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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with Fitbit!

Getting fit tops the list of New Year’s Resolutions each year, and predictions are that Weight Loss will once again top 2011 resolutions.  Unfortunately, most people don’t keep their resolutions even through the first month of the year!

If becoming more fit, increasing activity or weight loss are on your list this year, then Fitbit can help.  The good news is that if you’re reading this, you’ve already made a step in the right direction. And just by wearing a Fitbit Tracker, you’re likely to increase your activity level by 25%!  Now that’s a resolution you can keep!

A few easy tips to get started:

  • Keep your resolution by setting a realistic & measurable goal – what could be easier than automatically tracking and increasing your steps with a Fitbit Tracker? Be lazy with your tracking, get active with your life!
  • Integrate fitness into your daily routine – get off the bus one stop earlier, take a lunchtime walk, or take the stairs!  Those small changes really do add up and they are easy to track with your Fitbit Tracker!
  • Set an attainable step, distance or weight goal based on your current activity level on your Fitbit dashboard.  Or start a free trial of our premium membership and digital personal training plan to gradually increase your activity over 12 weeks.
  • Keep record of your progress – to log food, increase activity, or use a custom tracker to monitor your personal resolution.

Need further inspiration & motivation?  Check out Fitbit Groups – there’s something for everyone, whether your goal is to run your first 5k or walk 5k steps a day.  Or invite a friend to join you on – it’s free, and owning a Fitbit Tracker isn’t required.

Start your year off right. Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year, and one resolution you can keep!

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  • I’ve gone from a happy customer, to disappointed to HAPPY. I heard from the Support Team and they will be replacing my FB at no charge.

    I really enjoyed what the FB can do for me…holds me more accountable for my food intake and it is a healthy competition with friends as to who has the most steps, miles and calories burned. And it’s all done at a distance, technology is grande!

    Thank you again FB team! Your customer service and product is great! Who would have thought a little device like this would have such an impact on so many people!



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