Want to Lose Weight—and Keep It Off? Try Food Logging!

Skipping meals can sabotage weight loss goals

Turns out, losing weight more quickly—and having a better chance of keeping it off—can be as simple as keeping daily food journal. Research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, shows keeping a food log on a regular and consistent basis is a key factor in weight loss. Keeping track of your food choices, healthy or otherwise, provides accountability and awareness that encourages healthy behavior and can help you stay motivated. Who wouldn’t want to shed extra pounds more quickly, and have a better chance of keeping it off?

Fitbit offers features to make food logging less of a chore.

Easily Find Foods! 

With a database of over 85,000 foods, and new items being added all the time, it’s easy to find the exact food you’d like to log. Don’t see it? Add it to the Food Suggestions Forum or add the nutrition information directly from the label by choosing “Add New Food,” and we’ll add it for you.

Easily Add Favorites!

If you tend to the same foods often (leftovers—yum!), you can simply make alogged food a favorite by starring it. That way, it’ll be at your fingertips every time you log food.

Easily Create Meals!

If your diet is really consistent, you can create a meal and instantly add it to your log.  Banana, coffee and peanut butter bagel every morning? No problem.

Whether you’re clicking online or tapping the app on your smart phone, food logging with Fitbit has never been easier!


Have you been tracking calories and logging your meals? Join the conversation below.

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