Make Running Easier with Fitbit During COVID-19

Note to reader: Our world is going through unprecedented challenges and changes. As we collectively navigate COVID-19 and the fight against racism, we believe it is important to stay well and take care of ourselves. We will continue sharing tips, tools, and resources to help our community do that. Read more about our response to racial injustice here.

With some gyms, pools, and recreation fields still closed, running is one of the only viable workout options right now. But the good news is, it’s still an option, and even if you’re new, you don’t need much to get going. You don’t need other people. You don’t need special equipment. All you need is some supportive workout gear, and either some wide-open space or a treadmill. What’s more, you don’t need to watch a video or look for any instruction at all if you don’t want to—left foot, right foot, repeat. That’s it.

Yet while you don’t need much to get started, it can be helpful to have a little guidance or a helping hand. Especially once you move past running around your block, it can be a little tricky to know what to do next. Do you just keep trying to run farther? Do you try to do the same block faster? Both? Something else entirely?

Running has seriously caught on in the past few decades, so there is plenty of guidance out there. You can choose from any number of books, journals, and articles. The trouble sometimes arises from having to wade through all of the information out there and know what is right for you. That’s where Fitbit comes in.

Know how far you are going 

The original Fitbit tracker was a simple clip-on device that tracked steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. Today, nearly a decade later, Fitbit trackers are much more advanced, with GPS, heart rate tracking, and personalized reminders, while Fitbit smartwatches can store music playlists and provide on-screen workouts. Beyond making running more tolerable, these features can also help you set fitness goals and achieve them. Want to run one mile faster? Set it and get it. Want to improve your endurance and complete a virtual 5K? That’s another option.

Follow a workout plan  

Fitbit Premium has two 3-week running programs to help you safely ramp up your intensity, whether you want to go from walking to running or want to get a little bit faster. Beginner Running takes you step-by-step to help you kick off and keep up a regular running routine, frequently alternating between walking and running within a single session. And for those who feel comfortable jogging for 30 minutes, the Run Training program helps you pick up your pace.

Stay accountable by joining a community

There’s also the Fitbit Community. Even if these days you’re training “virtually” all alone, Fitbit Community helps you touch base with other Fitbit users to spur one another along towards health (and running!) goals and exchange information, advice, and anecdotes. The forums are a great place to find a Challenge buddy or get ideas for new workouts, and of course, you can troubleshoot any obstacles that pop up, as well.

The bottom line is that if you’re feeling sluggish, frustrated, or lonely, a run—no matter how short or long or fast or slow—might be just what the doctor ordered. And, while you are likely running by yourself right now, you don’t have to attempt this on your own. The support is there. Take it.

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