Get To Know Your Body Better With Fitbit

Whether we realize it or not, our bodies are incredible. Each one comes in a different size, shape, and color—but they all tell a story. A story about our lives, our growth, and each challenge and triumph we’ve faced and experienced along the way.

Think about it: Even at low levels of physical activity, your body is always taking care of its biggest priority: Y-O-U. On any given day, your body is making all the magic happen to keep you alive—and feeling alive, too. Okay, so maybe it’s not doing as much when you’re catching quality ZZZ’s as opposed to when you’re running a marathon; but either way, our bodies are the perfect combination of cells and bone and muscle made to do, move, dance, race, swim, and sleep.

When it comes to maximizing your health and wellbeing, fostering a deeper understanding of your body is key. That’s why Fitbit wants to help you identify and tap into that knowledge. Keep reading to learn more:

Our stories by the numbers

Our Fitbit devices help us get a better understanding of our bodies and how they work by tracking things such as our sleep quality, heart rate, and activity. Fitbit uses these stats to connect the benefits of maximizing your understanding with experiences that happen in your daily life.

These stats help inform us  who we are and how we function. They give us the insight that helps empower us to be all we can—by measuring resting heart rate, for example, these stats enable us to connect this data with small but important everyday efforts, like the spike that occurs when we take several flights of stairs instead of the elevator.

They also take us from the ordinary to the extraordinary: Does your heart rate also speed up when you’re in the presence of that certain someone? How can you further tap into how blissed out you feel after a particularly good run, or while out dancing with friends? Can anything compare to that epic moment when you cross the finish line at your first ultra-marathon—or for others, spending those long, lazy summer afternoons in the pool with your little ones, teaching them how to swim?

Everybody is different, and different things bring us joy. But no matter how different we all are, any body is capable of achieving meaningful change. And our bodies, every body, is worth listening to.  

Watch this video to get inspired, take action, and achieve your goals with Fitbit.

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