sleep. I may have missed it but any suggestions how you handle the calories burned category?

  • Just purchased a recumbent trike. Now I am riding again for the first time since 1993. Mostly go with friend so we can challenge ourselves to add a few more miles each time we go out.

  • I monitor my FitBit while at work, and use it as a motivation to get up and check-in with all of my staff. It burns calories and ensures I stay connected to what’s happening with the work.

  • Insulin dependant diabetic….This is the only program that helped me loose weight. Hit a platue and added 2000 more steps. I am at 12000 per day and have lost 25 pounds in 4 1/2 months!!!!

  • If I sign up for a run/race, I am committed to it! I just sign up for one every 2-3 months & find different buddies to keep from getting in a rut.

  • Wear my fit bit always. Alarm just wakes me & not my sleeping spouse. Try to get my goal by noon. Down 55lbs. & 6 dress sizes.

  • Absolutely love my fit bit. Training for a half marathon. Lost 15 lbs. Cancer survivor. Fitness freak. Thanks fitbit.

  • I’m getting married in January on a beach in Jamaica and I am going all out so that I will have a great beach body. Trying for 15,000 steps a day and currently sitting at 16,000 for the month of July.

  • The flex has really helped me track the amount of movement I make throughout the day. I walk on a treadmill but not for distance but at short inervals at high speeds for cardio so it doesn’t really show a whole lot of steps. What’s nice is, that it tracks my workouts(I do weightlifting) &calorie burn & intake. I’ve only lost 5lbs since April but went from pant size 46 to 30 since then. THANKS FITBIT!

  • I have weighed in at 242.4 on may 20th. In nine weeks I have gotten down to 206. I love my fitbit. I will try and start running when I get under 200 pounds. Still not sure how to do the sleep mode. I know when I get five lights my fitbit vibrates. Is that 10,000 step alarm? Still new with the fitbit.Got it for my 56 birthday on July19. Bob

  • I wear my fitbit all day! I plan to continue a morning and evening run/ walk . I add a hike in on the weekends as often as I can! I’ve been to Yosemite 3times this summer so far!

  • I had a total knee replacement at the start of summer, and thanks to my Fitbit, I track my steps and stairs, and each day, walk a little bit more, and every few days, add an extra flight of steps. Just before the surgery, when I was off my anti-inflammatory medication, I walked so slowly that my Fitbit often didn’t register my steps, nor my stairs! Motivation: Get back to “normal”!

  • Being accountable for what I eat and how much I move is what it takes to keep me in check. the fitbit helps me be mindful. I am really getting out for more hikes and activities. Because I really use it, it really works.

  • went back to weight watcheers, 6 lbs. so far, and the Instructor also has a Fitbit that she showed the class, I had about 1500 steps on mine but I use the excuse that I am 86 years old!! M

  • I just got a Fitbit as an incentive for heading up our company’s wellness program. I ran my first 5k, and now logging at least 10,000 steps a day! The 5k was on my list of things to do before I turned 50 – just did on the 28th, and feeling healthier than I’ve ever been! Changing my eating habits has helped increase my energy. 2 dogs that need walks everyday and laps around our warehouse/shop at work help me reach my daily goal!

  • During the summer in Central Oregon I stay motivated by kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Great fun and exercise.

  • I love my fitbit. I am actually training for a 5K in August and for 5 person relay in a 26 mile marathon in September. I can run 3 miles now without stopping!

  • It’s been so very hot and humid here in Tampa, Florida it’s really hard to get motivated to get out there in it. I’ve tried going out early in the mornings (7-7:30 am), but we don’t have sidewalks and the folks driving to work seem to want to just run you down. Thought about mall walking, but nearest mall is 12 miles away. Love my Fitbit One so I guess I’ll have to take all the clothing hanging on my treadmill in the bedroom and hang them somewhere else and get off my duff and get with the program. Wish me luck!!!

