This Jump Rope Workout Torches Mega Calories

Jump rope to burn calories Fitness doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes, it means embracing childhood pastimes. While it might have been a while since you picked up a jump ropegrade school beaded ropes or playground double dutch, maybe?it’s worth revisiting. As an adult,

you might be surprised to learn that jumping rope is great exercise. In just 10 minutes, a 160-pound person can burn about 144 calories. “Jumping rope is literally one of the best exercises anyone can do,” says Amanda Kloots, Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette, and creator of The Rope class at Bandier in New York City. “It tones your entire body while torching calories and shrinking body fat.”

It’s true: This killer cardio source is also a full-body workout because the combination of hopping and swinging the rope forces you to engage your arms (specifically your shoulders), your back, quads, calves and even your abs. “Plus, it spikes the heart rate so you can work on improving your stamina and endurance,” says Kloots.

The best part? As long as you don’t have knee issues or injuries that require only low-impact exercise, jumping rope is great for all ages. It’s a skill you can work on and build on daily. And there are always ways to ramp up the difficulty. “Start with a basic, feet-together jump for 10 minutes daily,” says Kloots. “As you become more comfortable using the rope and increasing your stamina, you can begin to experiment with fancy footwork and speed, all while keeping your heart rate up and major muscles engaged.”

Want to give it a try? Start by adding this intro routine to your fitness regimen two to three times a week.

15-Minute Jump Rope Workout

Warm-Up: Basic Rope and Planks (4 minutes)

Warm up all your muscles with alternating single jumps for one minute followed by planks for one minute. While jumping, make sure to move for the full minute without stopping. Complete this warm-up two times through. Always remember when jumping rope to keep your elbows right at your waist and your arms at a 90-degree angle with your shoulders  over your hips. Stay low to the ground.

  • 1 minute basic jump rope
  • 1 minute planks

Coordination Part 1: Basic Jumps and Jumping Jacks (4 minutes)

Coordination is where much of the mind-body connection takes place. Start with a basic jump, and gradually add in fancy footwork. For basic jumps keep your feet together. For jumping jacks, jump your feet together, and then jump in and out, alternating. Repeat the sequence twice.

  • 25 Basic Jumps
  • 25 Jump Rope Jumping Jacks

Coordination Part 2: Double and Single-Leg Jumping (4 minutes)

Working on alternating jumping on a single foot helps to build your balance and stability. Repeat this sequence twice.

  • 1 minute jumping with your feet together
  • 15 seconds jumping on your left foot
  • 15 seconds jumping on your right foot
  • Repeat

REST: 30 seconds

Speed: Jumping and Speed Work (3 minutes)

Go as fast as you can during each all-out burst. As you increase in speed, don’t forget about form. Keep your body tight, and make sure your muscles are engaged.

  • 1 minute single jumping, moderate pace
  • 30 seconds as fast as you can go (keep your body tight and low to the ground)
  • 1 minute single jumping, moderate pace
  • 30 seconds as fast as you can go (keeping your body tight and low to the ground)

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  • I am still using the same rope I used in High School like 15 years later, I will consider changing it for a modern one and this article will definitely
    help to make the decision! Thanks Amy!

  • I used to jump rope when I rode ultra century bike rides. I stopped for 7 years and gained 40lbs. I just recently started jumping again ( it truly shreds the weight!) I noticed after jumping about 1 hr ( I trip the rope ALOT!) I see my urine is has trace amounts of dark ( possibly blood?) can this exercise for that length of time be jarring on my bladder?

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