Julianne Hough’s Favorite 15-Minute Cardio Workout

When I have the time, I love dancing for hours, going on long walks, working out at Body by Simone, or stretching out in a yoga class. But sometimes I have those days that are packed with meetings—days when I need something super-fast that is still an awesome workout. That’s when I love pulling out my jump rope. That’s right! It looks innocent—who didn’t play with one when they were a kid?—but believe me, nothing gets my heart rate up faster.

In fact, in addition to torching tons of calories, jumping rope improves coordination, burns fat, and works my arms, legs, and core at the same time. Plus, I can do it anywhere, and my Fitbit Flex 2 will automatically track it as an aerobic workout! Have I sold you yet? If so, try my favorite routine:

15-Minute Jump Rump Workout

Minutes 1 – 5: Go on a warm-up walk, either around the block or on a treadmill. You’ll get in some steps, get your blood flowing, and activate your muscles. When you’re done, grab your jump rope!

Minutes 5 – 8: Start out with normal jumping—where you hop with both legs at the same time. Bend your knees slightly and with each jump, push off the balls of your feet and keep your knees soft as you land. You’ll want to hold the rope at hip height. You’ll notice that you start breathing a lot faster in no time. This is a good thing!

Minutes 8 – 10: Keeping jumping with both feet, but boost the intensity. You want to lift your knees as high as you can with each jump. Feel it in your core!

Minutes 10 – 12: Spend 30 seconds jumping just with your right foot (hold your left foot up the entire time), then 30 seconds on your left foot. Repeat one more time on both legs. You should feel your muscles burn in your legs with this one.

Minutes 12 – 14: I call this move “side-side” jumps. Go back to jumping with both feet at the same time, but land both feet toward the right, then both feet toward the left. Go back and forth. This move engages your obliques—the hard-to-target muscles on the sides of your abs.

Minutes 14 – 15: Finish with one last minute of normal jumps. Finish strong!

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  • Julianne and Derek and their dancing troupe were great at the National Harbor MGM on Sunday. My daughter and I loved this birthday and Mother’s Day present ❤️

  • Julianne I have been following your career since you started on Dancing With the Stars.
    I love your enthusiasm!

  • Much to old for that…I also hadback surgery and that jumping jars my back…I will stick to my 3-4 miles walk. I am just thankful that at almost 68 I can do so many things.

  • This is great! Is it recommended to dive right into such an intense without or is it recommended to work your way up to a full on 15 minute rope session? Idk how often anyone here has jumped rope in adulthood but that stuff is tough!! Lol

  • I love anything she has to.say about exercise. Especially tricks on counting corners when you can..Ive followed anyone that can help me get Rollin

  • You are such an inspiration. Thanks for all that you do…especially as a judge on Dancing with the Stars……..
    ..You and Derrik are such an awesome dance duo.
    We appreciate you!

  • Fitbit is great. It’s a product that holds me accountable to an exercise program everyday. When I go without it I slack and find myself saying, “I’ll exercise tomorrow”. Knowing that Julianne uses it certainly should motivate others to give it a try. You could make a peanut butter sandwich on her stomach and spread the peanut butter evenly without crinkling the bread. hahaha Seriously, people think Julianne just comes about her form naturally. Take it from me…you have to stay on point every day of your life to succeed. She understands that more than anyone. So when you see someone like her remember there is a constant dedication behind the beauty and fit body. Everyone is beautiful. You have to push yourself is every element of mind, body and spirit for the world to see it. Thanks Fitbit for keeping me striving for 25,000 steps by the end of everyday. Thanks Julianne for reminding me we can achieve anything we are willing to dedicate ourselves to. Keep believing in yourself. That goes for everyone.

  • I have a weighted jump rope (where the rope is weighted, NOT the handles) that feels like swinging a garden hose. Boy does that get the heart rate up! This was a good reminder of how good it works when time is limited. It got buried in a move, but think I will dig it out. I think mine is from Matt Furey and recommend to anyone. Hurts when you hit yourself with it though!

  • Fitbit is so smart for hiring you Julianne! Your a perfect “Ambassador” for them! Beyond your good looks, your character and veracity seems to come through on camera. Thank you for the instructions and inspiration. I will begin to use your fitness recommendations, but like most respondents: I am older (55 Yrs.) & out of shape. So I will begin, with the goal of being able to replicate your regime – sort of getting in shape to be into shape. One thing I will add to my beginning rope work will be to do what I use to do when I did jump rope: I would hold both ends of the jump rope in one hand and jump as though I was actually “jumping rope.” I will do this because I can go for longer periods of time without having to stop every fourth “jump” because the rope got caught on my slow moving jumps. I say this simply to share, hoping this might help others who may be in similar physical condition as I. I hope to see & hear more suggestions from you, Julianne, in the near future. Thank you, for all that you’ve done & are doing; kudos to you!

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