Introducing Fitbit Aria

We’re excited to let you be among the first to learn about our newest product—the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.  Aria will accurately track your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI over time, and sync your weight data to your account through your wireless network.  Online charts and graphs will track your weight and body composition over time to help you understand exactly what’s happening to cause any bumps in the road.

The Aria was inspired by you, our customers.  Many of you asked for an easier way to track weight.  We did just that and more.   Because the Aria syncs through your Wi-Fi, your data is automatically sync’d (no more numbers to input).   You can invite up to 7 other household members to create their own accounts with the scale, but only you will be able to see your measurements, even with those in your household.   And the scale is smart enough to recognize who you are just by stepping on it, so no need to worry about your information ending up in the wrong place.

Because the Aria is a Fitbit device, it’s integrated with all our online tools to create a complete weight management system.  Use Fitbit’s Food Plan and set your calorie targets; by logging food, you can plan and manage your calorie consumption throughout the day.  You can earn new badges as you work towards your weight goals, or share your information with friends and family to find the support you need.

Be among the first — and pre-order to reserve your Aria which will ship in in late April for $129.95.  Your credit card will not be charged until it ships.  Or click here to learn more about Aria.

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  • I have been trying to sync my Aria Scale with my home WiFi to no avail. Spent 2 hrs following directions only to be sent back to the SETUP ACTIVE notifier on the scale. Accessed the CHAT and followed their step by step instructions also to no avail. At each attempt I am able to reach the JOINING indicator on the scale then follow to the next step which is to reinput my home WiFi on my phone and get sent back to square one on the scale. Very frustrating. Looks like some step has been omitted, even the CHAT Tech could not help nor figure it out.

  • My body fat measurement doesn’t work. It occasionally did when I got it, but intermittently at best. Dry feet, moist feet, clean scale, reboot – don’t count on this feature working.

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