  • I’m 51yrs old & overweight. However, I’ve been doing Wholly Yoga, a christian based form of yoga. My flexibility has improved, feel better, & I haven’t seen my chiropractor since Sept. 2012!

  • I have the fitbit an will connect to my new cell tomorrow. I am not a grumpy senior but an active 70.

  • I have been battling stage 4 nonsmokers lung cancer for the past year. I try to stay as active as possible when I am able. My daughter gave me a fitbit for my birthday in May. Shortly after that I had a bad spell and could barely move because of pain, shortness of breath, and swelling. I was walking about 300 steps a day and fitbit did not even recognize my stair climbing as I dragged myself up one stair at a time once a day. Things have turned around and I am doing better. I like that I can set the fitbit goals low enough that I can achieve them. This week I just uped the goals a little. At the end of the day if I am close to my goals. I will do a little more walking or climb the stairs anothr time. I hope to continue being able to increase me goals and meet them, Walking and gardening are my favorite activities.

    • I am a Relay for Life Chair for ACS. I applaud you and am here to say you inspire me. Your story gives me reason to walk for the cause and fight for more birthdays and I am glad you are that reason. Thank you.

  • I absolutely love my fitbit! I’m doing an average of 10K steps/day. I’ve lost 5-6 pounds in about 3 weeks, and feel great. (I’ve been trying to lose 15 pounds for that many years!) Today I had to go to a meeting on the fifth floor, and I walked up the stairs. The amazing thing is that I was barely winded when I got to the top floor! Sustained regular exercise is the key!

  • I love to walk or hike no matter what the weather :) My favorite is to walk with others, and my daughter found a friend’s mother that really needed help getting out there and walking. Now we, the two families walk together most days. I also made a new friend just by walking.

  • The fitbit really got me moving. I lost 19 lbs and drop three dress sizes. Two of my co-workers were so inspired that they wne out and brought fitbits.

  • I love to have my fitbit on from the time I get up till I go to bed. Lately I have been passing the 5000 mark of steps but want to have more of the 10,000 steps. I feel so much better since I have been using it and am on Nutrisystem so the pounds are decreased so far by 28. Would love to have someone to walk with for the times I need some extra steps. Just nice to have someone to talk to while walking.

  • I received my Fitbit as a birthday gift from my sister. I LOVE MY FITBIT! It motivates me to be active and I do the walking in place as well if I find at the end of the day that I’ve fallen short. I thank my sister for loving me enough go give me a gift to help me to be healthy. I love her so much…Thanks Lan!

  • I am so excited to say that at 65 I hit my 1,000 mile badge yesterday. I have had both of my knees replaced in the last year and I bought my Fitbit in October just before I had my second knee done so there were about 3 months where I wasn’t walking much as the pain before surgery and then the recovery. My doctors are so amazed at my recovery though and I know it is because I walk.
    I love my Fitbit and am promoting it all the time. Now with the 1,000 mile badge people are going to ask how I know all this and guess what it’s “FITBIT.”
    Thank you for inventing this wonderful device.

  • I love my Fitbit Flex and I’m so glad to have one–just noticed the link to the blog today on my Weekly Report!

    Is it true that the most recent blog is from July? Whoa…. I know this means the folks at Fitbit must be BUSY.

  • Tried a FitBit at the beginning of summer, but lost it while swimming. Now starting over again with a Flex wristband. Hopefully I will hold on to this one for a little longer.

    They are definitely good for motivation.


  • I love this fitbit, thanking God for this. I challenge myself everyday, but I forgot to wear it twice. Any suggestions on how not to forget? I really thought I was doing something with 18,000 steps or more a day but after reading some bloggers man I need to step my game up. My goal is 30,000 a day. What kind of day will that intell?

  • I also love my fitbit, I received as a 44th anniversary gift in July 2013, has kept me moving ever since. I have made 10k steps 3-4 times only but definitely working -feeling so much healthier…my average is more like 5k steps per day. Best gift I ever received !

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